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  1. Cant wait to see this guy in a Colts uniform
  2. Luck is throwing in strong winds, you cant really compare
  3. People living in a dream land on this site, they dont know what realism is
  4. Just in: Colts and Robert Mathis have reached a tentative agreement on a long-term contract. He will not be franchised.
  5. just read this from another forum, "Personally I don't see how they can justify taking the cap hit on a 36 year old coming off 4 surgeries, over a year without playing a snap, and 30 seconds of grainy tape from Duke University. Well they can't. We all love Peyton but the past is the past. Every team with an all time great qb has had to move on and now its's our turn. Though Skipp Bayless would have you believe otherwise. Not drafting Luck and starting to build the team around him for the next 10-15 years would be madness." what needs to be pointed out is that its a 30 second tape, how did Pay
  6. Not for once have I said that Luck will be another Manning, but I do think he is a very good prospect and hopefully he will make it and he will make his own nam in the NFL.
  7. Just for the record I am a huge Manning and Colts fan, I only want whats best for the franchise, we need to move on and I believe thats whats going to happen. So nobody call me out for not being a Manning fan etc... disgusting the way some of you are saying that kind of stuff, I like Manning but first of all I am a COLTS fan and I want whats best for our franchise to move on.
  8. Mate since when is the point of posting on here to make sure somebody likes your post, this is a forum for people's own opinions or personal views, nobody has to agree with anything, when i signed up it wasn't to get a 'like this" after every post, it was to give my opinion and own views.
  9. Mate seriously you have no right to say what I am or not! Thats right I have been a Colts fan for all these years but I just cant stand that Peyton guy...
  10. Injury prone was the wrong word to use, with the uncertainty over his current health is what I should have said
  11. the thing is Rodgers and Luck were not in an exact same position. Rodgers was not ready, Luck is at a better level than Rodgers was leaving college
  12. Mate, the guy is not healthy and he is getting paid way too much for somebody is injury prone, if he wants to re-struct his contratct then fine great but we have to look to the future now.
  13. Manning has 2-4 years left, thats if he's going to be healthy.
  14. I am a Manning fan, so dont think that I am just trying to stir things up, its called being realistic about things guys
  15. Right then lets be brutal, Colts need to cut Manning whatever and start Luck. Andrew Luck does'nt need to sit a year or 2 it will not be of any any benefit to him. Yes Rodgers blah blah blah but he was not as ready as Luck is now. If you sit Luck for a couple of years it will be a total waste! Didn't Manning himself say that the best way to learn is to play. Sorry but its time to move on
  16. Really good article here on Andrew Luck, well worth a read to get you excited! http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/vault/article/magazine/MAG1195420/index.htm
  17. What about Zach Brown at OLB? with the 2nd round pick
  18. this guy is a beast! prob wont be around by the time we pick! he would be great as a NT though
  19. yep, seems strange, you would wonder they would want to increase their stock
  20. Colts have told Luck not to throw in the combine and he has agreed not to. Why wouldn't they want him to throw? http://www.stampedeblue.com/2012/2/20/2812207/report-colts-told-andrew-luck-not-to-throw-at-2012-scouting-combine
  21. No way is he like Manning or Brady because they are seasoned vets! stupid comparison! I like Mayock but how would he have ranked Brady coming out of college... Same as Luck?? ;)
  22. Who are the likely players to be there at 34? chances that Barron is there? Minnifield? Kirkpatrick? Zach Brown? What DT are going to be at that spot?
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