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  1. Lol I knew this when they selected him, tried to let folks in Forum know why he was selected , Got ignored and they probably thought I was nuts. You have hit the nail on the head. In this NFL , you have to be savvy and business minded and protect the franchise. Luck is only player you keep at all cost. No brainer by far the hardest to replace. I love TY but we wont be able to pay him the 11 to 12 mil he might command at the end of this contract.

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  2. Hello there Coltsguy510!!


    I like the FA Offensive linemen.....if we do not break the bank (yes I realize how much we have to spend) and what I want to see happen is Spencer.


    I know a lot of folks on here do not agree on Spencer, but I feel he could be  THE 'disguise' guy that makes the difference between the defense we had this year and traditional Ravens 3-4.  I have felt he can go hand down in the NFL, and in our defense disguise is 'priceless.'  Link below on Spencer willing to play DE.  It does not hurt with Emmanuel and Grigs he is from Purdue either.   :)




    I think the only thing I would not consider is Cave from ND....Satele has a 3 year deal, and Shipley if surrounded by studs will be a SOLID center as a starter.  If Grigson trades Satele, I would take that flyer on Cave to develop in case we are wrong on Shipley....or if he has any lingering knee injuries.


    I usually do not get in too much detail...pick one or two things.  I am confident that with Pagano and this group, players that arrive here will be ready, willing and able to continue to build the monster!!!

    Spencer fits Brother

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  3. I know we are more talented,all the way around.Luck as a rookie will be a much better qb than any we had last year,.Never mind lol not going to debate any of this,let this team get a good training camp under theyre belt.Then hide and watch,tell me what you think around game 6

  4. ColtsPRIDE11,Thank you for posting that,now im gonna speak even if i do get a warning or whatever,our service vets have been denied treatment they should get ,as far as medical, restitution so on,and we all know who denies this.You are so right they have maulled our history books,and removed so much that is ultimatley important,my teens have learned from myself,history channel helps.Im a Marine i will die a Marine ,tell your freind Semper Fi, and he and all vets of all our armed services will always have my and all of my familys respect,no matter what war,conflict or so on

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