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  1. Yeah, these darn ties have to stop ASAP. It's like taking your cousin to the Prom. Just wrong on so many levels.


    This is why fans hate FG kickers. You have 1 job. You rarely have full practices. And when the moment of truth arrives & your teammates are depending on you & you disappoint them. Sigh...

  2. On 9/8/2018 at 12:00 PM, Trueman said:

    I thought the Browns and Giants made a mistake passing on this guy in the draft , and this video has done nothing but reaffirm that belief.  

    I'll be keeping a close eye on him this season.

    Just to echo your sentiment Trueman, I agree with you 100%.


    When Sam fell to BIG Blue & the G-Men in the draft & the Big Apple passed on him, I was like what in the world is ownership doing?! Eli is done. He will never be his brother Peyton. Love ya Eli for beating the Pats in 2 SBs, but your career is over man. Sorry.


    At any rate, nice video breakdown on Darnold's reads as well.

  3. 1 hour ago, krunk said:

    If Ebron goes down Swoope is an ideal guy to pass the torch to.

    I am really surprised how well Ebron is playing for us. Pleasantly surprised I might add. Makes me wonder why he didn't click in Detroit. New city/change of scenery? Whatever it is; keep it up please.


    Yeah, worst case scenario contingency plans are always smart moves to keep in your GM back pocket I guess.


    Ebron is well on his way to erasing this Clapton parody spoof....



    Good for him. He takes it in stride I really respect that. The ability to turn the page & start over.

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  4. 12 hours ago, HarryTheCat said:

    But he's been here since 2015 and produced 310 yards with one TD. Sadly, I think the Swoope experiment may be over.

    I only want concrete data/facts when I don't like a guy & want an excuse to downgrade him to the practice squad or release him. Not when I will search for any reason to keep a TE around. Just letting you know how I roll @HarryTheCat. If I like a guy, I tend to ignore stats.


    Your post is solid. I can't really refute it. I just choose to put blinders on when reality contradicts when I believe in a guy that's all. I'll learn to accept it eventually.


  5. 11 hours ago, lollygagger8 said:






    Your memes always crack me up man. :D  I actually wanted Swoope to make it on our roster, but I get why Reich did what he did: Edge containment on running plays. Makes sense. Hate to lose Erik though. I know; I know. Only so many roster spots.

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  6. On 9/13/2018 at 9:42 AM, lollygagger8 said:

    Happy Birthday Chewbacca (Southwest1 gave him that nickname) :)

    haha Thanks for the shout out Lolly. :hat:






    There's definitely a resemblance just saying....Happy Birthday Andrew!

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  7. 6 hours ago, crazycolt1 said:

    Well we lost so the sky is falling don't you know?

      For the first game of the season I thought the Colts did fine. We started 5 rookies I think and pretty much made the mistakes that most teams make their first game.  Some have absolutely no patience and can't take away anything positive just because we lost.

    This was the first game not only for a lot of players but for the whole coaching staff as well. All I can say is I seen a lot of improvement over last season so I am not going to rag on them at all.

    Things will get better.

    Exactly, INDY moved the ball well on offense--Throws to Grant, Ebron, Hilton. Hunt sacking Dalton. We were solid on 3rd down conversions in the 2nd half. Luck has a pocket now. Let me say that again...Luck has a pocket now. I was amazed how good we actually looked in week 1.

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  8. On 9/9/2018 at 5:20 PM, CamMo said:

    Win by the Doyle. Lose by the Doyle. 

    Cute take on live by the sword; die by the sword there CMO. Yeah, Jack has been a solid playmaker for us. Gotta get him into a rhythm early. When we that, good conclusions usually follow.

    On 9/10/2018 at 12:08 AM, BlackPanther said:

    Doyle has been a good player for us.


    One mistake, calm yourselves.

    Bingo! I felt bad for Doyle more than anything else. The guy works his caboose off. He'll be fine. Nobody is polished in week 1.

    On 9/10/2018 at 6:55 AM, lollygagger8 said:

    The dude screwed up, big deal. He did take a pretty good hit. It happens. Doyle is still a GREAT player. 


    I guarantee nobody feels as bad as he does. 

    That's why I love you bro. You always read the situation correctly. He'll fix it & make us proud. As a homegrown INDY native, he'll do what he has to in order to redeem himself this weekend. The kid is a stud.

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  9. 5 hours ago, Mr.Debonair said:

    “He’s not a team player”

    ”He’s a distraction”

    ”No RB is worth that much”

    ”Don’t need to overpay”

    ”Ballard is a genius with drafting players so we only need cheap free agents”

    ”He’s too old”

    ”Draft picks are too valuable”


    Think I covered all the responses you’ll get from the usuals on this forum

    I disagree only with 1 response in your post in red. Bell isn't a distraction. Okay, sure. He refused to sign his franchise tag for 2 seasons now until the season is about to start. Yes, I agree. He should be in there with his teammates getting reps. However, he's trying to prolong his career by reducing the punishment on his body. Your body can only withstand so many hits.

    2 hours ago, Luck 4 president said:

    If we were a RB away from being contenders (which we’re not) then I’d say yes. 

    True L4P. This is the closest reason for pulling the trigger & taking a gamble & even then I'd be reluctant. Yes, I know. I was originally in favor of seriously considering going after Barkley in the draft given Luck's shoulder & the need to give him a security blanket. I was wrong. I will own that. 


    I just like your point about being contenders & if INDY was only 1 piece away from doing damage in the playoffs. Some calculated plunges are worth it if a club is on the verge of a Championship. I just like the courage in that statement L4P.

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  10. 16 hours ago, Pacergeek said:

    Anybody watch Hard Knocks? The player cuts were interesting, seeing as the guy most deserving to be cut was Hue Jackson. HBO should have had a twist ending: where Hue Jackson gets fired to close the season. 

    Hey there PG,


    I have like 5 episodes of it taped on my DVR that I haven't watched yet, but I will eventually. I have to be in the right mood. I like Hue Jackson, dislike Gregg Williams for pancaking Peyton Manning as a DC for the Redskins [I will never forgive that son of a...for that. Every time I see that clip, it infuriates me even to this day.] But mostly, I know comedian Drew Carey loves the Browns & I want them to be decent this yr just for him & him alone. I have a soft spot for comedians & musicians. It's my blind spot. Plus, Drew is a good game show host for the "Price is Right."


    Sooner or later, the football Gods have to bless the Browns or take pity on them & make them watchable & competitive.


    My Grandma Lois used to watch the "Price Is Right" religiously for yrs & she really liked Drew Carey too. She wasn't a huge football fan, but she always used to ask me if the Browns were good season after season & I told her sadly no grandma. "That's too bad because Drew is such a nice young man & he's faithful to his Browns."


    My grandma has been gone for almost 3 yrs now & everytime I think of her I think of Drew, his Browns, & his giddy school boy laugh. Good memories.

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  11. 12 hours ago, Coffeedrinker said:

    Something like this


    Is that symbol a image for the Browns franchise moving forward or the end of Dez Bryant's NFL career CD? Just curious. Just joking!


    I actually feel sorry for Dez & if you would have told me that a yr ago, I would laughed & said child please, let's not be crazy now. :D

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  12. One last thing:


    Part of me gets that Pat was dropping curse words a lot in an attempt to sound provocative & edgy, but it reminds me of something comedian Eddie Murphy said when he filmed his stage routine "Raw."


    Remember, this was filmed well before we learned about how Bill Cosby violated women against their will with pills. He was still a beloved father figure on "The Cosby Show" & well liked at this juncture.


    Basically, Eddie does this bit in his act where he gets mad that Cosby yelled at him over the phone for dropping too many F bombs & warping the mind of his oldest son. Eddie goes on this clever tirade back to Bill about how he's a smart comic who can't just spew out profanity like a machine gun & be worth millions. He puts in the timing & hard work honing his craft delivering the joke & setting up the punchline for the best reaction in the audience. Bill failed to grasp that crucial fact. 


    Here's my point: Pat's got work on his craft & fine tune both his material & his delivery which isn't fresh anymore, but tired & old. Bleep this. Bleep that by itself just isn't funny. Find something else to talk about other than Grigson Mr. McAfee. I'm not trying to hurt you. I'm trying to help you. No, I'm no comedy expert I know that. You have name recognition because of your incredible NFL athleticism, but that alone won't sustain a long comedy career. 


    Right now, you remind me of Bill Cosby's false characterization of Eddie Murphy. Curse words alone won't carry you longterm. You have to highlight interesting observations that play as universal truths. Your delivery is fine. You just need new material to poke fun at.

  13. 10 minutes ago, NewColtsFan said:


    I find this thread fascinating.      Who supports Pat.    Who doesn't.     Who is somewhere in-between.      Some people here really surprised me, both good and bad.


    Personally,  I'm not surprised at Pat.    I'm horrified with Grigson.    I don't understand why people think Pat looks bad.    He doesn't to me.    The only questionable thing he did was burst into Pagano's office and ask him if he was a part of the problem?     He should've given his HC the benefit of the doubt and asked him if he knew what went down.    But I chalked that up to just out furious and outraged Pat was that he could barely see or think straight. 


    Football is NOT a business in the traditional sense of the word.   Yes, it's a mult-billion dollar industry,  but it's also entertainment.     And in the entertainmet world they have a name for confrontatoins like that --- Tuesday.    In other words,  just another day.    In the worlds of sports, and acting and music and yes,  even news,   things like this happen all the damn time.


    People judging this and saying Pat was unprofessional are measuring this against their normal world.    A basic 9-5 job where you say "yes sir, or yes ma'am" to your boss.     You don't bite the hand that feeds you.    Well, you do in other worlds.


    In the world I'm talking about the creative,  entertainment side (also known as "talent") are people who draw and paint outside the lines.    The people who run the place (also known as "The Suits")  are people who draw and paint inside the lines.    Those two worlds don't co-exist very well.  They don't like each other very well.   But they need each other.    They can't succeed without each other,  but they don't much like or often respect each other.


    Grigson's behavior was completely unprofessional.   Arrogant * doesn't begin to cover it.   He was trying to make Pat either grovel for his check, or apologize,  or embarrass him.   And it came after the Colts laid a big fat egg.    I'm not the least bit surprised that Pat pushed back on RG and told him what he thought.    This happens far more than we know.


    If memory serves me,  Pat's last contract,  5 years, 14.5 million, 2.9 Mill per,  made him one of the highest paid punters in football.    I don't think Grigson liked doing that.   I believe the negotiations did not go well and the deal only got done because I think Irsay finally stepped in and told Grigson to get it done and sign the guy to a proper market level contract.    I'm sure that stuck with RG.    And he seemed to go out of his way to give McAfee the business.    I'm glad Pat blasted him.


    Finally,  I don't think Pat is telling this story to nail Grigson.  (Just an added bonus!)   I think he's telling it because he had problems with management in his football career.    And now he's having problems with management in his radio career.    History is repeating itself for Pat and not in a good way.    The larger issue for Pat here is dealing with management and not dealing specifically with Grigson.     And his generation likes to share their lives on social media.   I'm often surprised by what younger people are willing to share on the internet.    But whether we like it or agree with it,  that's what this generation does.    I hope Pat finds happiness somewhere else.


    Superb post @NewColtsFan,


    "Football is NOT a business in the traditional sense of the word.   Yes, it's a mult-billion dollar industry,  but it's also entertainment...In the worlds of sports, and acting and music and yes,  even news,   things like this happen all the damn time."


    Very true, with tremendous egos, volcanoes are known to erupt every now & then. Like I told PT earlier though,  Pat can't blindly assume Pags & Grigs are joined at the hip in day to day dealings with premier players. In other words, . you can't assume the right hand always knows what the left hand is doing. You see the blind leading the blind in the halls of academia a lot. You'd be amazed at people in close proximity to one another who should talk regularly to each other & yet don't. Or they more or less do their own thing. It's mind-blowing actually. 


    It is amazing to hear how important Grigson thought he really was. Throwing his weight around like a classic bully. Why did Ryan go after one of the best players we've ever had on our roster who was always dependable & always clutch? I'd love to hear Adam V.'s take on these McAfee revelations. I'm sure Pat opened up to Adam about Grigson at some point. Automatic Adam would keep it classy & be completely professional I know.


    "I think he's telling it because he had problems with management in his football career.    And now he's having problems with management in his radio career.    History is repeating itself for Pat and not in a good way. " 


    You might be onto something here NCF. Companies pay close attention to how you parted ways with your last employer & where you left things. What was said or not said & your tone upon departure. If you slam your former boss, is this what your new head honcho can expect if things fizzle out & reach a rocky road? Companies don't want a bad breakup completely in the open with a war of words being slug back & forth.


    You really shouldn't say stuff over the air like so & so didn't pay me what I thought I was worth. Bleep em. If you are established like Howard Stern, you can get away with that, but not when you're trying to make a name for yourself in a whole new medium you're still learning & trying to master Pat.


    Yeah, I'm so glad I didn't come of age in the era of social media too. I get the value in Twitter & connecting people with identical interests & all. I just worry about the need for instant gratification, validation, & self promotion. I don't give a crap about an endless supply of selfies or being liked by millions of people I will never meet face to face in person. I like people who get my twisted sense of humor, want the Colts to win another ring, enjoy quality cinema & high caliber rock n roll/metal & that's about it.


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  14. 11 minutes ago, PrincetonTiger said:


        Here is a couple of other examples

            A Coach might be very critical about a player with his staff but shouldn’t at a presser 

            A teacher might talk about a “difficult” student with their inner circle but shouldn’t Friday Night at the BallGame

    Excellent examples @PrincetonTiger...


    I will confess to you that sometimes, my temper gets the better of me in certain situations & I've worked on making sure I express my displeasure in the appropriate venue time & place behind closed doors. That's not as easy as it sounds. I've made mistakes & done things I regret in hindsight, but I did learn from it & am more self aware than I used to be.


    Again, I appreciate your examples because as teachers, coaches, mentors, & pillars of the communities we reside in...It's about life lessons & what gets imparted on the next generation.


    It's clear to me your a good teacher PT & your students, faculty, & community are extremely lucky to have you in their Hoosier State midst my friend.

  15. Look, I'm gonna keep it 100 right here. Pat is a remarkable special teams player & punter. I have no love for Grigson. The guy was self centered, ego driven, & I'm glad he's no longer our GM. McAfee was treated unfairly for what he meant to our organization & because of that, I'm cool with giving him more freedom to express himself & give him breaks only elite players typically receive in the league.


    My issue with Pat is how he treated Chuck Pagano. You can't just drop F bombs against your HC or assume that both he & the GM are conspiring against a HOF kicker to take money away from you or make your life miserable. I get that when we're angry or even furious at a high profile employee that it may feel like the world is out to crucify you. You can't just throw profanity around to every person in the building like equipment guys or Irsay family members within earshot. This is a place of business professional business. Locker room fine, but not in the main offices though.


    Pat is a darn nice guy who has done a ton of charity work for Indianapolis. Major props for that. One last question for Pat though: How much traction can you get out of Grigson bashing though? Okay, these 2 men dislike each other. Dare I say even despise one another. Got it. Turn the page please. You made the decision to pursue another line of work. I wish you nothing but success with your podcast & future comedy gigs. What's done is done. Let it go.

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  16. 13 hours ago, Boiler_Colt said:

    We've made Bortles look like Brady in the past so every QB scares me against this Colts defense.

    Every opposing QB we face this year scares you? Really? Look, we all know that Luck will be rusty & no one really knows how fluid or stalled our offense will appear out of the gate.


    We tend to play well against Cincy usually. I know the Bengals defense is solid, but why concede defeat before the ball has even kicked off? Some level of reservation is okay, but not waving the white flag this early BC.

  17. On 9/3/2018 at 11:02 AM, Fisticuffs111 said:

    I'd vote for a 4th option that's in support of Ballard but also in wait and see mode.

    I think some are judging too harshly (mostly just twitter fans, very few people here seem to be in "fire Ballard" mode) but I also think some fans are too quick to annoint him a successful GM. It's way too early to draw many conclusions on his GM'ing ability. I like him and want him to succeed, and I think he's had a pretty promising start, but it's also okay to disagree with some of the moves he's made.

    You're right FC11. You didn't mention Grigson only Ballard. My apologies. My mistake. Whenever I see the words fire _______. My mind automatically inserts Ryan like a reflex.

  18. 12 hours ago, Fisticuffs111 said:

    Not trying to re-invent the wheel. Just thought a wait and see approach made more sense than #3 considering the first two options. That's it, no biggie.

    Also, I don't think I said anything about or alluded to Grigson.

    To be totally honest with you, I've been known to do "Star Trek: The Wrath Of Khan" thing myself more often than I probably should. You know when James T. Kirk can't pass a fatal simulation test so, he figures what the hades why not just change the rules, go off the grid, & get a promotion to admiral for being unorthodox in his solution & beat the test itself.


    It really depends what kind of mood I'm in. No harm done. Everyone's entitled to their opinion.


    My only pet peeve & it's a minor one is this: If you are going in to take a test & you are told before hand what areas the standardized test will cover, say you suck at Math. You can make the decision to defy the rules & fill in the dots to make a visual mosaic of sorts. However, it's not really gonna help you in the end if you dismiss the rules & go off the reservation.


    It's like taking a kid into a fast food joint with only 4 items on the menu: Pizza, burgers, hotdogs,  & chicken tenders & the kid is bound & determined he wants spaghetti today. Oh happy joy!


    Alright, I've said my peace & will drop the matter now. Carry on...



  19. 17 hours ago, akcolt said:

    I coached my son's Pop Warner team from when he was 7yrs old until he started high school. There were 3 of us who son's managed to stay the same size. We had a core of kids that played together into high school. I don't know if you are familiar with Pop Warner but weight matters as much as age. 


    After a year away one of the coaches and myself started coaching the mighty mites. That's 7-9 year olds under 100lbs at the start of the season under 109 at the end. That's the best age I think. The boys are old enough to learn the game and young enough to let you teach. We run our version of the double wing on offense and a 5-3 on D. They have a play book for O and on D have gap responsibilities set the edge etc  


    I love it. The older boys like to clown me for saying the same things year after year. They have  all heard the winning is easy but losing... the difference between losing and getting beat, if one guy runs the whole team better take off, clapping the last guy in.  They get it all. The other coach loves it when the team has to do up downs for jumping off side while hearing how we may not win every game but we will not beat ourselves. It's amazing the football you can get out of 8 and 9 year old kids. 

    Nice write up AKC. Thanks for giving me a window into your Pop Warner world. You explain yourself quite well, poke fun at yourself to display humility & a genuine sense of team unity, & it's abundantly clear how much you enjoy what you do especially when you see the light bulb turn on about setting the edge among the boys you teach & they win a hard fought game that was at one point in doubt. 


    "The older boys like to clown me for saying the same things year after year."


    Yeah, it is more difficult to keep your audience focused, alert, & sharp than most people think unless you're right in the foxhole, huddle, or sideline with them showing them the ropes literally.

  20. 32 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    Yeah I was just wondering what happens when a post does get reported, I just never knew. ColtsBlue explained it to me earlier :thmup:

    It is kind of shrouded in an Alice In Wonderland rabbit hole of mystery isn't it? Translation: What level of priority is an offensive post given? Is there a scale of severity like a missile launch of readiness say 5 to 1? How many reports on a bad post must appear before a trip to the dungeon of misery is required? Dilly Dilly. [Bud Light Joke].


    Okay, I'll stop before I go too far.

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  21. 4 minutes ago, crazycolt1 said:

    Not everyone agrees with you. :scratch:  I have no clue as to why not either? :dunno:     haha

    True visionaries are never fully appreciated in the era in which they lived. It always takes the next generation to comprehend their groundbreaking contributions CC1.


    That's what I keep telling myself anyway. :D


    All kidding aside, I like having you around man. :thmup:

  22. On 9/2/2018 at 10:42 PM, Boiler_Colt said:

    Hope i am dead wrong. But honesty I see Dunlap, Atkins and Lawson eating Luck alive and our D  not stopping anybody. Its gonna take time to gel.

    Cannibalism you say...Or just poetic license BC? Let's roll with 24-20 Colts Win.


    You don't have a surplus of confidence in the Red Rifle or Beige Water Pistol in massacring us do ya? Because Andy Dalton doesn't really instill fear in me personally.

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  23. 3 hours ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    What if the Post isn't even that bad, does the person reporting it get in trouble?

    I did wonder about this very thing early on when I joined the forum CBE. I say that because humor can be hard to glean or ascertain intent from sometimes with just words alone. The big thing I learned the hard way is this:


    If you have a serious concern about a policy, person's conduct, or a moderator's protocol about a punishment handed down, always address the matter privately with them through a personal message or e-mail directly to them in a respectful manner behind closed doors never in the open in a thread. Just a cautionary word to the wise.


    Once the mods get in tune to the shenanigans of a regular like yourself CBE. They tend to weigh the circumstance, the person in question, & their pattern of behavior in stride. You've got nothing to worry about brother. Usually, most problems are resolved by a removal of an offensive post & life goes on no worse for the wear.

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  24. 14 hours ago, Fisticuffs111 said:

    I'd vote for a 4th option that's in support of Ballard but also in wait and see mode.

    I think some are judging too harshly (mostly just twitter fans, very few people here seem to be in "fire Ballard" mode) but I also think some fans are too quick to annoint him a successful GM. It's way too early to draw many conclusions on his GM'ing ability. I like him and want him to succeed, and I think he's had a pretty promising start, but it's also okay to disagree with some of the moves he's made.

    Come on now FC11. We all had 3 options from the survey about our GM 1. Genius 2. Not dazzled/impressed or 3. Solid follow through on his sales pitch to ownership & the fanbase. Life is not a spectator sport. You don't get to invent a question that was never asked in the first place. Wait & see is almost identical to abstaining. Pick a selection from the menu of offered choices please.  Thank you.


    I do agree with you that Grigson is being thrown around like a dog's warn out chew toy for our amusement unfairly. He's gone. No need to torment the man any further like some fans prefer to do regularly. [Not referring to you specifically BTW].


    I chose #3 because what he did with the Chiefs still impresses me a great deal. He knows a QB needs a ton of help. No man is an island.


    Yeah, Ballard can take any heat thrown at him. We're cool FC11. Just try not to re-invent the wheel next time. Thanks. :hat:

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