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  1. I wanted to treat myself to a roll of the Colt's duct tape that I saw today. But, I couldn't justify spending $6.69 for 10 yards of tape. So, I settled for a 30 cent box of crayons. Now, does anyone know where I can get a Colt's coloring book?

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    2. southwest1


      Good point C4FL, printing a picture online is a lot cheaper than buying an entire coloring book. I like your wisdom there buddy! Plus, the picture prints immediately & SW1 doesn't even have to leave my house. Nice! :)

    3. PrincetonTiger


      where did you find this?

      My Mom used duct tape to decorate desk holders for her classroom

    4. MAC


      As long as you have a royal blue crayon you're good. What you use it on is much less important.

      Patterned duct tape is a fad now, and quite the rip off. I've resisted the urge. Now color ELECTRICAL tape on the other hand.....

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