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  1. That being said, they will probably draft a replacement not because he'll do bad, but because he has 1 year left on his deal...who knows, maybe we pick a OLB with the 2nd pick...I dont see that out of the question at all, especially if that OLB is BPA
  2. I dont believe that we will go with a complete 3-4 this year, rather have a hybrid of both, at least for this year. But Pagano has said that he plans to use Freeney like he did with Suggs and that is to basically always rush the passer and play very little coverage. I actually think Freeney's gonna do well in this position, or at least he CAN do well if he puts in the time. I've also heard that he's probably gonna have his hand in the ground a lot of the time anyway, so it wont be THAT much different for him, at least lets hope.
  3. I'm not very knowledgable on the players coming into the draft beyond maybe the first and second round, but is this TE class very good / which ones could contribute right away besides obviously Fleener...I mean we NEED a tight end that can start right away unless management is ok with Eldridge...
  4. We can still play a 4/3-3/4 hybrid...which I'm pretty sure is what Pagano said we were going to try and do anyway...
  5. It's true, there is always the possibility, but just watch some tape and tell me he doesn't look amazing...I was pro-manning all the way, but I can't disagree with Irsay, especially if you look and realize how good this kid really is...not everyone is compared to Elway...
  6. Ok, he looks SICK, and by the way, so does Luck :yay: I just don't know if thats the way to go at No. 34
  7. What's with everyone wanting to trade Freeney so badly, he is an excellent player who just happened to sign with an agency thats going to help him try and restructure his deal with the Colts...I think we're forgetting how good he is people...
  8. Idk, I'm just not really buying the "familiar weapon" argument, unless he's THAT good, I'd rather address another need. He'll become familiar enough with Reggie pretty soon ;)
  9. Everyone's talking about Fleener, is this guy really worth our 2nd round pick??? I'd much rather grab Carlson, Tamme or both and address another need with that pick...don't you think?
  10. Just a thought, with all these teams achieving their WR needs in FA, like the bears, does that mean someone like a Michael Floyd drops to the second round?
  11. Same, especially since Garcon was WAAAAY overpaid
  12. I think we still draft a #2 receiver in the draft and have Collie in the slot, just my opinion...
  13. It was Gabbert's first year...I think you at least give him another chance with some receivers before calling him a complete bust...
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