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  1. Irsay paid Manning because he had to. He was under CONTRACT. He would not had paid Manning if he didn't have to. Irsay's fan respect level has stooped to a new low. He is not rebuilding the Colts he has destroyed them. I can't wait to see Peyton come on to the field in another uniform and embarrass Irsay by the fan reaction and a defeat!!
  2. Who's gonna defend Irsay now that he has cut Brakett, Bullitt, Clark and Addai??? Irsay wont win for YEARS!!!!!!!
  3. Thanks for clearing all that up. We can now all quit watching ESPN. See, it IS black and white.
  4. yes, certainly, but more about both Bob and Jim lying to the fan base
  5. Sorry to offend schwamm, but it does not change the fact that he lied to everyone, fired the staff and then moved in the middle of the night. Something that Rex Ryan or Bill Belichick might do.
  6. Sorry to offend, but that does not change the fact that he lied about the move and fired everyone. Then he went on to move in the middle of the night.
  7. Jim Irsay is just like his 'Ol man. He also lied to everyone, on national TV, about "never" moving the Baltimore Colts to another city. No respect here for the Irsays!!!!!! I now put JIm right up (down) there with Rex Ryan and Bill Belichick.
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