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  1. Brother been working , they just about blew it with Martinez . Hes a head case as far as im concerned trade bait. The club as a whole has no quit. It appears the Central was the best in the NL . To bad they had to beat each other up. What could have been ?
  2. I didn't think Jack Flaherty was a surprise at all. I expected it , as I also did from Hudson. Waino was the surprise to me . He has learned how to pitch in a different way than he used to. Edmond is for real I knew that in the Spring , even before he got called up. Bonus with him is he can play any position in the field other than pitch or catch and play them well. The kid can just flat hit.
  3. It doesn't have anything to do with whats on the field now. But im very proud of the Cards history. You are very correct that wont win now. Even the Cubs are not the same team . Jake should've never got away. Year in year out its very difficult to keep a team in tact , so its sorta like a puzzle to piece together you get the right pieces that fit into place then you have something. I don't think anyone can stand pat year to year and be elite.
  4. Let me ask you a pointed question . These Cubs fans and Mets and so on are here regardless of their teams success I respect that . Are you here when the Cards are not doing well ? To me the true fan hangs through thick and thin. Im not trying to bash you because I do like you. Your input is welcomed . I just want you to think about what I have said . Thanks
  5. Not an organization Im fond of . Why because they have had a major lack of class. You don't show it you will never have my support in any sport.
  6. Not this Cards fan Brother , never gonna happen . I know how hard it is to win World series championships. The Cubs are not far away and it may shock people but neither are the Reds. They both need bull pen help . The Cubs are also going to have to look to overcome injury prone players but they have a great nucleus to go with. Could also use another good starter. Hats off to Darvisch he seemed to overcome his demons and put it together. Winter will be interesting. Some may disagree but I hope the Cards make a play for Hammel even if he is 36.
  7. That's where we are different my friend if a Central team other than the Brewers are there any year I will always back them. I just flat out love the game.
  8. I don't pick the Dodgers to make it Give me the winner of the Atlanta , Cards series and Astros in 6 lol. The Cards are the best team in the National league since Allstar break I think the Braves a close second if I am not mistaken. Everyone is entitled to an opinion . Lol that's why they still play the games. My opinion is the Astros are a shoulder above everyone else in the League and could turn into the closest thing to a dynasty we have seen for years. Yes they are that good really no real weakness to attack. You just have to flat out have your very best games and out play them.
  9. I fully expected you to be , reason it bothered me the Cards won all them games in Chicago. I feel the Cubs fell victim to the tough late season schedule , just as the Cards almost did. The last ten the Brewers had one of the easiest in the League .
  10. Looks like the Cards win the division behind Flaherty . Sure have made it uncomfortable for me the last few days. Colts what can I say . Bit by the injury bug much as the Cubs have been.
  11. Not sure I agree with this move, I think its more on the front office for the season . Just my personal opinion.
  12. Colts got a big win without some key players. Have not got to watch yet ,but probably will in morning when I'm home.
  13. Hey guys sorry The Cards probably have ruined the Cubs playoff hopes , not totally but a large dent . Have been still am on bad turn around . Who would've thought the Brewers would hang like this. Got to get ready for work , catch up later .
  14. I think you have to see who steps up and earns it as a player . If you go that route don't count out Marlon Mack before its all said and done.
  15. I was asking that same question early in the year when he had hit like 7 homers against the Cards. The Cards found a way to pitch him with good results second half of season.
  16. Cards up 4 to 1 in second . Lol maybe playing in daylight at Coors is the ticket. I noticed last night they had trouble seeing the ball in outfield .
  17. Hard to beat Uecker the ex Cardinal . He is comical to say the least. Loved it when I was young would watch him on the Johnny Carson show , it was a riot.
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