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  1. Hi, Nadine!  ColtsBlueFL also sent me a message.  I pressed the 'bell' tab, to see both your messages. Instead my screen takes me back to the conversation page, and I can't msee my personal messages I should be receiving.  Also,  I tried to edit to the opening post on the Game Day Thread, but it added a reply thread below the OP.  Can than this be edited and corrected in time for tonight? Thanks.  Llewellyn.

    1. Nadine


      To go to your inbox, click the envelope icon and then  the link for your inbox

      or click here:  http://forums.colts.com/messenger/


  2. Thanks, ColtsSouth! Like the new layout on the community message board for the upcoming season! Is PeytonGirl also still around on the board?

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