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  1. I'm sitting in the bank today, looking out the window, when I notice a man approaching with a shot gun. Almost wet my capris as I warned the employees. Turned out this guy was transferring his hunting gear from one vehicle to another. Why he chose to park in front of a bank to make this transfer is beyond me.

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    2. shecolt


      After the scare wore off, I found it funny also. This was in a small town where things are much more laid back. And, of course, I was the only customer in the bank at the time. As my friends often say, stuff like this could only happen to me.

    3. shecolt


      Funny story, MAC! Thanks for sharing.

    4. BrentMc11


      I started reading....and I was envisioning the man with the shotgun....started worrying for your safety shecolt. Thank goodness it was not a robbery. MAC and SW....priceless. 100GFB: a lil too much information :)

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