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  1. Cowboys are in the discussion, but who is the third? Raiders and Giants, not close. Simms, Plunkett not in HOF, Eli could be close, but as of now, probably not.
  2. Looking at the top 100 players of all time: Unitas. 6 Manning 8 Montana. 4 Young. 81 Favre. 20 Starr. 36 Packers and 49ers are in the running, but when looking at top 3 for any franchise, I would have to go with Colts. In a few years Rodgers could push the Packers ahead.
  3. No list of Colts QB's can be complete w/o Bert Jones near the top. I just missed the Unitas era, but became a fan during the Bert Jones era. How fortunate for long time Colt fans to witness Unitas, Jones, Manning, and now Luck as their QB's. Can any other team boast that type of QB history?
  4. Typically you want your 4th and 5th receivers to play special teams. Moss would be a beast on ST. Imagine him as the gunner on punt coverage. He's so fast no would ever be able to return a punt, nothing but fair catches all year. <end of sarcasm> All these threads about signing this or that way past his prime veteran are getting silly.
  5. When they won SB5, they weren't owned by the Irsay family. Carroll Rosenbloom owned them at that time. Irsay bought the Rams and traded franchises in 1972.
  6. Not sure why you would want to get rid of Mathis too. It is a passing league and you have to put pressure on the QB. Mathis still does that pretty well. Freeney probably won't be back, but we thought that about Reggie this time last year.
  7. If that is gambling, then every time a radio show gives away tickets or money for being the x caller or answering a trivia question, that is gambling. When the NBA gives fans a chance to win money by making a half court shot,mother NBA is gambling. When the NFL gives a fan money for making a field goal, the NFL is gambling. Does the writer think Goodell calls himself Anna gives himself a lecture on gambling? Just a dumb article by this writer.
  8. He would still hire an OC that would run the same type offense. He said he doesn't like the short passing game. He's not going to hire someone that runs an offense he doesn't like. Kind of like Pagano hiring a DC that runs a 3-4 defense. He wouldn't hire someone running a 4-3.
  9. Whoever the Cards starter is will get killed. Bad OL and with Arians offense, the QB will take lots of hits. Not many like Ben and Luck can take those hits. We know Kolb can't.
  10. CBS would only move it to 4:00 if they needed a good game for that time slot. They already have Pittsburg at Dallas next week at 4:00.
  11. In addition to the items you mentioned, his offense seems to get the QB hit an awful lot. Big Ben had been getting beat up pretty bad the past few years, and Andrew has taken quite a few shots. Neither has had great OL, but if you know that, adjust and get the ball out quicker with some shorter routes.
  12. I would like to see more no huddle.
  13. How much criticism would the coaching staff be getting if they ran the ball 1/2 the time when behind by 3 scores? Same with Redskins, up big you run the ball.
  14. This needs separated into 3 categories: Pre-Indy. Bert Jones, Lydell Mitchell, Roger Carr 1984-1997. Marshall, Brooks, Jason Belser, R. Potts, Dickerson Manning Era. Edge, Reggie, Bob, Freeney, Mathis, Marlin Jackson (for 1 play)
  15. Last three Superbowls have had the 32nd ranked run team in the league. Two of those won.
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