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  1. That does it! I'm moving. Having a mouse in the house was bad enough, but I draw the line at bats.

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    2. MAC


      general precaution. That constitutes most of what I know on the topic, but feel free to PM me.

    3. MIColtsFan


      you'd need to be pretty far south to have a vampire bat (blood diet) and usually they are only eating live stock and out door critters... .personally I love bats, but not in the house of course, sometimes they just get messed up in pursuit of bugs and looking for a cozy home. Brown bats where I am at can eat their weight in bugs each night, and I appreciate their efforts! good luck finding the entry point so you can close it up.

    4. shecolt


      Thanks, MAC. I took your advice and was told that they didn't think I should worry and was given a long list of symptoms to look for.

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