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  1. Oh yes, I have to agree that many many thanks to Peyton for all the years he gave to the Colts, the Fans and to me personally. Thank You and best wishes for your health and yes, continued success in your new home in Denver. On another note, I think we owe a thank you to Curtis Painter for giving his all in a very very tough situation. I hope this guy does not loose his heart for the game . Anyone know if he is still with the Colts ??? or where ???
  2. WE all know, Sanchez is not the answer for the Jets. I think they will probably be looking to aggressively land Peyton there. How bout them Cowboys ? Nah, Titans is a better prospect.
  3. First and foremost, it's always about money and both sides will use the media to sway public opinion in their favor as much as they can. That makes it more often than not difficult to read between the lines to find a fragment of the truth. I suspect we , as Colts fans will be having alot thrown at us in the next few weeks. AS far as Peyton leaving or retiring with the respect of the franchise and dignity, this issue has already been decided by IRSAY, PEYTON and the MEDIA.
  4. If Peyton is healthy enough to give another season or two in his colt uniform, he will probably do what is best for the Colts franchise. Her is a committed member of that franchise. At some point I see him on the sidelines of the Colts, Coaching. He isn't going anywhere.
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