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  1. I wanted to treat myself to a roll of the Colt's duct tape that I saw today. But, I couldn't justify spending $6.69 for 10 yards of tape. So, I settled for a 30 cent box of crayons. Now, does anyone know where I can get a Colt's coloring book?

    1. southwest1


      There's nothing wrong with crayons & a coloring book. Rekindle your childhood, eat Graham crackers & drink chocolate milk too, & let your inner child emerge full throttle. I see no problem with that. It's good for the soul. Sorry, SW1 doesn't live in Hoosier Country. If I want anything INDY related, I gotta special order through NFL.com or Amazon.com. All I ever see in WI is an overflowing onslaught of Green Bay Packers or Badgers Football stuff.

    2. alawai


      I used livingroom wall! lol! I kept my bedroom walls clean!

    3. T Y Goodbye

      T Y Goodbye

      All I could find were pages online, that you can download and color. They were individual pages, not in a book though

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