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  1. Hi, Colts fans . . NBA.com reports the L.A. Clippers traded Blake Griffin to the Detroit Pistons.
  2. Happy New Year, Colts fans! But not as entirelyhappy for our loyal and devoted Indianapolis Colts fans, to start 2018 before New Year's Eve, especially here on the Colts Fan Friendly Forum, as our 3-12 Indianapolis Colts will try to conclude their 2017 NFL Season by winning their fourth game with the visiting, and 4-11 Houston Texans. Both the Colts and Texans have suffered injuries to their starting and veteran players, throughout the 2017 NFL season, and reflects on both teams records. As examples, the Texans lost star players J.J. Watt and rookie QB DeShaun Watson, at the
  3. Colts (only) down by 3 points after 3 quarters. Man, it's raining, drissling, and moist and COLD at the M&T Bank Stadium. Those teams, people and fans should be credited exposed to the outside elements.
  4. Hi, Colts Nation. Our 3-11 Indianapolis Colts will try to play spoilers this afternoon, as they are in Baltimore in their last scheduled regular season road game, to play the 8-6 Baltimore Ravens. Our Colts will still try to thwart the Ravens, from earning a road win from Baltimore, and also avoid the Ravens from qualifying in the 2017 NFL Playoffs. Both the Colts and Ravens also lead off Week 16, the next-to-the-week, of the 2017 NFL Regular Season. Colts defeated Baltimore by the score of 20-13, in both teams last meeting played at LOS (the building), back on October 5,
  5. One of the major reasons the Broncos were able to beat the Colts is because the Broncos replaced their offensive coordinator, and make Brock Ostweiler a better QB on the field tonight. Colts will go higher in the draft position in the 2018 NFL Draft if their losses keep up, increases their chances to draft a better college player.
  6. Hi, Colts fans! A battle of AFC teams plague by internal player injuries through the 2017 NFL season, showcase tonight on the NFL weekly Thursday Night Football coverage in tonight's 27th all-time meeting. Kickoff at Lucas Oil Stadium (the building is by 8:25PM Eastern Standard Time. Both the Colts and Broncos are coming off their last games played on Sunday, and both teams have also adjusted and prepared their short practice schedule to acomodate TNF. Both Indianapolis and Denver are tied each with 13 games apiece, including 3 postseason games, with the winner ha
  7. Low scoring game, Mother Nature always wins. Of course I want the Colts to win, but at the same time see no injuries by both teams. I knew there is snow, but O didn’t expect the fog would have an impact on visibility in this game. NFL should have scheduled this in September!
  8. Greetings, Colts Nation! . A game and battle of two teams playing out their 2017 NFL season at Western New York State, as our 3-9 Indianapolis Colts, are in Orchard Park, southeast of Buffalo, to play the Bills, in today's 69th all-time meeting. Colts seek to win their first regular season road game at Buffalo in 14 years. Edgerrin James scored his 1-yard touchdown run, followed by Peyton Manning's two-point pass play conversion to James Mungro, with 1:38 left in the fourth quarter, helped the Colts recent win at Buffalo by the score of 17-14 at then-named Ralph Wilson Stadium,
  9. With Jaguars defeating our Colts 30-10 earlier in the afternoon, Indianapoliis may have eliminated themselves fro playoff contention with their 3-9 record with four games remaining. To me, the rest of this season is temporary setback, the Colts have a chance to rise back to excellence next season and the years ahead. I feel the Colts are playing the best they can with the payers and talent they have. Patriot also gave a beatdown to the Buffalo Bills, the Colts next opponent 23-3 today. Bills QB Tyrod Taylor was indeed carted offf the field, and we may Nathan Peterman
  10. Greetings, Colts Nation! Our 3-8 Indianapolis Colts are still maththematically alive to be in the hunt for an AFC Wild Card spot, as they made their annual 700 mile trip south in Jacksonville, Florida to play their annual rematch with the improved, 7-4 and second place Jaguars. A win by the Jaguars could virtually eliminate the Colts from 2017 NFL playoff contention. Player injuries that is part of football also unfortunately played a big part of the Colts, made them below team expecttions with their current 3-8 record, and progress of their 2017 NFL season. Andrew Luck nev
  11. Gosh, the seats are half empty in LOS, especially in the lower bowl as the teams start the second half. Is because they are still in the concessions, or the Colts fans decide to stay home?
  12. Hi, Colts fans! The absence of Andrew Luck's presence continues to be felt all season, as our 3-7 Indianapolis Colts return from their Week 11 bye week, and host the visiting, and 6-4, second place Tennessee Titans in the first rematch this 2017 NFL regular season with an AFC South divisional opponent. Colts QB Jacoby Brissett, has cleared concussion protocol, and also is cleared and expected to start Sunday against the Titans. The resurging Titans ended the Colts 11-game regular season winning streak over Tennessee, by defeating our Colts 36-22, during ESPN's Mo
  13. Hi, Colts fans! Our Indianapolis Colts begin the second half of their 2017 NFL regular season, as they host the visiting, and AFC North diviision leaders at 6-2, Pittsburgh Steelers a LOS (the building) tin today's 30th all-time meeting, including 24 regular season, and 5 postseason games. Jacoby Brisset and backup Scott Tolzien will lead the Colts at QB the rest of the 2017 NFL regular season after Andrew Luck was placed on season ending injured reserve because of his slow-healing shoulder injury following surgery, dating back to December 2016. Indianapolis will
  14. Hi, Colts fans! An AFC South battle where both teams star players suffered injuries, as out 2-6 Indianapolis Colts travel to play the 3-4 Houston Texans. Both teams have lost their quarterbacks in the past week. Colts QB Andrew Luck had surgery after the 2016 off-season to repair his right shoulder. Since then Luck was held out of training camp and from participating in any games because the healing process is still taking longer than expected. After a brief practice, the Colts decided to place Luck on injured reserve, making him unavaillable for the rest of the 2017 NFL
  15. Hi, Colts fans! A battle of two win teams as our Colts take the 113 mile trip southeast down Interstate 74 to play the Cincinnati Bengals, ifor the first time in three years, in both teams 30th all-time meeting. Indianapolis leads the all-time series entering today with a 19 win, 10 loss record, including 27 regular season, and two postseason games. Colts won the last two games, first defeating the Bengals 26-10 in their last meeting in the AFC Wild Card Playoff Game. back on January 4, 2015, and their last regular season meeting, shutting out Cincinnati 27-0 back on Novembe
  16. Welcome back, Colts fans! Colts try to rebound from their 36-22 road loss at the Tennessee Titans, as they return to LOS (the building) to host the visiting, and improved, 3-3 Jacksonville Jaguars, in their second consecutive game playing an AFC South Divisional rival. Colts running back Robert Turbin is out with his elbow injury, so a possibility rookie RB Marion Mack may get increased playing time in the backfield along with Frank Gore. Colts defense will be busy containing Jaguars rookie RB Leonard Fournette, who had breakout games the last two weeks, with a win at
  17. Hi, Colts fans! An important AFC South divisional battle in prime time, as our Indianapolis Colts are in Nashville to play the Tennessee Titans. Colts lead the all-time regular series 31 games to 14, and also have won 16 of the last 17 games over the Titans, including their current 11 game regular season, home and away, winning streak. Kickoff from Nissan Stadium is by 8:30PM Eastern Standard Time. NO injuries, go for win #12 and GO COLTS!!!!! http://prod.static.colts.clubs.nfl.com/assets/docs/gamereleases/2017/gamerelease-reg06.pdf http://w
  18. NFL gametracker said AV kicked a 52-yard field goal, depending where the ball was placed in the line of scrimmage, bottom line Colts still win!
  19. Adam Vinitieri, the oldest player in the NFL, kicks the 51-yard field goal game winner! His 27th game winner in his career! And the Colts win, the way we want to see this. A climax for a weekend where Peyton is honored with his bronze statue outside LOS! The way this game should be! . GO COLTS!!!!!
  20. Ball on the 34, so this looks like a 51-yard FG attempt by AV.
  21. Marlon Mack for the clutch 34-yard gain downfield to the 49ers 35!
  22. Armstrong int'ed Bissett's pass in the end zone and ran back 29 yards.
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