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  1. That does it! I'm moving. Having a mouse in the house was bad enough, but I draw the line at bats.

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    2. Gramz


      I sent you a PM regarding this... My brother recently dealt with the same thing...

    3. shecolt


      OMG!!! Now, I am really freaking out. Not blaming you, MAC, you're just being helpful. But, the bat was in our bedroom. My husband caught it and released it so there is no way we can test it. Which means I may be rabid and not even know it.

    4. MAC


      Relax. The odds are certainly VERY much against you having a problem - you just want to be careful. Most bats in bedrooms just wandered in by mistake. And even if an animal has the disease in his bloodstream, he can't transmit it unless it has progressed to his nervous system - at which point he would likely have been acting ill. There are never "that" many animals capable of actively transmitting it out there because by that point they aren't long for the world.


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