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  1. Ya-sin lucky that Tom Rathman not coaching the DB’s. Rock would have been benched long ago.
  2. Tom Rathman must not like Taylor. Rathman decides which RB is in the game, not Frank
  3. Don't we already have plenty of those?? No CB??? I don't understand the logic in this draft
  4. Hopefully we didnt just trade one anthony gonzalez for another. Gonzo 40 time was what 4.44? but had injury problems..... I only hope DA is really over his injuries and can stay healthy
  5. I feel that it came down to the salary cap. we are out of room as it is. When Jim said it was up to Peyton on if he would play here or not, I feel he meant we cannot afford the cap hit to keep the old contract, and if Peyton really wanted to play here then he would sign a very cap friendly deal. One that Peyton would not take. I think they both understood and agreed that Peyton would not settle on something so low.
  6. Well this will be a good test with the arguements/discussions that were made last year was it the coaching or the player. Curiousity will have me checking in on the lions from time to time.
  7. Watch him be great in Detroit.....
  8. Heard that Saturday is going with him. Anyone else hear this?
  9. Thats my pick for where he will be. Elway knows Tebow is not going to win them a superbowl. Quarterback is one of the only things keeping them from winning it. All the pieces are in place for Peyton to win now not later. I think thats one of the things that will sway his decision on where he goes, a team that is ready to win now.
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