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  1. Blogs don't have to be Colt's related. So, feel free to talk about Peyton if you wish.

    Believe it or not, I have a brother who has a home comparable to Peyton's new home. It has an elevator, a panic room, a home theater, a wine cellar, and a sport's room where you can watch TV in the mirror in the bathroom of that sport's room.

    However, it only has 6 bathrooms. But, there is a "grandchildren's playroom" that is larger than most people's homes.

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  2. If anyone is reading my blog and think it looks strange, that is because I goofed and posted my original blog in the wrong place.

    I now have my blog posted properly (I think), but didn't want to lose any of the kind comments that all of you have made. So, I just included them in my blog.

  3. My son has spent some time in Japan. One of his favorite stories is about how the Japanese have a love affair with mayonnaise.

    There are mayonnaise based pizzas, mayonnaise milkshakes, and even mayonnaise margaritas.

    I agree that the best time to eat Japanese food here is at lunchtime. I always order the lunchbox just because I think the box is so much fun and always wish I could take it home with me.

  4. I really enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you.

    But, please don't apologize for your English. It is very good. Especially considering that it is your second language.

    My son has taught English as a second language and will soon be returning to Japan to do so again. He has always told me that English is one of the hardest languages to learn because there are so many inconsistencies.

  5. Subvet, I had a hard time getting past your comments about working in a bakery.

    You brought back my memories of touring an industrial bakery when I was in elementary school. Ahh, the smell of fresh baked bread. If they bottled that aroma, I would buy it.

    However, that may not be a good idea as it would probably lead to me going into a carb overload.

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