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  1. If you look history of Cards at Coors , I don't think they have done well. Why I cant explain. puzzling to me .
  2. Yes don't look now Brewers tied with Cubs , however I believe the bite in the Brewers without Yelich is going to be minimal even though they set at 4 games back.
  3. Well we got in from a long bike ride this evening to watch last few innings , we are tired think I'm going to bed try to catch up tomorrow Brother .
  4. I seen the likes of Banks Williams Kessinger Jenkins in the early years all very good players .
  5. By the way have always liked the Cubs also , go way back with them almost as long as Cards.
  6. Cubs and Cards fans are really for most part very respecting towards each other. May not like other team but that's respect of a competitive nature , its called rivalry.
  7. Absolutely but human , they figured out how to pitch him after he killed them early in the season.
  8. Cards have won 8 of last 9 from Brewers , seem to have their number . Key keeping Yelich in check.
  9. Yep still counts , Brewers really needed that one , they face Flaherty tomorrow.
  10. 3 games not much with this many left to play . Lol seen the Cards pass the Reds I believe from 8 or 9 back with this many left.
  11. Booing is one thing , burning Jersey's in parking lot totally another and totally classless . In fact if I were a Cop they would be arrested if caught doing so . Regardless of whos jersey it was.
  12. Unfortunately for some they are seeing the Cards I felt we would see all year. Seems they caught fire at the right time.
  13. Coltsbestever who do the Cubs play , and brother this is playing out just as we expected. Will mention it appeared Matt Carpenter may have it figured out much more balanced and comfortable at the plate. Surprised me thought he was toast.
  14. Cards and Brewers start three games tonight . For Brewers a must win series pressures on and if they lose this series they are out of contention for all intense purpose. Hippie John and I were talking at work. Its not out of the question that the Reds end up in third place. Im proud of the Cards and what they are doing. Right now they are hot at the right time. Anything can happen and I still say Cubs and Cards get in playoffs. This division is far from settled lets have fun and watch this all play out.
  15. Classless burning of Luck Jerseys . They forget he's a human and they can't begin to know whats going on in his head. Brissett will be playing behind a vastly improved line compared to last one. He is strong armed accurate with good legs , and plenty of weapons at his disposal. I like his chances ! Lets get behind him and I know you all well enough to know you will. Remember Football and Baseball are just games and fail miserably in comparison to the game that matters the Game of Life ! Yes I was very disappointed as well, but the mans well being and his family matter more when it comes down to it.
  16. I have seen them resumed in regular season as well. Would've liked the Cards chances the way we are playing , but it is what it is.
  17. Im not a big fan of Wacha , although he was very adequate last time out . If location is on hes good .
  18. I sure hope they both make it , don't want them canceling each other out . As far as starters will put Flaherty and Hudson against anyone in the league right now Hudson pitched 6 and 2/3 of no no last night against a left handed stacked lineup of the Brewers . Those two have been very impressive over last few weeks.
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