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  1. We got an inch of rain. Yeah! The power went out, again. Boo! This time, we were able to borrow a generator. Yeah! Turned on generator and blew out TV, CD player, and clock. Boo!

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    2. shecolt


      @MAC The TV my husband blew up or out was "my" little 19" with a built in VCR (I'm still old school). I loved that TV and will be scouring ebay and craigslist to see if I can find another.

    3. shecolt


      Our power was only out for 6 hours this time as the storm was very tame compared to that super derecho.

    4. MAC


      Sorry shecolt. If it was me, I wouldn't buy a used piece of electronics unless I could try it out first. VCRs don't last forever in the best of circumstances (the head being off a little bit could result in it not working properly for you even if it worked for the previous owner. You can buy new combo vcr/dvd players for reasonable amounts of money, and after getting our modest sized flat screen I wouldn't go back to the old style if you paid me.

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