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  1. Dont forget 1 will slide down by us in the second round. Way too any good wr for us not to ge5t one, even better if its 1 of the top 5 who fell. And there are still 2 free agent wr who would compliment our offense, and both have played with Rivers I am liking our offense barring any injuries. Then throw in the backs who also catch the ball. I like what I c so far
  2. I think that was more Thomas, but Rob Irsay went along. The last few years, Irsay was already planning to leave and was a lost cause. Unitas should have never been treated like that, end of career or not
  3. I can't disagree with your reasoning there. I do look at all Colts players from all the eras as Colts. I have nothing against the Ravens, they have done a great job in a short time, and I think Ozzie has had a big part in that. I'm some Cleveland fans would disagree, but loyalty is an individual choice. just irks me to still hear some complain about the move is all.
  4. I would be interested in a 1 year deal maybe on Spencer. 30 years old, and IF he does make it back, would be a great addition for another outside pass rusher. from what I have read, probably won't be ready to play til the beginning part of the season. Plus, might help out Werner as well as a mentor. What do ya'll think?
  5. I agree. If Johnny U could have played with these passer friendly rules....wooohooo:)
  6. I just had to chuckle myself. but I agree wholeheartedly:) I grew up in Maryland but stayed loyal to the Horseshoe:
  7. I grew up in Maryland, that's why I was a Colts fan. I just stayed true is all. Robert Irsay was an * sometimes, but I stayed true cuz I love the Horseshoe.
  8. if ya'll want a good chuckle, go check out espm.com/nfl. There is an article about how the city of Baltimore is better off without the Colts as the Ravens are better than the Colts ever were. Still crying 30 years later. I grew up on the east coast and the Colts were my team. I am still a Colts fan 30 tears later.
  9. Trust in Grigson. It seems to me he knows what he is doing with the plan and vision is his and Coach Pagano's heads and hearts
  10. Having a good running game is something I have missed since we let Edge get away. I look for Trent to have a good season, and if Vick and Ahmad are healthy, watch defenses go nuts trying to stop the offense. plus, don't you miss icing the game away with a bunch of runs late?
  11. I think he will always tweet cuz he LOVES the COLTS and the NFL. I have been a Colts fan since the days of Johnny U(greatest qb ever!) and Rossenbloom was the owner. Robert Irsay had some issues, but a lot of it was late in the Baltimore days. I didn't hear any of the bad stuff after the team got in Indy. That being said, Jim Irsay is one of the top 3 owners, and being a Colts fan, I would take him over any of the other ones. His hiring of Grigson and Pagano were awesome. Love and trust in the horseshoe.
  12. It will be hard to forecast as the COLTS have a good record with undrafted free agents. I'm expecting one or 2 to make the team and maybe even fight for a starting job Guys coming out of college know the Colts track record and many times look to us first..
  13. I've been a COLTS fan since the days of Johnny U. Been through some great times and really sad ones. The COLTS always come first, then the players. I will always be a Peyton Manning fan, but he is not my team's qb anymore. Like when Edge came back, I will cheer for him and wish him the best, but not against us...lol Go Blue!
  14. update:from a cowboys blog...i hope its not Freeney Indy guy here... word is the Colts are trying to create a deal that would include Dwight Freeney going to DAL.. ... they just have to get the numbers to match (AKA throw-in players)....more User ID:http://sportsnation.espn.go.com/fans/lebron%20chokes%20it%20more%20than%20beavis%20and%20butthead 19 Minutes Ago
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