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  1. :lol: Oh, are you talking about this?




    I've been wondering why I've been sleeping 23 1/2 hours per day, missing pick deadlines right and left. :P


    Love English Breakfast actually, and think I may have a bag left, and I heard the pot whistling a few minutes ago.


    Excuse me :burnout:


    Yes, that's it.


    But, please don't tell anyone as I have a few more boxes to send out this week to several others whom I think have earned a well deserved break from making their picks. 

  2. Not much in the way of "smack talk" this year. First post in 16 days - and the only person I'm smacking is myself.


    Second place in the pool - already lost enough picks to forgetfulness to have cost me a tie for first, and today I completely forgot to do my 1pm picks for the second time!. :panic: :slaphead: :loco::gloomy::wall::argh::hissy:


    Sometimes I :fear: that I must need :help: . Just :sick: in the :manning: .


    I was wondering if that box of Twining's tea that I sent you had arrived.


     And, I'm happy to hear that you have been enjoying it. :cheers:

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