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  1. i think painter gets the start.
  2. lol take the biggest Bust in NFL History to replace Peyton Manning, the best QB in NFL History? not a good idea.
  3. yes, one will be our franchise QB and the other one will be our franchise LT
  4. superman is right. why r u guys worrying about Lacey making mistakes in pracitice? i mean, didnt u see the Allen Iverson interview ;)
  5. great news! did he get his fourth year guaranteed???
  6. thats a nice pickup ... if we use him right, he will help our D-Line to stop the run!
  7. i dont think it matters, he will play the same role as Demarcus Ware, instead i really think the departure of Vonta Leach will cause some problems for arian foster and their running game.
  8. not really... look at their O-Line ...
  9. calm down guys... we will win our division again! wanna know why? the shortend offseason is good for us cuz the other teams esp houston, jags, titans have less time to get ready. we instead dont have as many adjustments to fix as they have. Drake Nevis will start right away and give us a force in the middle!!! O-Line looks good to me, Recievers, RB too. of course we dont have a perfect roster, but who has??? NOBODY. in the playoffs, with the superbowl @ home - we can beat anybody in any stadium! we have the beste QB in the League, dont forget that. we need to believe it, or better said: Ye
  10. btw tulloch signed with the lions.! I´m sure we will add some talent on D.
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