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  1. We got an inch of rain. Yeah! The power went out, again. Boo! This time, we were able to borrow a generator. Yeah! Turned on generator and blew out TV, CD player, and clock. Boo!

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    2. southwest1


      Good one MAC. Bring on the GIANT, flatscreen, surround sound TV...In all seriousness shecolt, sorry for the loss of your TV though. That indeed is a major bummer. Buy a surge protector next time for your TV & computer. They are definitely worth it.

    3. BrentMc11


      Rough stuff down here too shecolt. Midnight brought a 'carwash' of a rain with major wind....I already see limbs....could be a long hot day today. Hopefully the power is back up and running.

    4. BrentMc11


      I noticed this morning trees are down close to the woods....have to survey the wreckage today....limbs everywhere.

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