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  1. I do not like having to pay $4.25 for a gallon of gas.:(

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    2. bayone


      It doesnt afect me much as all I do is drive to Drs , all quite close, & to moms assted living , also not to far,

      EVEN the ER i haave to go to to often to meet mom is only 4-5 miles away

      when i return a leased care they know they get a bargain as hardly any miles on it, but do know it greatly affects others

      On the rare occasion I go out with friemnds, they know not to let me drive in my medical condition

    3. crazycolt1


      Tell me about it! It's costing me a ton just to drive the 2 grandsons to football practice 4 trips a day. Now I get to pay for the gas to go to the games starting pretty soon. I think the farthest is like 60 miles one way.

    4. bayone



      its Crazy Colt it Crazy what total costs amount for a family to go and enjoy a sports event together

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