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  1. the media is just like flies to these dudes, they dont even realize what theyre saying most of the time, what starts as gtho of my face! ends in some kind of mesmeric blabbing.
  2. i cant even make an excuse for owning an edge james fathead.
  3. and now all my indy colts autographed memoribilia and basement mancave displays i spent 13 years collecting are gonna be worthless, all my friends are laughing at me. Im thinking of becoming a bears fan.
  4. does anyone have bill polian's number? I need to set up interviews.
  5. that's the point of being a sports fan. Not getting over things. Thats why we suck as fans, we have short memories. Almost as if we don't even watch our team play football.
  6. but in the mean time, he's still there. I say we go ahead and give him a call, and work him out, if he looks good, make an offer.
  7. I went through my free agency roll-a-dex and keep coming back to a name, Yeah It's Peyton Manning. Why don't the colts go after Peyton Manning? That would...what? Be a good decision? Anything other than signing peyton is the dumbest move in colts history.
  8. Peyton Manning, best player on the planet, is still available.
  9. Who else thinks Peyton Manning would be a perfect fit in Indy?
  10. what did they say in the Ignatius J Reilly book? WHen true genius rises and the dunces will be in confederacy against him. I'm assuming you're all NFL plants sent to disinfo my truth. investigation will continue, you can watch my youtube press conference shortly.
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