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  1. This question would not even have been asked if he had gone to the Titans! There is no reason not to pull for Peyton with the Broncos. They do not even play the Colts in 2012.
  2. I hate it that the Colts always built for a great offense and expected that great offense to carry the mediocre defense. People wonder why Peyton has been such a great regular season qb but only an average playoff qb. Well, it was not his fault. When you get to the playoffs, just having a great offense will not see you through. It is a whole other level. You need a great defense, too. I agree the Colts should have had 3 or 4 rings in the Manning era. They would have if the defense had been better.
  3. I think Peyton chose Denver because Elway told him that they will build the offense his way and allow him a great deal of autonomy in running it. He would not have had that assurance at any other team. Well, maybe the Titans, but of the two teams, Denver is better. He has also been told, perhaps, that they will do their best to sign some players he wants with him, like Saturday and Clark.
  4. Their first QB probably made about $100 a game.
  5. I have a theory that he makes more money making commercials than he does playing football anyway.
  6. The media people are nuts. For example, listen to ESPN radio and they are always complaining about "the media." However, ESPN is the media, and when they complain they complain about themselves. The "media" has been following Peyton around for the past week in helicopters, trying to intercept him and get the latest word before the competition. Then they complain that he is creating a media circus. I laughed when I heard that the 49ers had talked to Manning and had him work out, and the media did not know a thing about it. That must really have ticked them off!
  7. Leaf did not win the Heisman. Charles Woodson won the Heisman.
  8. Bless you. I lost my Mom years ago. My condolences to you and your family.
  9. I have visited a major Titans message board, and the strange thing to me is the fans are divided right down the middle on Peyton, whereas the fans on the Cardinals and Broncos boards are overwhelmingly wanting Peyton. I do not get it. However, you do have to consider this. Nashville is not Knoxville. Nashville has Vanderbilt, and Vanderbilt fans despise UT, which is in Knoxville. I think it is the Vanderbilt fans that do not want Peyton. Jay Cutler is their favorite son.
  10. This is pro football for you. Bobby Hebert (Cajun Cannon) left the Saints and went to rival Atlanta Falcons just because they offered him a million or two more than the Saints did. This was in the early nineties. Today Hebert is the founder of the Who Dat nation and the Saints' biggest supporter. He has a radio program on WWL in New Orleans, a show focused mostly on the Saints.
  11. Yes, but they will probably wait until he retires. I believe right before he retires, he will re-sign with the Colts so he can retire a Colt, which is what players are doing today -- at least those who identified with a particular team most of their careers.
  12. Some of us may want to wait until he signs with a new team and send the letters in care of that new team, sending a copy to Jim Irsay. He will get the letters quicker, and still the Colts will know what Peyton has meant to the Colts fans and what a monumental devastation his being cut is. Anyway, how do we know the Colts will forward the letters to Peyton right away? They may just sit on them for awhile. While his new team will give them to him immediately. We can always find the address of his team on the Internet, and he will be there very soon you can bet, because of minicamps, etc. He has
  13. I don't think the Colts will be winning10 to 12 games per season for awhile, like they were used to with Manning and these other guys they are cutting.
  14. Wouldn't some of you laugh if Freeney, Addai, Wayne, and Clark all follow Peyton to the Dolphins or Cardinals and then they win the Super Bowl for the next three years???
  15. Fine. As I edited my post, I have been a secretary all my life who had to know such things. Anyway, thanks for the address. I will use it.
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