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  1. Bob Kravitz tweeted this week about a doc that was airing on TV about Indy, as i am from the uk i was unable to watch it, are there any online links to be had to this doc that Kravitz was going on about? Here's his tweet:

    For out of town reporters looking to understand what's happened in Indy, check out the WFYI doc on the town's transformation. Tonite at 10.

    any ideas where i can find this online? please help

  2. Right was wondering what the most successful number for a QB is in the NFL, The assignment: Rank the best quarterbacks by jersey number. just something fun to do if your bored!

    1 - Warren Moon, Cam Newton

    2 - Doug Flutie, Matt Ryan

    3 -

    4 - Brett Favre

    5 - Donavon McNabb, Kerry Collins

    6 - Jay Cutler??

    7 - John Elway, Joe Theismann, Ben Roethlisberger, Boomer Esiason, Ron Jaworski, Michael Vick

    8 - Troy Aikman, Steve Young, Matt Hasselbeck, Archie Manning, Mark Brunell

    9 - Drew Brees, Steve McNair, Tony Romo, Sonny Jurgensen, Jim McMahon, Carson Palmer, Matt Stafford

    10 - Frank Tankerton, Trent Green, Eli Manning, Cahd Pennington, Matt Flynn... ha

    11 - Drew Bledsoe, Phill Simms, Norm Van Brocklin, Daunte Culpepper

    12 - Tom Brady, Terry Bradshaw, Aaron Rodgers, Joe Namath, Roger Staubach, Jim Kelly, Bob Griese, Ken Stabler

    13 - Dan Marino, Kurt Warner

    14 - Dan Fouts, Y.A. Tittle, Otto Graham

    15 - Bart Starr

    16 - Joe Montana, George Blanda, Jim Plunkett, Len Dawson

    17 - Doug Williams, Don Meredith

    18 - Peyton Manning

    19 - Johnny Unitas, Bernie Kosar

    Think if looking at the numbers you would have to choose the number 12 jersey!! What number will Luck be wearing? Yep the 12 jersey

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