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  1. Its starting to be known PM will be 100 percent by april,to release him would be both ludicrous and very stupid
  2. Its starting to be known PM will be 100 percent by april,to release him would be both ludicrous and very stupid

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    2. Jay Kirk

      Jay Kirk

      well lol that suck but not as bad as theyre finishes ,nothing like starting in the hole but they will both be there at the end

    3. Jay Kirk

      Jay Kirk

      Well think ill be back later,70 degrees out gonna enjoy some outdoors for 3 hours or so

    4. BrentMc11


      I hope you enjoyed your weather Jay. It was so windy down here the buzzards were doing the backstroke....in the air.

  4. Hes a putz always has been dont know why the star has kept him around all these years,i think primaraly hes been a negative on this area and theyre sports,thats my opinion
  5. The heisman has nothing to do with it RG3 IS TALENTED and very smart he will not be a bust,not alot on those stats,they are true but have no effect on this winner
  6. To bad they didnt get him,they wouldve won the bowl game,just imagine what RG3 COULDVE DONE WITH LUCKS supporting cast
  7. Afraid he will hurt his feeble arm
  8. Just what we need another Jeff GEORGE i so enjoyed the time he was here
  9. I agree as we have had this talk before,i think RG3 is more able to make all the throws,and you know i like Keenum as well,and im not saying Luck isnt talented but ,i agree to an extent with the media hype tag,but over all i think RG3 is a beter shot of making a big impact,people dont give him credit for inteligence but you and i have discussed this i think hes very smart
  10. I will say it again he may be the third best qb in the draft
  11. I think Luck is overated , I like RG3 and Casey Keenum better 9 tds in 1 game i think 532yds hit on all types of passes,RG3 is very intelegent think he will only run when he has too,and think he is smart enough to slide,Lol seems everyone for the most part wants to base opinion on media hype,not nessesarly the SMART thing to do.i watched all three,and they all have talent i just feel some have a bigger upside
  12. Ive seen luck make the possesaion passes, but ive seen RG3 and Casey Keenum make them all and to suggest that Luck can read deffenses and other cant or that hes smarter is ludicrous,is he talented yes.Is he the best in the draft i seriously doubt it,just going off what ive seen and ive watched them all quite a bit
  13. i think when he gets chance to do this you will all be pleasantly supprised
  14. Rminds me of the one i had that chase cup cars around the track
  15. Lol an up and commer,hasnt quite reached Theory of A Deadman status yet but a good start
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