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  1. "NFL Clears Peyton Manning of Doping Accusations." Yet another example of how Peyton > Brady. Peyton is the #GOAT ???????? https://t.co/es8meNm9xa

  2. RT @Redistrict: Vicious cycle: the more delegates/GOPers walk out of the convention/party in protest, the greater % of GOP becomes the part…

  3. Are Warriors fans actually happy about this? https://t.co/dALnraP6YU

  4. RT @PaolaBoivin: Signing of Jared Dudley reflects smart free agency approach by #Suns https://t.co/HunocqkNNX

  5. "Presidential Graduation Speech". This kid has some pretty hilarious impressions https://t.co/dtpQOgZtdn

  6. RT @CameronJJJ: George H.W. Bush left this magnanimous, bipartisan & dignified note for Bill Clinton on January 20, 1993. https://t.co/G5Eq…

  7. cc @ScottAdamsSays https://t.co/bDbU0Rm0F1

  8. RT @brianmccormick: Ginobili's (flopping) reputation worked against him.

  9. @TMobile Awesome, thanks! T-Mobile is the best.

  10. RT @NateSilver538: Compare this (from December): https://t.co/4Jjb4ODZg7 And this (from today): https://t.co/dCV1ooHwW4 https://t.co/ehB8Jz…

  11. RT @Jacobnbc: Trump in spin room just now comparing hand size with an entertainment reporter. https://t.co/EHgK7sq1Qz

  12. @JStein_Vox There's an error in your article. Kasich is the one who said "We've got to stop this." Not Hewitt. https://t.co/EAZCSzADPg

  13. RT @VaughnHillyard: Cruz lawyers' response to Trump's cease and desist demand--> https://t.co/ufsPNT1p9p

  14. RT @JonIronmonger: Quiet news day on the @BBCNews Channel. https://t.co/7GzGhOAEBW

  15. RT @clmazin: I never saw him pray. Not once. https://t.co/ar6v1HxmMh

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