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  1. A friend of mine made the news with his robot snowblower. http://ph.omg.yahoo.com/video/robot-snowblower-makes-blizzards-breeze-002824953.html

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    2. southwest1


      Some good old fashioned ingenuity was definitely used there. 1 Question or an observation: That inventor had both a paved, level, & short drive way. What if a person lived at the end of a long, steep, gravel based driveway surrounded by tall trees & thick brush that might interfere with that remote controller successful operational capacity? A remote rural setting as opposed to a urban suburban community etc. etc.

    3. southwest1


      I am not criticizing your friends incredible device shecolt. I am just merely pointing out that the device in question is not ideal or tailor made for every driveway or house location dwelling in a 1 size fits all winter blowing capacity that's all. Still a cool gizmo though. :)

    4. Franklin County

      Franklin County

      That's really cool!!!

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