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    My interest,of course im a sports junky,Football,Basketball.Baseball,love hunting and fishing,wich I love to share with my Best Freind Tammy,my wife.We are both avid Colts and Bears fans,cant wait for next season

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  1. Happy Birthday Brother Jay! I hope you are on a lake somewhere fishing! Enjoy!

    1. southwest1


      Nice! Happy Birthday Jay! I'm a day late...Story of my life...Ha! Ha! Seriously Jay, you rock my brother & I want nothing but good things for you. Buy a lotto ticket & see if it hits. I even promise to not ask you for any money if you become a millionaire overnight. :)

    2. BrentMc11


      I don't SW....I am an old man...I need that lottery money :)

    3. southwest1


      Yes, I suppose that we could all use a nice influx of cash I guess Brent. No argument there.

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