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  1. We need as many fans in Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky as we can possibly get. Raising taxes on tickets between $4 to $11 per ticket, although doesn't sound like a lot, will most deffinately hurt our season ticket base. I have been a season ticket holder for 9 years now and am amazed at how many people are shocked at the ticket prices now. I have a difficult time giving them away at times, and that includes the years Peyton was here. Economy going south, people getting paid less, food prices going up, gasoline skyrocketing, TV's becoming more and more amazing letting the average fa
  2. I think it went something like this...Pep - "With all due respect, I saw so many times while watching the games this year that Andrew could have been utilized in much better ways"...Thats just a very small glimpse of what I think was said...What do you all think was said?
  3. There's 1down, 4 more to go just like that and we will win the super bowl. Yeah baby, I like it a lot!
  4. Heck with Peyton, this is a business, remember? Let's win and keep rolling along in the playoffs...
  5. Come on Colts! I know you've got it in you. I know and you know that injuries will practically go away for you guys if you play at such a high level and you'll be able to play with anyone. Just look at Seatle, they did that he 49ers and it worked with flying colors. All Colts players that go on the field for the remainder of the season make sure you can't even walk off the field after the game because you're sick! I'll tell you right now, the only time I noticed you guys even came close to such an intensity this year was that last play at Tennessee in overtime....Watch that play several times
  6. Who gives a hoot! I've been there done that too many times worrying about who we're going to play first in the playoffs. Bring on the Seahawks for all I care. Hahahaha! Any yes, I know that couldn't happen, just had to get my point across that I don't care one ounce who we play in playoffs cause we'll give anyone a good game!!!
  7. Could someone remind me what happened exactly at that game last yr towards the end of the season when we beat the Texans? If I remember right, it was a Thursday night game? Were the Texans playing startes? Were they concerned with playoff seedings, etc, etc, etc?
  8. Get a real good look at Luck before he hikes the ball. Looks like he's ready to start taking a walk in a park. He looks SO relaxed! I've actually never in my life seen anything like that. We've got something very special in this guy. Just think about what any other QB in the NFL would have been doing in that situation. They would have tried to analyze and over think everything. You talk about ice in the veins. Luck has it!
  9. They way I look at it, HUGE advantage Colts in that case because the only ones that will let it get to them will be Peyton Manning and the Colts fans so, you all know what that means, COLTS win and thats all that matters...Also, Peyton will be confused and throw multiple times to our Colts for plenty of INT's. ;)
  10. I've said this same thing often on this forum and there are lots of people that always come back and remind me it happens to everyone in the NFL....You just notice it more because it's your team and you're very biased...Just remind yourself of this, with Luck on our side, things will eventually be just fine, !
  11. WOW!!!!! That's all I can say about that! Reminds me so much of 2003 when our Colts had that amazing comeback win on Monday night Football against Tampa. Just think about this a second, what took Peyton Manning 5 years to do, just took Andrew Luck 11 games! Bad A buddy! Bad A!!!! Have a Goodin and Peace Out!
  12. He didn't so I guess that means the Colts will win out, finishing 12-4 giving us a number 2 or 3 seed which means we get a home wild card game at the very least. Super Bowl win this year!!!
  13. WHAT IF?? Thats the big question because let's say it does happen and on top of that when we get to the final game of the season which, by the way is the Texans, the seeding is locked up for the Texans, Do you think the Texans would still rest players or would they not want ot get beat twice by us?? That would be a huge gut blow if you asked me going into the playoffs...
  14. It's funny how everyone thinks the Texans are Super Bowl contenders. They're just a regular season contender at this point. Much like the Colts were for years then we finally pulled one out with a lot of luck involved. With all the changes made this year we're finally starting to see drafting much like what the Patriots are doing. Which BTW, my kids only know them as that and they'll correct you if you try to call them that other name. We'll soon start dominating on a regular basis. Folks, that's any team that plays the Colts. I guarantee it!
  15. Hopefully it's ok for me to leave this link to listen to the post game here in Indy...Most of you already know about this but for those of you that don't, here it is... http://www.1070thefan.com/listen/
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