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  1. Hi, Colts fans. Hopefully a 1-3 preseason doesn't reflect a poor regular season by record. Colts will release and cut players to meet the final 53 man as early as Thursday Night, to meet the NFL mandatory 4:00 PM Saturday Afternoon deadline on August 31. https://www.colts.com/team/transactions/
  2. Colts salvaged a win in Cincinnati at PBS, 13-6, and finished with a 1-3 2019 preseason record.
  3. Nadine, I also notice that too. A busy night of local entertainment in Cincinnati sports. Colts are playing the Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium, the Reds are playing at the Miami Marlins right now at South Florida, and the University Of Cincinnati Bearcats football team are playing the UCLA Bruins on their campus. And all three events started at the same time right after 7:00 PM Eastern Time! Not to mention a few high school football games probably being played right now that we are not aware of in the Cincy area.
  4. Hi, Colts fans. Just saw this on Twitter. Weeden is in the Colts practice facilities along with Brock Osweiler:
  5. Hi, Colts fans! Our Indianapolis Colts are southeast down Interstate 74 to play the Cincinnati Bengals in both teams 28th all-time preseason meeting. Colts are also trying to avoid a winless 2019 preseason tonight. Jacoby Brissett might start at QB for tonight's preseason finale, but Phillip Walker and Chad Kelly may also get significant playing time during the course of tonight's game, while the rest of the reserve and backup players are evaluated one last time on the playing field by the coaching and support staffs, as they earn roster starts, and build the depth chart for t
  6. Hi, Colts fans. Statement from former Colts Head Coach, and current Bears Defensive Coordinator Chuck Pagano: https://twitter.com/ChicagoBears/status/1165746295363002374
  7. I could imagine the Colts Team Store at LOS and the local team sports apparel stores in the local malls around Indianapolis could put Andrew Luck march on sale and clearance including his Nike Colts replica jerseys. I own two and I still would keep and wear them in public.
  8. Now the trio of Irsay, Ballard, and Reich are collectively sharing their thoughts and reactions on another Colts live presser.......
  9. Luck is on the podium sharing his thoughts on his presser, live.
  10. Colts management might make a trade or acquire a QB again from the waiver wire after the final cuts 53 like they did to Jacoby Brissett from the Patriots a few seasons ago.
  11. Another NFL Preseason Game Night, Colts fans! A battle of 0-2 teams seeking their first win in the 2019 NFL preseason play in Circle City, as the Chicago Bears come south on Interstate 65, to play our Indianapolis Colts in both teams first preseason meeting in four years. Chad Kelly and Phillip Walker are the only other Colts quarterbacks available, both listed in the training camp roster, and the team depth chart, probably available to play tonight, since neither Jacoby Brissett or Andrew Luck will play for the rest of the preseason. This situation reminds me
  12. Hi, Colts fans! Our Indianapolis Colts will try to win both their first preseason, and first game in 2019 as they host the Cleveland Browns, as both teams lead off the Saturday's live game action in the Week 2, 2019 NFL Preseason Schedule, and the Colts Vs. Browns NFL game will be the first of three live preseason games televised nationally on The NFL Network. Our Colts suffered a 24-16 preseason road loss at Buffalo, while Browns won in Cleveland, defeating the Redskins 30-10 in both teams Week 1 preseason games. Indianapolis and Cleveland are playing their ninth al
  13. Parris Campbell the rookie wide receiver? Looks like he will be sidelined tonight, at least for this Bills game. Parris hasn't practiced since Saturday in Colts training camp, probably his hamstring injury is more severe, ansd taking longer to heal. But we will definitely see him in the sidelines and he went with the Colts to Buffalo. Colts and the NFL teams usually don't prepare a pregame injury report during the preseason games.
  14. Welcome back, Colts fans! Our Indianapolis Colts begins both their 71th season as a member of the NFL as they start their 2019 NFL Preseason Schedule through the rest of August, and the NFL celebrates their 100th anniversary, as the Colts are in Western New York state to play the Buffalo Bills. Frank Reich begins his second full season as the Colts Head Coach. NFL Comeback Andrew Luck also begins his seventh season in the NFL as a Colt player, and his second full season WR T.Y. Hilton also looks recovered and healthy after enduring leg and ankle injuries he endued
  15. Hi, Colts fans. Cute 4-year old girl wearing a Colts Andrew Luck #12 jersey/ shirt, running the 40-yard dash during Colts Training Camp (and retweeted by Jim Irsay). https://twitter.com/Kia_Nicole_/status/1158198621319434241
  16. Hi, Colts fans.. Our 2019 Indianapolis Colts won't play their first preseason game on the field until next week at the Buffalo Bills, but the BFL's 100 season and the 2019 NFL Preseason officially begins tonight when Denver Broncos play the Atlanta Falcons in the annual 2019 Pro Football Hall Of Fame Game. The Class of 2019 will also be inducted later this weekend. NBC Sports will televise the game live throughout the USA, with kickoff from the Tom Benson Hall Of Fame Stadium in Canton, Ohio, right after 8:05 PM, Eastern Standard Time. NO injuries, and GO NFL!
  17. Your facts are right, 2006Coltsbestever! LeBron should be completely healthy from his late season injury - I think he missed the last two or three games of the regular season and should be ready alsong with AD, for the Lakers training camp in September. Safe to say the competition went up another level by the free agent signings of both the Lakers and the Clippers this summer, and I look forward when both teams play 5 or 6 games during the regular season. I hope those games can be televised on both ESPN and TNT. And they share the same venue, Staples Center. Lakers though w
  18. .....and former Pacer Paul George signed with the LA Clippers after coming from the OKC Thunder. Kawhi Leonard reduced his contract from four years to a two-year contract to equal George's two-year contract. Seems based on talent, the Clippers are the better LA team than the Lakers. Lakers lost the free-agent agent signing to Leonard. Leonard grew up in Southern California, played his high school ball in Moreno Valley and Riverside, CA, then played his college ball as a San Diego State Aztec.
  19. And here's the news, 2006Coltsbestever and Colts fans, from https://www.nba.com/ . A juggernaut of the 2019 NBA Free Agency period IMO. I wonder and also hope if the NBA considers having their free agency period right after the NBA Finals, then move down the NBA Draft as late as late June to early July, just before the NBA Summer Leagues. Similar to the NFL, when veteran free agency starts by mid-March, and the NFL Draft on the last week of April? Just sayin'. Maybe bring more parody within the entire NBA. BTW, are the Pacers involved in this year's NBA Free Ag
  20. Hi, Colts fans. OKC reportedly and officially traded Russell Westbrook and multiple first round and other draft picks to the Rockets for Chris Paul.
  21. Hi, Colts fans. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim pitcher Tyler Skaggs abruptly passed away in Dallas/Fort Worth Monday afternoon at 3:18 Eastern Standard Time.. His Angels are in town to play the first of a four-game series with the Texas Rangers, but Monday Night's game at Globe Life Park in Arlington, Texas, is postponed. Story developing on how, and the circumstances Skaggs died, after the Angels arrived in Texas. Skaggs just pitched a game for the Angels against the Oakland A's at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, CA last Saturday Night. RIP Tyler. https://www.mlb.com/
  22. Hi, Colts fans. A megatrade between the LA Lakers and the Pelicans in the making? https://twitter.com/wojespn/status/1140023139142971392
  23. From the local Topeka (Kansas) Capital-Journal online newspaper: https://www.cjonline.com/news/20190428/washburn-footballs-dwane-simmons-dies-in-early-sunday-shooting-nfl-draft-pick-corey-ballentine-injured-in-incident .
  24. Good morning, 2006Coltsbestever (sorry)! I admit to have in mind that the Colts can try to draft, around this year's draft. and surround players to improve their offense even more now that we have a healthy Andrew Luck, I can probably say the Colts management may likely draft a wide receiver or two, in light of T.Y. Hilton enduring his leg injury if you remember, last December, and into the playoff games at the Texans and Chiefs.
  25. Hi, Colts Nation! NFl Draft Evening is finally here as the 2019 NFL Draft begins tonight from Nashvillle, TN , after 8:00 PM Eastern Time. Colts own the 26th overall pick in the first round of the NFL Draft. Primary needs by player position for our Colts include help in Defensive Line, Linebacker, Offensive Line, Safety, and Wide Receiver. NFL Network and ESPN will provide the drama, and maneuvering by the Colts and the other NFL teams through potential trades and draft picks during the course of the entire NFL Draft through Saturday. We wish Colts team owner
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