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  1. Greetings, Colts fans!  :default_20smile:   Oor 6-5 Indianapolis Colts are playing their first road game since their 42-28 win at the Oakland Raiders, as they are in Northeast Florida to play the 3-8 Jacksonville Jaguars, who are trying to end their own seven game regular season road losing streak.


    Indianapolis has already i,proved from their 4-12 record in 2017, and in their five remaining games, seek to reach the playoffs since both winning the AFC South division and 11-5 record back in 2014.


    The NFL in December  unusually  scheduled our Colts to both play their  remaining three road games at their AFC opponents cities beginning this afternoon in Jacksonville, and later in the month at Nashville and Houston.   Colts two remaining  at the real Lucas Oil Stadium for the regular season are hosting NFC East inter divisional opponents - the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys.


    Indianapolis earlier defeated Jacksonville by the score of 29-26 at LOS back on November 11, ending the two-game losing streak over the Jaguars.  Colts scored all-their game scoring and lead in the first half 29-16.  Andrew Luck completed 26 of 38 passes for 320 yards, and 1 INT.


    The last time the Colts won exactly and only a six-game winning streak was during their 2007 NFL season.  That year, the Colts won their first seven regular season games, and won six straight in the second half, finishing 13-3 and were AFC South Champions.


    Indianapolis also won their last 10 regular season games in 2008, and their first 14 regular season games in their 2009 Super Bowl season, to complete that year 14-2.


    Indianapolis also  leads the all-time regular season series entering today with their 23-12 record in the 36th meeting..


    NFL had campaigns for Breast Cancer in October, and Salute To Service honoring our US military personnel in November, and throughout  December NFL players were be wearing custom-made shoes they will wear on the field in the 'My Cause, My Cleats, campaign for public awareness  their personal causes.


    Mostly cloudy skies at 72 degrees, is the game forecast inside TIAA Bank Field, for the 1:05PM Eastern Standard Time kickoff, along with 15% precipitation, 91% humidity, and south/southwest winds at 12 miles per hour.


    Head Linesman Alex Kemp leads his officiating crew to supervise the field action this afternoon between the Colts and Jaguars.


    NO injuries, go for your win # 6 and finish 7-5 and counting in 2018, and LET'S GO COLTS!!!!  :coltslogo:  :1colts: :colts:  :coltshelmet:   :coltslogo:    :D


    2018 Colts @ Jaguars NFL Game Preview, Live NFL Game Center, Team Injury Reports, CBS Early Single Header Game In Lilac, and NFL's 'My Cause, My Cleats' Links:

























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  2. Greetings for another NFL Game Day and I hope you enjoyed your long Thanksgiving weekend with your families, relatives, and close friends, Colts fans! :default_20smile: .   A battle of 5-5 teams in the AFC play inside the real Lucas Oil Stadium, as the Miami Dolphins for a rare late afternoon game inside the real Lucas Oil Stadium.   This afternoon's game also is their last of their three game homestand and bye and home month of November.


    Colts are back in the NFL playoff hunt for at least a Wild Card game, and keep pace with the Houston Texans, who are 7-3 and host the Titans for an important AFC south divisional game on Monday Night. That mentioned, I must also pass my condolences and sadness, but instead celebrate the life of the passing of Texans owner Bob McNair, who brought NFL and pro football back to Houston.


    As we hoped to expect, Indianapolis  has taken advantage on the field and seeks to win their fifth straight game outscoring their opponents  146 points to 69 points in their previous four games.  With their 38-10 win over  the Titans 38-10 at LOS last Sunday resulting in their fourth straight win, the Colts opportunity to win their fifth game over the Dolphins would also be their first five-game regular season winning streak, since their 2014  NFL season, the last season the Colts won the AFC South Title.


    Indianapolis  also seeks to win their first regular season home game over Miami in more than six seasons.  Adam Vinitieri kicked his game-winning, 43-yard field goal, with 5:58 remaining in the fourth quarter, to help the Colts defeat the Dolphins 23-20 back on November 4, 2012.


    Colts also won the last meeting over the Dolphins on the road in Miami by the score of 18-12, and played at Sun Life Stadium in their season finale back on December 27, 2015.


    LOS's retractable roof will be closed so everyone inside can be dry and warm in the building,  for this afternoon's 4:25 PM Eastern Standard Time kickoff, because mostly cloudy skies at 57 degrees, feels like 54 degrees, is the game forecast, along with 15% precipitation,  67% humidity, and southeastern winds at 13 miles per hour.


    Head Linesman Clete Blakeman leads the NFL officiating crew to supervise the game action in the LOS playing field with the Colts and Dolphins.


    NO injuries, go for win #5 for the first time in four years, Go Blue Nation, and LET'S GO COLTS!!!!!    :rock: :coltslogo: .  :cheer:   :1colts:   :colts: :coltshelmet:  :coltslogo:    :cheer:   :D


    2018 Colts Vs. Dolphins NFL Game Preview, Live NFL Game Center, Team Injury Reports, NFL On CBS, Late Regional Doubleheader Game In Blue, And NFL 's Salute To Service Links:





















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  3. Luck to Inman for another Colts touchdown!   38-3!   I dare safely say this is the Colts best game of the year score wise!    And just over 12 minuites left in the fourth quarter!


    Great execution by Coach Reich, his coaching staff, Andrew Luck and the entire Colts team!


    GO COLTS!!!!!:cheer::coltslogo: . :coltshelmet:  :default_20smile:

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  4. Hi,  Colts fans!  :default_20smile:   Our 4-5 Indianapolis Colts have an opportunity later this afternoon to even their record to 5-5, and win their fourth straight regular season game, since their 2014 AFC South Division Championship season, when the improved Tennessee Titans come to Downtown Indianapolis, and a win by the Colts would also leave both  teams even at .500 and 5-5.


    Colts have already won three straight regular season games for the first time since their 2015 NFL Season.  A win by the visiting Titans would be their fourth straight win since  achieving it twice in the same 2014 NFL season.  That year the Colts had a five  game and four game seperate winning streaks, on their way to win the AFC South Title.


    An oddity and quirk in the Colts remaining schedule is that the Titans is the third and last AFC South divisional opponent to visit and play at the real Lucas Oil Stadium this season.  Indianapolis in two weeks will finally play all three of their AFC South divisional opponents,  in away and road games in December, at Jacksonville, Houston, and Tennessee. 


    Also in December, Colts also have  yet  to host and  NFC East interdivisional opponent at LOS,  until the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants play consecutive  games at Indianapolis. Colts also  host one more AFC opponent, the Miami Dolphins at LOS.


    Indianapolis and Tennessee are playing in their 48th game this afternoon, with the Colts leading the all-time regular season series, plus 1 postseason game, with 31 wins and 16 losses.  Colts will try to win their first game in two seasons, after the Titans swept the series in the 2017 season.  Titans first won 36-22 at Nashville back on October 15, and won the rematch later at Indianapolis, winning 20-16 back on November 26, 2017.


    Andrew Luck threw two touchdown passes to Done Moncrief and T.Y. Hilton, Robert Turban scored his 1-yard TD run, and Adam Vinitieri kicked his three PAT's, and his 49 yard field goal, to help the Colts defeat the Titans in their last win, played at the real LOS, back on November 20, 2016.


    There will be a halftime ceremony  today for former and retired Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne as he will be inducted and immortalized into the Ring Of Honor, for his achievements and production on the field with the Indianapolis Colts. 


    LOS's retractable roof is closed for this afternoon's 1:05 PM Eastern Standard Time kickoff, because cloudy skies at 41 degrees, feels like 37 degrees, is the local game forecast, along with 15% precipitation, 84% humidity, and northern winds at 7 miles per hour.


    Head Linesman John Hussey leads his NFL Officiating Crew to supervise the game action between the Colts and Titans.


    Today's game between the Colts and Titans continues the NFL's annual 'Salute To Service' campaign. honoring our US military personnel in past and present, who sacrificed t serve  our country and away from their families to maintain America's freedom.  Colts and the Titans players and their coaching staffs may volutarily wear NFL authorized military team apparel by Nike and New Era during the game from their sidelines.


    Also my Happy Thanksgiving to Indianapolis Colts fans with your family, relatives, and close friends, here on the Colts Fan Forum and Colts fans everywhere! Let's also see our Colts win this game for Reggie Wayne this afternoon!


    NO injuries to the Colts players, Dismember The Titans , Go Blue Nation, Win Your Fourth Straight Game for yourselves and new Ring Of honor Inductee and former Colts player Reggie Wayne,  And LET'S GO COLTS!!!!! :cheer:  :coltslogo:  :1colts:   :colts:   :coltshelmet:   :coltslogo:  :cheer:  :rock:  :D


    2018 Colts Vs. Titans NFL Game Preview, Live NFL Game Center, Team Injury Reports, NFL On CBS Early Regional Single Header Game In Sky Blue, And NFL's Salute To Service Links:























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  5. Welcome back to The Colts Fan Forum, and NFL Game Day is back for our Colts!  :default_20smile:   A battle of 3-5 teams in the AFC South as our Indianapolis Colts are back on the football field to play the Jacksonville Jaguars at the real LOS.  


    Colts previously won their last two games over the Bills at at the Raiders before their bye week, and they will try to win three games in a row over the visiting Jaguars.  Colts should have further incentive and motivation, as they both will have a three game homestand beginning with the Jaguars, and the Colts do not have any scheduled road games the rest of November, the best schedule this month for an NFL team.


    Jacksonville  has won four of the last previous regular season meetings over Indianapolis, but the Colts leads the all-time series over the Jaguars with their 22 win and 12 loss record, in today's 35th meeting.


    NFL also sponsors the annual "Salute To Service' Campaign, honoring our US military personnel from past and present generations, also during November, and today is Veterans Day, every November 11.  Colts and Jaguars, and all NFL teams voluntarily wear NFL military apparel during games.


    Great day with mostly sunny skies in Downtown Indianapolis, but LOS's retractable roof will still be closed for the 1:05PM Eastern Standard Time kickoff, because outside is 40 degrees, and feels like 34 degrees,


    Head Linesman Jerome Boger leads his NFL officiating crew to supervise the game actions between the Colts and Jaguars.


    NO injuries, start your second half the regular season with a win in front of Blue Nation, and LET'S GO COLTS!!!   :rock: . :cheer:  :coltslogo:  :1colts:  :colts:  :coltshelmet:  :coltslogo:  :cheer:  :D


    Colts Vs. Jaguars NFL Game Preview, Live NFL Game Center, Team Injury Reports, and The NFL On CBS Early Doubleheader Game In Yellow:











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  6. Again, What a November schedule!  Colts enjoy their Week 9 bye week, then home games at the real LOS hosting the Jaguars, Dolphins and Titans.  Colts play their next road game for the rematch at Jacksonville on December 2.


    No Colts Game Day Thread next Sunday, Let's savor this 42-28 win from Oakland today!


    Happy Halloween!  GO COLTS!!!!

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  7. Colts SHOULD make a score in this time


    Also consecutive 200 yards rushing games in consecutive seasons (Bills and and Raiders) by the Colts since 1985.


    Colts have the easiest NFL schedule after their bye week the rest of the season.


    Marlon Mack scores another touchdown after the Doug Martin fumble.


    Colts scored 21 answered points in the fourth quarter!


    Colts 42-28!   GO COLTS!!!  :coltslogo:   :1colts:   :colts:  :coltshelmet:  

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  8. Hi, Colts Nation!   :default_20smile:  I felt our Indianapolis Colts played their best game so far this season, defeating the Buffalo Bills 37-5 last week which is their largest margin of victory, which I admittedly did not expect prior to that game last Sunday, and their first win since their Week 2 win over the Redskins.


    Our 2-5 Colts also have an opportunity to win two games in a row for the first time in their 2018 NFL season, as they travel and appear in their only regular season West Coast game, and their farthest road game in mileage this year (1,942 miles), as the Colts are in the California East Bay to play the 1-5 Oakland Raiders.


    Today's game for the record should be the first home game where the baseball infield is finally covered with grass turf to make the playing field and color more even and level.


    Oakland been reportedly  in a disarray  of sorts this season, including their questioning and inconsistencies of play calling, player substitutions, and time management, those factors likely contributing to their current 1-5 record.  Though their travel is not directly relevent to their internal player issues, as in playing games in L.A and London before their bye week last Sunday, the Raiders questioned quarterback David Carr's leadership and commitment to the Raiders, and his relationship to Head Coach Jon Gruden.


    Gruden himself is not validating himself leading the Raiders into a resurgenge to their 'Commitment To Excellence' since signing his annual $10 million per year contract.  Raiders also traded both Khalil Mack to the Chicago Bears before the start of the regular season, and last week traded their top receiver, Amari Cooper, to the Dallas Cowboys.


    Colts seek to win to regular season games for the first time in 2018, since winning their last two games in the 2015 regular season,  after Andrew Luck suffered lacerated kidney and partially torn abdominal muscle prior that year.


    Mostly cloudy skies at 65 degrees is the game forecast inside the Oakland-Alameda Coliseum for the 4:05PM Eastern Standard Time kickoff, along with 5% precipitation, 79% humidity, and western winds at 10 miles per hour.


    NO injuries, try to win two games in a row over the lowly Raiders, and GO COLTS!!!!!


    Colts @ Raiders NFL Game Preview, Live NFL Game Center, Team Injury Reports, and NFL On CBS Late Single Header Game In Gold:











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  9. Greetings for another NFL  Game Day, Colts Nation! :default_20smile:  Our 1-5 Colts are still mathematically alive in the NFL playoffs as they host the 2-4  Buffalo Bills at the real Lucas Oil Stadium.  Colts seek to end their three-game regular season losing streak, and also try to win their first game, and first home game over Buffalo in six seasons.


    T.Y. Hilton scored both touchdowns, on on a 75-yard punt return in the first quarter, and an 8-yard touchdown reception in the third quarter by Andrew Luck, along with Adam Vinitieri's 2 PAT's and field goals from 25 and 19 yards in the second quarter, as the Colts defeated the Bills 20-13 in their last win over Buffalo at LOS back on November 23, 2012.


    Buffalo though leads the all-time regular season series over Indianapolis with 37 wins, 31 losses, and 1 tie, in today's 70th all-time meeting.  Their 17-17 tie  was their first meeting after  the AFL-NFL merger back on November 15, 1970.


    LOS's retractable roof despite the sunny and clear skies, because outside the stadium area the game forecast is 46 degrees, feels like 44 degrees,  0% precipitation, 44% humidity, and west/southwest winds at 4 miles per hour.


    Head Linesman Brad Allen leads the NFL officiating crew to supervise the game action in the LOS Playing Field, between the Colts and Bills.


    NO injuries, stay on track to win your second game, and  LET'S GO COLTS!!!!!  :rock:  :cheer:  :coltslogo: :1colts:  :colts:  :coltshelmet:  :coltslogo:  :cheer::D


    Colts Vs. Bills  NFL Game Preview,  Live NFL Game Center,  Team Injury Reports, And NFL On CBS Early Regional Doubleheader Game In Blue:


















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  10. Hi, Colts fans!  :default_20smile:   For the third time in seven games,  Spero Dedes and Adam Archuleta are announcing an NFL game involving our Colts, as they are announcing the home game with the Buffalo Bills this Sunday for the NFL On CBS, seen primarily, regionally, and limited, to New York State, Indiana, and Louisville, KY, and seen locally on WTTV CBS Channel 4, live on HD.  Both recently announced the Colts road game the Redskins, and the home game with the Texans earlier this season.  :coltslogo:    :1colts:  :colts:  :coltslogo:


    Both WTTV CBS Channel 4, and WXIN FOX Channel 59  in Indianapolis are  also televising  the Cowboys @ Redskins, and Saints @ Ravens, primary late double header, and late single header games this Sunday, all games live on HD.





  11. Hi, Colts Nation!   :default_20smile:  Our  1-4 Indianapolis Colts  return from their mini-bye week after their valiant, but disappointing loss at the New England Patriots on Thursday Night Football, as they are in the New Jersey Meadowlands to play the 2-3 New York Jets in an AFC battle of last place teams.


    Indianapolis will be busy on the field this afternoon, besides facing rookie QB Sam Darnold from USC, the Colts #18th NFL ranked Rushing Defense, will face the #6 Total Rushing Offense, led by Isaiah Crowell and Bilar Powell, but Powell is questionable to play because of his foot injury.


    Many players on both teams are listed in their Team Injury Reports, the N.Y. Jets have 15 players with two confirmed out from today's game.   Colts have 20 players on their IR with 6 players confirmed out from game action, despite 10 days between games.


    Indianapolis and the New York Jets are meeting for the 74th time this afternoon, including 69 regular season, and 4 postseason games, a rivalry that began when Joe Namath and the N.Y. Jets defeated the heavily-favored Colts 16-7 at the Orange Bowl in Miami, FL back on January 12, 1969. Colts currently leads the all-time series with their 42-31-0 record entering today.


    Colts last regular season win over the N.Y. Jets was also played at MetLife Stadium back on December 5, 2016.  Colts QB Andrew Luck threw four touchdown passes including three  in the first half to WR Dwayne Allen from 7 yards  21 yards, and 23 yards.  Luck also threw a three yard pass to WR Donte Montcrief in the third quarter.  Colts RB Robert Turbin ran his 3 yard TD run in the fourth quarter.  Adam Vinatieri completed the Colts game scoring with his two field goals from 53 yards and 36 yards, followed by his 5 PAT's, as Indianapolis won 41-10.  Luck completed 22 0f his 28 passes for  278 yards, 4 TD's and 0 INT.


    Mostly cloudy skies at 58 degrees, feels like 57 degrees, is the game forecast inside MetLife Stadium, for the 1:05 P.M. Eastern Standard Time kickoff, along with 0% precipitation, 52% humidity, and southwest winds at 6 miles per hours.


    Head Linesman Alex Kemp leads his NFL officiating crew to supervise  the game action between the Colts and New York Jets.


    All NFL teams players, their coaches, and team support staffs,  including the Colts and New York Jets,  throughout the month of October,  may voluntarily wear NFL authorized pink-colored team apparel by Nike and New Era both on the playing field, and in their sidelines. to support the NFL's annual  campaign to support Breast Cancer Research through the American Cancer Society.


    Colts are wearing their white helmets, Nike white jerseys and pants, while the host N.Y. Jets are wearing their white helmets, Nike kelly green and white jerseys, and white pants.


    NO injuries, stay on track and win your second game to start after your bye week,  Go Blue Nation, And LET'S GO COLTS!!!!!  :rock: :coltslogo:    :1colts:   :colts:  :coltshelmet:  :coltslogo:    :D



    2018 Colts @ New York Jets NFL Game Preview, Live NFL Game Center, Team Injury Reports, and NFL On CBS Early Regional Doubleheader Game In Blue:

















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  12. Hi, Colts fans!  :default_20smile:  Greg Gumbel, former Rams and Chiefs QB Trent Green, and former Arizona Cardinals and NFL Coach Bruce Arians, are announcing  the Colts @ New York Jets NFL On CBS's early  double header game, seen regionally and limited to Eastern New York State, Vermont, Connecticut, Illinois, and Indiana, including locally on WTTV CBS Channel 4, live on HD.  :coltslogo:  :1colts:  :colts:  :coltshelmet:  :coltslogo:


    WTTV CBS Channel 4 is also televising the Jaguars @ Cowboys NFL On CBS's primary late, and WXIN FOX Channel 59  is also televising the L.A. Rams at Denver primary late, double and single header games this Sunday afternoon in Indianapolis,  and all games seen live on HD.     







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  13. Hi, Colts fans and Blue Shoe Nation!  :default_20smile: Our 1-3 Indianapolis Colts are in Foxborough, Massachusetts to play the 2-2 New England Patriots,  as both teams lead off Week 5 of the 2018 NFL regular season. Colts also seek to win their first Thursday Night Football game for the first time in three seasons.


    'The Rivalry Is Back On' as stated by Colts General Manager Chris Ballard stated in his news conference,  back in February, when potential Head Coach candidate Josh McDaniel at the last-minuite withdrew the offer and position, to stay with the Patriots as their offensive coordinator,  and speculation and suspicion head Coach Bill Belachick convinced him to stay with New England. Colts subsquentially hired Frank Reich as the Colts current Head Coach.


    Both the Colts and Patriots practiced, adjusted, and prepared from their short practice week,  and both teams are also playing each other in their second NFL game in five days to accomodate the NFL's weekly  Thursday Night Football coverage by Fox Sports, The NFL Network, Amazon Video, and locally for WXIN FOX Channel 59.


    Indianapolis seeks to win on Thursday Night Football, since defeating the Houston Texans by the score of 27-20, and played at NRG Stadium, back on October 8, 2015.


    Indianapolis is appearing in their tenth Thursday Night Football game for the NFL Network, entering with their 7 win and 2 loss record.  Colts won their first THNF game by defeating the Atlanta Falcons 31-13 on Thanksgiving Night, November 22, 2007 .  Ravens though defeated our Colts 23-16  in their last THNF appearance back on December 23, 2017.


    New England is also appearing in their seventh Thursday Night Football game, entering tonight with their 5-1 record.  Patriots defeated the New York Giants  in their first game , in both their Super Bowl rematch, and THNF season finale, by the score of 38-35, back on December 29, 2007. Pats went on to win the next four THNF games, before the Buccaneers defeated them 19-14 in New England's recent and last appearance, back on October 5, 2017.


    A healthy Andrew Luck can hopefully lead the Colts to a prime time victory tonight, before both teams enjoy a 10-day mini-bye between games.  But as many as 16 Colts players are listed in the game's injury report, with T.Y. Hilton among others, with his chest and hamstring injury.


    Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski is also  questionable to play with his ankle injury, while WR Julian Edelman is reactivated, and playing his first game of the season after serving his NFL suspension for using PED'S.


    Colts are attempting to end their seven-game losing streak over the Patriots, including 5 regular season, and 2 postseason games, in nine seasons.   Peyton Manning  threw his 1-yard TD pass to Reggie Wayne, and Matt Stover's PAT to break the tiebreaker,  with 12 seconds remaining  in the fourth quarter, help defeated the Patriots 35-34 at the real LOS back on November 15, 2009.  Manning  his Colts teammates stayed at 9-0 that season, and he also completed 28 of his 44 passes for 327 yards, 4 passing touchdowns, and 2 interceptions.


    Indianapolis and New England are also playing in their  81st all-time meeting in the NFL,  including 5 postseason games, with the Patriots leading with their 51 wins and 29 loss record combined, including   47-28 in the regular season, and 4-1 in the postseason. Patriots  outscored the Colts in those previous 80 games with their 2001 points to 1513 points entering tonight.


    Colts attempt to end their five-game regular season road losing streak at New England tonight, dating back to their 31-28 loss at Gillette Stadium back on November 21, 2010.  Patriots also  outscored the Colts 209 points to 105 points in those five games.


    Tom Brady threw his two touchdowns in the second half,  25 yards to TE Rob Grankowski, and 11 yards to RB LaGarette Blount,  to come from behind the Colts 21-20 halftime lead, to defeat Indianapolis 34-27, in both teams last meeting,  both played in New England, and in their last meeting played on October 18, 2015.


    Brady is also owns a 14 win and 5 loss record over Indianapolis, since he defeated the Colts in his first game 44-13, and replacing incumbent Drew Bledsoe,  back on September 30, 2001


    Colts defeated the Patriots in road games played at Gillette Stadium, with the leadership of  future and Hall-Of-Famer and Colts legend  Peyton Manning back in 2005 and 2006.  Manning completed 28 of his 37 passes for 321 yards, 3 TD's and 1 INT for the Colts, as Indianapolis defeated New England 40-21, back on November 7, 2005.


    Peyton also completed 20 of his 36 passes for 326 yards ands 2 TD's, as he led  the Colts the following season to defeat the Patriots 27-20 in Foxborough, back on November 5 2006.


    Former St. Louis Cardinals broadcaster Joe Buck,  and former Oklahoma Sooner, UCLA Bruin, Dallas Cowboy, and Pro Football HOF quarterback Troy Aikman, are announcing the live TV game commentary,  along with sideline reporters and interviewers Erin Andrews and Kristina Pink,  simulcast locally over-the-air throughout Indianapolis and Central Indiana on WXIN FOX Channel 59,  and in the USA and internationally to our US military personnel on The NFL Network, and The American Forces Television Network.


    WXIN's FOX 59's local comprehensive coverage of our Indianapolis Colts begins  with the Colts Blue Zone Pre-Game Show at  4:00PM Eastern Standard Time.  NFL On FOX  network pregame  show follows at 7:30PM EST, and the Colts @ Patriots Thursday Night Football Game at 8:00 PM. EST.  Fox 59 News at 6:00 and 11:30 bookends the Colts coverage tonight.


    Colts @ Patriots Thursday Night Football prime time game can also be seen on your personal devices;   through your local cable provider from your laptops and IPads, and complete game coverage from your  smartphone.


    Matt Taylor and former Colts and Wisconsin Badger QB Jim Sorgi are also announcing the live radio game play-by-play and analysis, along with team and sideline reporter and interviewer Caroline Cann, simulcast on flagship stations WFNI ESPN SportsRadio 1070AM, and WHNK The Hank 97.1FM, and the Colts Radio Network.  


    A mixture of cloudy skies with showers at 66 degrees,  is the game forecast inside Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts, 20 miles southwest of Boston, MA, for the 8:20 P.M. Eastern Standard Time kickoff along  with 33%  precipitation, 92% humidity, and mild southwest winds at 5 miles per hour.


    Head Linesman Shawn Hochuli leads his NFL officiating crew to supervise the game action during tonight's THNF game between the Colts and Patriots.


    NO injuries, win  your first regular season road game in New England for the first time in 12 seasons, and LET'S GO COLTS!!!!!    :rock:  :coltslogo:  :1colts:   :colts: :coltshelmet: :coltslogo:  



    2018 Colts @ Patriots Thursday Night Football  Game  Preview, Live NFL Game Center,  And Team Injury Reports:












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  14. Hi, Colts fans!   :default_20smile:  Our Colts already would have aleady  played on Thursday Night Football with, and at The New England Patriots, tomorrow night,  so for the local Sunday NFL viewing entertainment in Indianapolis,  WTTV CBS Channel 4 is televising the Jaguars @ KC Chiefs early and primary single header game, and WXIN FOX Channel 59 is also televising both the Packers @ Lions, and Vikings @ Eagles, early and late, primary regional double header games on The NFL On FOX, all games seen live on HD.  






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  15. Hi, Colts fans!  :default_20smile:  Our 1-2 Colts are back in  Downtown Indianapolis after playing their two road games at the Redskins and Eagles, as they host the winless and 0-3 Houston Texans in the Colts first AFC South divisional matchup.


    Colts will be busy as they will have short practice week to prepare to play the Patriots in New England for Thursday Night Football on October 4.


    Colts will also finally see and play opposite second-year QB DeShaun Watson this season. Watson suffered an season-ending, non-contact ACL injury during team practice back on November 2, 2017.


    Indianapolis still has by far has the winningest  regular season series  record over any other NFL opponent over the Texans with their 25 win and 7 loss record,  and a .781 percentage, entering this afternoon's 33th all-time meeting.


    Colts  both won the last two games, and swept the Texans in both teams home-and-home series. Indianapolis defeating the Texans 20-14 at Houston on November 5, and later winning 22-10  at the real LOS in the season finale back on December 31, 2017.


    Spero Dedes and Adam Archuleta are announcing the live TV game commentary  for The NFL On CBS's early regional double header game, seen limited, and primarily in Indiana, Texas, Illinois, and Kentucky, and locally on WTTV CBS Channel 4, all stations presented on HD.


    Real Lucas Oil Stadium's retractable roof may be open for this afternoon's 1:05 P.M. Eastern Standard Time kickoff, because the local game forecast is   mostly sunny skies at 75 degrees,  0% precipitation, 59% humidity, and south/southwest winds at 7 miles per hour.


    NO injuries, even your record at 2-2, and LET'S GO COLTS!!!!!  :rock:  :cheer: :coltslogo:  :1colts:  :colts:  :coltshelmet:  :coltslogo:  :cheer:  :D













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