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  1. Trust the people who have tested it and don't be so cynical my man. Other companies do manufacture helmets for the NFL. Rawlings, Xenith, Schutt, etc.
  2. I'll help you out. ESPN (American) owns TSN (Canadian) and SportsCenter (American) and SportsCentre (Canadian) are essentially the same show on those networks. So yes, Americans know what SportsCenter is. Hope that helped!
  3. You don't draft for need. Richardson late in the 3rd would be a steal.
  4. That is the quickest I have ever seen anyone throw out every bit of their football credibility, if you had any to begin with. Sammy Watkins - 101 rec, 1464 yards, 12 TD Brandin Cooks - 128 rec, 1730 yards, 16 TD Jadeveon Clowney - 41 tkl, 3 sacks Michael Sam - 45 tkl, 10.5 sacks I guess we know who you would draft. There is so much more to football than stats and if you think comparing the NFL to fantasy football is effective, then I'm afraid you're too far gone.
  5. The worst quote in the history of any football analysis ever.
  6. I'll respectfully disagree here. FO is high on both Holmes and Thornton and don't like starting rookie O-linemen. I think starting Oline is pretty much set as Castonzo-Thomas-Holmes/Costa-Thornton-Cherilus.
  7. Round 2, Pick 59 - LaMarcus Joyner, S, Florida State Round 3, Pick 90 - TRADED to JAX for Round 4, Pick 105 and Round 5, Pick 159 Round 4, Pick 105 - Pierre Desir, CB, Lindenwood Round 5, Pick 159 - Cody Latimer, WR, Indiana Round 5, Pick 166 - Kasim Edebali, OLB, Boston College Round 6, Pick 203 - Russell Bodine, G/C, North Carolina Round 7, Pick 232 - Henry Josey, RB, Missouri
  8. per Stephen Holder http://www.indystar.com/story/sports/nfl/colts/2014/03/07/indianapolis-colts-vonate-davis-not-close-to-a-deal-free-agency/6166059/
  9. The more I think about it, the less keen I am on signing de la Puente. Might have to redo this whole thing
  10. Wish I could provide you with the 1st year cap hits for Davis and McAfee, but I closed that out awhile ago. I believe Davis was somewhere around 9.8m and McAfee was 3.5ish. The long contract for McAfee was very similar to the contract Tampa Bay gave Michael Koenen. 6 years, with 1st 2 fully guaranteed, then no risk beyond that. Honestly, Bradshaw could go and it wouldn't affect things a huge deal, but I think if he's there at vet minimum, it's worth it. No risk, high reward. I guess you can say I have a sweet spot for Bethea since he was the first Colts player I'd ever met, so I may be a little biased in my campaign to keep him on the team. Instead of looking to future HoF'er Ed Reed's contract as a guide, I instead used the contract given to fellow 29-year old Bernard Pollard as a template, since I felt that their skill levels generally matched up. I took his 1yr/$2m deal and raised it to $2.75m/year over 2 years. It's my opinion that Coleman and Montori Hughes could be groomed to be viable rotational NTs. If you'd rather nix McD and bring back Aubrayo Franklin or a similar player, I'm not against that. Not claiming to be a genius on the O-line front, but this scenario has 2 experienced starters with positive PFF grades from last year coming in at the cheap for depth. If you have better suggestions, then I'm interested in hearing them. I suppose Webb and Britton are mostly there to represent that we do need some oline depth. If they aren't good options then so be it. No one seems to like those choices I was looking at pass rushers like Jason Worilds or Everson Griffen, but I honestly had no idea what sort of contracts they would command. Didn't think we had the firepower to gobble up one of the big names like Allen or Orakpo. I don't think RB would need to be addressed, especially if Bradshaw comes back on a vet minimum deal (which I'm not claiming will happen). There is loads of young talent in the backfield and Choice has done everything anyone could ask of a 3rd RB and he's still under contract after this season. Meh, the simulator isn't perfect. No one knows where players will go come May 8-10, so I took what the simulator gave me. I may have been a bit optimistic on the Butler contract, but again I have no experience at the negotiating table so I gave it my best shot. Thanks for the feedback!
  11. He very well could. Do you, by chance, know why he went to USF?
  12. One things is for certain in free agency, you almost always overpay lol
  13. In that mock draft simulator, he actually slid down to that 6th round pick we have. I had only heard of him before so I watched 2 games of his and for whatever reason, he didn't impress me. He has good size, but he didn't seem like he had enough power to get through the blocks. I didn't like his motor either, especially on running plays. I was also wary of whatever the off field concerns were that caused him to go from Notre Dame to USF. He has good length and I think he could be coached up, but I passed on him and took Millard, who I think could be the starting fullback if he's back in football form by the time preseason comes around.
  14. In this scenario, Davis is making over 9m/year and I think Verner would command just as much if not more. So it would be around 18-20m. I think The 4 corners of Davis, Toler, Butler, & Fuller would be devastatingly effective in their own right. [sarcasm]As you can clearly tell, I AM a GM. Notice my use of free online mock draft simulator games and fancy salary cap calculators made by other people [/sarcasm]
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