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  1. Terrance Knighton- "Pot Roast" Mike Adams Shane Vereen Rodney Hudson Rahim Moore
  2. This is a completely uneducated and would never happen but with seeing on a story that Greg Hardy missed practice for an undisclosed reason it made my mind wonder. Could Carolina be trying to move a guy that they have had a hard time signing to a long term. Could Grigs want to make a big move for him even if just for 1 year to replace Mathis? What would it cost and what do we have that Carolina want. Hardy for Nicks and a 6th rounder. Carolina tried to get Nicks in the off season and obviously need depth at WR. Will never happen but Ive tried worse trades playing GM in Madden.
  3. Round 1 Pick 27 (HOU): Chance Warmack, OG, Alabama (A) Round 2 Pick 25 (HOU): Robert Woods, WR, Southern California (A) Round 3 Pick 24: Sylvester Williams, DT, North Carolina (A) Round 4 Pick 24: Marcus Lattimore, RB, South Carolina (A) Round 6 Pick 24: Robert Lester, SS, Alabama (A-) Round 7 Pick 24: Dustin Hopkins, K, Florida State (A) Round 7 Pick 48 (COMP): Levine Toilolo, TE, Stanford (A) Not my best score but my favorite results. This is too much fun.
  4. I would want to without question but if it would be for a pick this year I would really have to have a hard look at the draft board with our limited picks. If it is for a pick in next years draft The trade would be done without question.
  5. I think we should grab another corner based on the prices these corners have been signed for and our history of our corners being injured. The 1 year deals would be perfect because you have a player that is playing for a new contract, not a long term cap hit, and we can still draft a cb even in the 1st round and they have time to develop. Weather Jenkins is the man that's up to Grigs.
  6. I would be so disappointed if he is a Colt next year. We need a player with hands that we have confidence throwing the ball to on 3rd down. I don't even care if we sign another WR in FA. I can handle the players we have.
  7. I'm a little torn on the idea of Taylor. Very produtive player that will know Pip's scheme but for the past few years I have wanted to have a change of pace back that catches the ball out of the back feild, like Sproles or Lemichael James. If they pick him up I think 4th should be the earliest we take him. Pleanty of strong backs that will be available at that time. Worse case a different back learns the playbook like every other rookie.
  8. Anyone think Lucks old OC Pep Hamiton might be an option? He knows Luck and Fleener well which would makes the transition seamless for Luck. He is already scheduled to interview for the same position with the Jets at the begining of next week. His offense is run heavy which right now we arent suited for but I beleive Grigs is going to adress the o-linein the off season because he will finally have some money to spend.
  9. No doubt there is huge risk with Poe and your probably right that we cant afford to roll the dice on him but if they did I would think the front office saw something they liked. Our fate is in their hands not in mine. He just has a Wow factor.
  10. Like may others I would prefer to move back for an additional pick but the players that I wouldn't have a problem with them trading up for would be if Poe or Glimore slipped This would be a big slip for each. The other player that I think could be huge for our D is Hightower. At this spot he isnt slipping but I think this kid could be exactly what Coach wants for his D.
  11. Couple things I would like to see: 1st: trade down the 34th pick in hopes to gain an extra pick unless someone slips to 34 that has great value. I would like to see Stephen Gilmore first then best available CB or Kevin Zetler 2nd: not draft our #1 WR this year but draft a WR later in either 3rd or 4th round. Jenkins or Broyles. Then next year with our top pick take a true #1 WR. We still have Reggie for 3 years. 3rd: Not draft Alameda Ta'amu. It would be to much of a reach for a player with mixed reviews. Instead wait a another week or 2 to sign a vet NT on a 2 year term. By waiting we will g
  12. Time to show all the future young players how to wear a hard hat. Welcome back Reggie!!!
  13. I feel as well that trading down in the second round is good idea if we can get an extra pick. Unless there is no brainer to take for vaule at 34. I was thinking as an alternative to the philly swap is dropping all the way to 50 with the Bears to gain their 80 pick as well. It's a hard trade though due to both teams having alot of the same needs so if we don't see the value in the 34 pick they might not as well. If it happened though that would give us 1, 50, 65, 80. I'd like to see the following: 1- Luck 50- Kevin Zeitler 65- Alamenda Ta'amu 80- Trumaine Johnson 97- Ryan Broyes 128- Philp Bla
  14. I assume that if he gets released and starts talking to teams he can throw and do physicals. Is this accurate? If Irsay has decided to release him I would hope he would do it sooner then later so Peyton has more time with each team to prove he is ready to play before the rest of the QB FA are on the market. He will probably dicdate the who QB FA class regardless.
  15. Orlovsky played well enough to be a viable backup but I also like the idea of having a true vet that has played more then a handful of games. Chad Pennington would be great to support Luck but I don't know if he has anything left in the tank.
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