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  1. Been really busy , will be here more when games start. Just trying to get things caught up around the house and so on. Good to see you too . The Cubs really need a good starting pitcher and also a good middle reliever unless they have those out of the Farm system. I think they would be ignorant to trade Contreras . That's a no no , catchers like that don't grow on trees.
  2. Part of that is Carlson , he's most definitely the real deal and switch hitter to boot. If he doesn't start the season up north he will be there before the years out. Regardless who they go with the Outfield D will be better for it both with Ozuna and Martinez being gone. I also like the signing of Brad Miller for left handed bench bat with power. I also like the balance in the pitching , wont be RH dominate we have plenty of LH talent to go with.
  3. Most writers agree , and the Reds could be breathing down their neck. Im ready to go and see how things play out . Nothing will surprise me Lol. I personally think the Cards are loaded. Time will tell.
  4. Well the Sports writers mostly are picking the Cards followed closely by the Reds. Picking the Cubs in fourth in some articles. Guess what we never know what we truly have till Allstar break and neither does anyone else. But you could be pleasantly surprised. I'm glad in a sense Ozuna isn't there although I like him. Im ready to see younger players getting the shot. I know O'Neal can duplicate Ozuna if not exeed him. Carlson could be even better power from both sides . Brad Miller gives them a left handed power hitter off the bench. Martinez seems healthy for first time in two years. Im excited to see what kind of lineup they have. Lane Thomas is no slouch either. If Bader doesn't produce they have plenty to replace him with.
  5. I will say they were confident without Ozuna or they would've at least offered a two year contract.
  6. I could be wrong but I don't think Hank Aaron ever got a series win either. Neither did Ted Simmons but he was flat out great.
  7. Its up for grabs between Carlson ,O'Niell , Lane Thomas Justin Williams and Austin Dean . If Carlson puts up Strong numbers in spring he could break camp. One thing in his advantage is he's a switch hitter. Thomas was good before injury. My bet right now is O'Neill . He has slimmed down just a bit Lol , I always thought he was to bulked up. He has not had significant sustained playing time. But its easy to see if he plays a whole year he would easily eclipse Ozuna on home runs . He has significant speed as well , hes right there with Edmans and Bader. They are not rushing to get Carlson up , however if he puts the numbers up in spring he will be pop from both sides plus skills in outfield and speed. Thomas is going to be a solid MLB player , knows how to hit, has plus skills in outfield . Dean through TB trade has tore up AAA pitching and has power , decent in the field. Question is can he make the grade in MLB ? Williams another from TB system left handed a plus however not a lot of power as far as I see hit 296 last year between AA and AAA Memphis . I think there's plenty to choose from . I too was not thrilled with Ozuna's production. Enter Matt Carpenter , I guess he has been working with none other than Lance Berkman to get his swing back. He was all kinds of jacked up. I like what im hearing. About time he put in some winter work. I think he got to complacent time will tell. Edman can play anywhere and probably will on a regular basis to give people a break. Ravelo could make it as well although a first baseman also capable in the outfield. I do not think they are interested in Castellanos at all because he doesn't measure up defensively , even though he swings a good bat. I would not be surprised if he ends up back in the AL.
  8. Its rumored if deal reached Arenado would have to wave opt out , would be a long term deal. However Im not holding my breath on any of this Lol
  9. Yes its no different than watching a pitcher for tipping pitches at that level. When you use tech that's a whole new ball game kinda like deflated footballs
  10. Yes came up through the Cardinals system , never really made it big as an MLB player. He did have some pop in his bat. Hes a baseball brat so to speak should know the ends and outs.
  11. I do agree Edman can play anywhere and it doesn't effect his hitting . Ardy would free him to the Outfield if needed there . Otherwise see him as a super sub all over the infield keeping players fresh and rested.
  12. I do like their depth in the outfield . Carlson is MLB ready . Lane Thomas might have been the best they had before the broken bone put him out. If they don't sign Ozuna or Castenellos look for Oneil Thomas and Carlson to battle it out . I like this move https://www.mlb.com/cardinals/news/rays-cardinals-trade to go with this https://www.mlb.com/cardinals/news/kwang-hyun-kim-has-suitor-in-cardinals Long Term I hope the kid lefty doesn't get wrapped in any deal with the Rockies . If they make the move Hudson although I like him is more expendable long term. Yes would love to see Ardy at the hot corner but right now I believe reporters just need something to talk about. Will be somewhat surprised if he doesn't remain a Rocky.
  13. Yes Barry the Twins are worth keeping an eye on. Major pop to that line up, the intangible that Donaldson brings is tenacity . It rubbed off on Atlanta lets see what happens up there.
  14. Brother glad your ok , I had lost your number it was in my phone that got submerged in water. Never got the screen back. Brent is recovering from back surgery. A lot has happened since you were gone . I am not able to get on here as much. My wife lost the rest of her sight last December so that takes up a lot of my time. Glad you checked in .
  15. Hey Brother interesting finish hats off to the Nats , they came into the post season hot . Many times that's the most important in the scheme of things. I have thought about this and I would really like you to take over the thread . I don't have the time I once did to devote to it . I love all of you guys and gals . You have all been great and I consider you all my friends. I will still get involved when I can . You all know my situation at home so I want someone who I feel will do it justice. Lol love the Clint nod.
  16. Regardless of what happens I'm happy with the season , any more will be a bonus.
  17. Yes and they are comparing him to his tutors Bob Gibson and Chris Carpenter . Lol pretty good company I might add.
  18. One thing I will say is the Central should get even tougher , the Reds can make a major move with a few smart acquisitions. They have a very good core.
  19. Whats going on makes the game exciting . I knew HOZER would be back because he loves the game as Yourself , NFL and I do lol.
  20. Yes I had already addressed as you were in process of . Whats the word on Hammel ? Is he pursuing FA ?
  21. I like the Cards against the Nats but who knows Lol that's why they play the games .
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