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  1. With the roof being closed you can expect the temperature in the stadium to be in the 60s. The walk to the stadium will probably be in the 20s, so dress for that. I usually wear a sweatshirt or some sort of base layer under my jersey in the stadium and am always comfortable. Parking depends on how much you're willing to pay and how far you're willing to walk. If you're willing to pay $20 or more you can park pretty close to the stadium. If you don't mind walking a bit it is cheaper, or even free if you can find some on street spaces in downtown. There is no charge at the meters on Sunda
  2. I'll be in section 206, row 11. Can't wait!
  3. If you're trying to get to the full $100 million, then you're number of years is off by a factor of 10. It would actually take 1,333.33 years at $75k per year. Or maybe you just enjoy having a beer at the game and are willing to pay the $9.
  4. Speaking of old Colts memorabilia, check this out. I'm moving to a new office at work so I'm going through all my stuff and getting rid of stuff that I don't need. At the back of a drawer that I don't go into very often was this: The full Indianapolis Star from the morning after the Super Bowl win. I had to go to Chicago that morning for work and I bought this on the way there. Needless to say, the people in my company's Chicago office were not happy to see me that morning! Well, back it goes into a drawer in the new office. I can rediscover it in a few more years!
  5. Yeah. I'm sure that you'd be able to stay on your feet if a 300+ pound guy chest bumped you above your center of gravity while you were standing on one foot, reaching up to unsnap your helmet all while looking in the opposite direction.
  6. A few years ago I was spending a ton of time in Chicago for work. If I was there on a Colts game day I always headed to Mullens. It's just like being in Indy there are so many Colts fans there in their blue and white.
  7. I got to the stadium a little over an hour before the start of the game. Pat was over near the sidelines practicing that exact onside kick play. I think they had intended to use that if they got an early score. It was executed perfectly.
  8. I thought it was the "T.Y., run your bleepin' bleep off" formation.
  9. Hadn't seen this posted yet. Sorry if it has been. Seems our favorite QB (among others) has a starring role in a music video. Check out the dance moves around 1:00!
  10. I understand now. I guess I'm pretty spoiled being close to downtown. I'm not really familiar with how far the signals travel. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
  11. Not sure why you think that you cannot get channel 8 (WISH-TV, current Indy CBS affiliate) with an antenna? I only have over the air television and get all of the digital versions channel 8 just fine. I also get the channel 23 stations which are also part of WISH.
  12. Wow. "Reggie" must be really excited for the game. He sure got suited up early!
  13. At least I have clothes on!
  14. I own a guitar that Adam signed back when he was with the Patriots. I thought that would be one of the more unique items that he had signed, but I think a baby tops it.
  15. Just an FYI that they just announced on the news that single game tickets go on sale tomorrow (Monday, 7/21) morning at 10:00 am EST.
  16. Actually, it's not really well known, but Johnny is really into origami. He's showing his pals how to make a bow tie out of that $20.
  17. What a great picture! Probably the best day the kid has had in a very long time.
  18. I'm sure he would never have any PED issues. ;)
  19. I didn't have time to read the whole thread, so apologies if this has already been posted. I'll withhold judgement until we see how he plays when he gets back off his suspension. Presumably he'll be monitored pretty closely after this, so if we see a big drop off in his play that would point towards more than just using the drug for a short time to help in fertility, If, however, he's still the beast that he was last season, it would indicate that he wasn't using it as a PED.
  20. This additional news is very disappointing and a major black eye to the Colts brand. Seems like the Colts organization should get into damage control mode and start getting out in front of this story. I'm not looking foward to the next few months as this story continues to unfold. I hope no more skeletons come falling out of Irsay's closet.
  21. And a blast from the past on Bob & Tom: and a mere 23 years later! I think that's the only time that I've seen Bob not wearing his LA Dodgers cap.
  22. Tragic. Fire is a scary thing. These guys are the true heroes. My heart goes out to their families. http://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2014/03/27/when-routine-turns-crisis/VciKjCDUWGZbp8saE1jWGM/story.html Edited to add a link to pictures: http://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2014/03/27/when-routine-turns-crisis/VciKjCDUWGZbp8saE1jWGM/picture.html
  23. Great post. If anyone has a few minutes to spare, this is well worth watching:
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