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  1. Maureen, It's like that old expression "You don't know what you've got til it's gone." Everyone knew witnessing Peyton play, & Michael Jordon for that matter too, they were special athletic talents. If Peyton does great released from the great city & franchise of Indianapolis, there will exist a tremendous void & HUGE SHOES THAT WILL NEVER BE FILLED QUITE THE SAME WAY AS THEY WERE BEFORE HAND. Peyton you will be missed no question. Good luck #18 where ever you end up next year. I hope you land squarely & softly on your feet ready & rarring to go.
  2. http://youtu.be/ASDz3A84GFY There's only one Peyton Manning...AKA YODA OF NFL FIELD GENERALS PERIOD...END OF STORY. NFL Hall of Fame players of his caliber do not simply grow on trees. I hope GM Bill Polian is #18's presenter into the hallowed halls in Canton, Ohio.
  3. http://youtu.be/7IW5hct73Ac Personally, I love this video because I was a heavy metal head banger in high school & this song & the accompanying highlights are intense, strong, & IN YOUR FACE... In the immortal words of soon to be Hall of Fame LB Ray Lewis: "Are there any dogs in the house?!!! A modern day pre-game rallying cry for laying the wood & dropping the defensive hammer of pain, sheer anarchy, & intimidation baby!!!! Let's get ready to RUMBLE!!!!!!!
  4. http://youtu.be/FjPsnV4KfuI This is why I refer to Peyton as the YODA of NFL field generals ladies & gentlemen... Plus, Peyton has a great sense of humor too. Man, Peyton you are so AWESOME!!! I am in sheer AWE of your line of scrimmage mastery skills everytime you line up & that is no joke. That "next level" line is so FUNNY!!! Jeff Saturday had better cut back on those spicy tacos for the wellbeing & safety of Yoda.
  5. http://youtu.be/mqpNsDRluvQ Here are a variety of Mastercard commercials featuring Peyton Manning that are quite funny. Peyton does a knack for dry sarcastic humor. Peyton is a great pitch man. He could sell ice to an Eskimo. My favorite advertisement on here is the 1 where Peyton talks about most people not having rock hard abs unless you're a professional athlete..."Just buy larger t-shirts to cover that big belly okay." I love that line. Its so funny because most men do get pot belly's after 30 & they are not exactly perfect physical specimens & contrary to the popular misguided belief "God's Gift To Women" okay...We are usually very far from that inflated ideal...Just being blatantly honest & truthful here.
  6. http://youtu.be/V4EoetgsNI4 Great song by the band Lifehouse, tremendous highlights documenting #18's early NFL career, & who can forget how AMAZING WR Marvin Harrison really was... Plus, the visual quality of this video is crisp, clean, & non-blurry too. That's why I chose it.
  7. Peyton Manning is gone. Irsay is licking his chops to go in a new direction. Personally, I go with RG3 myself. Our new offensive line in a 3/4 may not be steady yet & as the pocket breaks down RG3 looks more mobile on his feet than Andrew Luck does. Plus, RG3 is incredibly accurate & he throws a nice tight spiral on the move in my estimation.
  8. I'm listening to Gwen Stefani belt out some classic No Doubt song tracks...I love quality women leading rock bands...Trust me, women are top notch musicians & singers too. Who are some other excellent favorite female led bands out there? In many cases, they are superior to their male counterparts in my estimation. Any other Suggestions?

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      Love that movie, he says all your children have touched me and I'm pretty sure I have touched all of them, somethin like that haha. Sounds totally disgusting but is so funny.

    3. KaylaD


      Rock and comedy, good stuff

    4. southwest1


      I know what you what you mean Kayla that Jack Black line is so d*** funny!!! I love it when Jack talks to the smart kid of Asian descent who wears glasses & wants to quit the band as the keyboard player because he thinks he's not cool enough to be in the band & Jack does that pep talk thing & says "Hold out your hand." Does a man running with his index fingers & says "Let's Rock, Let's Rock today." I've been a happy go lucky goofy ne...

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      I see you got a picture uploaded....

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      Yup, I finally did. The secret was shrinking my camera picture down to 200 pixels. I love your online photo albums by the way. Nicely done Linda!!!

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