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  1. I know most people on here knows how much Eberflus emphasizes every man to the ball and full speed. Just thought i would share that the very first drill the defense did after warm ups was this pretty much. He rotated between what seemed like 3 defenses they all set then snapped the ball while a coach pointed and the whole D would run to the back endzone corner (40 or so yards). I know its not a knew discussion here but just thought it was telling to the new players that is the first thing hes having them do.
  2. On the last episode of the "With the next Pick" at 7:16 you can hear Frank talk to Rock on the phone but in the back ground Ballard is confirming "Did you get a hold of Carolina" i assume to tell them we are not trading the pick. Carolina ended up trading to get pick 37 and exchanging pick 47 and 77.
  3. The 1 year deal might be why he chose colts over raiders maybe he was looking at 3 year reduced deal with them or a 1 year prove deal with us and bet on himself.
  4. Well dang sorry here’s the link to some of them. I can’t get my phone to make that more clear. http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/2019/
  5. If we have the most cap room next year it looks to be a deeper class with more options. Some will resign and get tagged but it’s still a lot of good players. Ok
  6. You can use it next year or the year after. If we love a free agent next year we can offer them the best deal by far if we have the most cap. We don’t lose it until the 4 year period is over.
  7. This isn’t up to date there is big drop from us to the next team. You can see some the other teams players they are reported in signing are not on here yet. I assume they are waiting for details on how the contracts are setup.
  8. Arthur Arkush @ArthurArkush #Colts P Pat McAfee is trying field goals from 70 right in front of us. Yes, that's their punter. Has the range, too, but just wide right.
  9. Hey TK thanks for always updating this i always follow this feed. just wanted to show you more info out there since we have bears reporters in town too. http://chicagofootball.com/2015/08/19/live-coverage-chicago-bears-indianapolis-colts-joint-practice/ajp7c6g/ They seem to be giving good info too. Bob LeGere Adam Jahns Arthur Arkush
  10. Anyone think maybe they see him as a safety? just a hope i guess might be nice to have speed like that covering the whole field in the back.
  11. Im not an expert, but it looks like you get paid dividends when the player is paid for any contracts, NFL, endorsements, and life after football(coaching,TV). Fantex is giving 10% of all his deals and pays them to the shares as dividends to holders. sounds interesting to me.
  12. Looks like this is coming true... Rolle already said he is game lets go get him and Wilfork!
  13. Andre Rolle tweeted that a team should pick him Johnson and wilfork up. We know colts are talking too Johnson and Gore.... Could Chuck be bringing in his old team?
  14. Good News! if he plays well he becomes a Restricted free agent for year 4 and we can keep him one more year for around 2mil
  15. Of course its fantasy lol unless one of us is Grisgson or Irsey Im just posting what I think would be cool and backing my opinion by letting you know it doesn't screw the cap based on reasonable assumptions. I cant tell the future and don't have the power to to make moves for the Colts so I come and let other die hards see what I would like to see. Not being mean but that's what this forum is for to express ap and see what others see to opinion your own opinion. I have no way of knowing about 20 contracts for next year so its all guessed lol, doesn't mean I don't like talking about it. Most
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