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  1. Some of y'all should sue your brain for non support...the contract is ridiculously high...is he even a top 5 center in football? I would probably not have him in the top 10.. and he is now the highest paid...
  2. There is a reason they were drafted last year...the move to 4-3 has been in works the minute Ballard agreed to be GM
  3. I rather have someone who at least calls plays...
  4. Put him on stand and also I'm willing to bet that there could have been a agreement between McDaniels and Ballard a while back due to having same agent... Kraft caught wind and orchastrated this to hurt Indy..knowing McDaniels wasn't going to leave...
  5. Signing people to contracts isn't an expense? They were doing this awaiting the arrival of the HC. Just as my family would be there awaiting my arrival
  6. No it's a good example based on an agreement being made enough to make a financial decision on other parties and AGAIN we could not sign McFraud until after super bowl.and we signed people based on his list that we could to take them off market
  7. Where did they lie about Luck or is that just made up?
  8. Well to use your example... The new employer pays off my mortgage and moves my family to another home and enrolls my kids into private school based on my agreement with him.. then I say, sorry not coming..I never agreed right *wink wink*
  9. Well I'm not a employee of the Colts..I bet they could
  10. I never said anything about getting picks.. I think they should sue his pants off for fraud and bankrupt him and go after Patriots if they were in on fraud as conspirators. Sorry sunshine try again
  11. Sure they do... If they were under the i.pression based on multiple contacts verbally and possible writing about his desire to service as coach. Provided names for assistant coaches, we hire said coaches and now he backs out..it's fraud period and we should make him an example
  12. Find a post that said anything about you knowing he would back out..
  13. I would bankrupt him and go after the Patriots if they offer to pay for him for conspiracy to commit fraud
  14. You have to understand that the Colts signed other assistants based on their agreement AND he hasn't even call them to tell this info and are just as shocked...he had a voided verbal contract and the Colts can go after him or his current team if they were mislead. It's fraud
  15. McDaniels couldn't get signed before Monday.. he gave us a list and we signed the people he wanted... He was calling other assistants today...Ballard is fine and did all he could
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