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  1. AJ's got great hands -- check the highlight right around the 2 minute mark...to have that much closing speed AND snap up those interceptions is nice to see from a linebacker. Plus he's a Greenwood HS graduate! GO WOODMEN
  2. OSU's offenses were offensive. His defenses were defensible. And sake's great stuff!
  3. This is the great thing about having two sites . . . I get to wish you a "Happy Birthday" on both.

  4. It's not like Brady and Manning can be on the field at once...makes you think... Actually I want the blue sweater vest -- I'd like to see Tressel take the reins, that's just me.
  5. I hope the rest of the city and the fanbase on the whole have my mindset. This year is an abberation, a fluke. We weren't ready for Peyton's absense this year but we'll be back in the action next year competing for the AFC South title. Peyton comes back rested and hungry with a new top-flight WR we pick up in the draft. If he does hang up his cleats, the money we'd pay out to him can instead be paid to perhaps a free agent QB unless Painter continues to improve. In that case, we're able to improve who-knows-what! Either way, this year, I believe tickets will still be sold, merch will stil
  6. As impactful as an amazing SS can be to a defense, I continuously wonder why the Colts have been satisfied with mediocrity with anyone since Sanders left. Hopefully Lefeged is the real deal.
  7. Take away the brilliant running after his catch (partially helped by Wayne's great block, again, not trying to hate here) and what here screams greatness? Let's face it -- Peyton makes Collie, White, and yes even Clark look like superstars. Garcon has the talent and physical tools but is too inconsistent with his hands. Wayne HAD the talent but he's now too old. P. Garcon 2 146 73.0 2 87 8 R. Wayne 4 59 14.8 0 21 8 D. Clark 3 46 15.3 0 21 4 A. Collie 2 16 8.0 0 11 7 J. Addai 1 7 7.0 0 7 2 B. Eldridge 1 7 7.0 0 7 1 Edit: sorry about the format...
  8. No mention of any WRs? Reggie barely qualifies as a #2 wideout right now, Collie did nothing to stand out, and Garcon either shows signs of brilliance (great YAC numbers, I'm not hating) or ineptitude with his hands. Where was Dallas? Maybe I'm jaded after watching all of these Megatron highlights...
  9. I had a few classes at Greenwood High School with AJ, he's a few years younger than me. Really nice guy and super excited to see him coming back home!
  10. Wonder if we'll hear our three-headed monster rushing attack labeled ABC this year.
  11. Isn't this Chris Polian's first year of being a GM as well? Am I making this up? If this is correct, he may bring a slightly-different approach to the table with regards to FAs...
  12. Not that I disagree with you (closest thing we'll ever get to Marvin and #87 will be in the Ring of Honor) but I can't explain his dropsies last year. He's lost any explosive speed he once had. And he was invisible during the playoff game vs. the Jets last year too. I don't care if Revis is covering you, you HAVE to get one catch if you're the team's #1 receiver.
  13. I don't understand this. His salary's 6.1M according to Rotoworld (my earlier post). How would he hit our cap with 9M?
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