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  1. Good post as always CBE. Jacoby definitely deserves a shot at starting & I like what Frank & Chris did giving Brissett a contract extension. A very smart move by our organization to calm fans down & establish QB continuity temporarily for now. Stability is essential right now & giving Jacoby more money lets him know how much INDY values his contributions past & present.
  2. I often wonder about this scenario: Say Brissett is instrumental in winning us the AFC South Division Title, he secures a playoff win, Frank & Chris see strides in his game by season's end...And then, Luck calls up Jimmy--Claims his body feels refreshed & immediately wants to return home back into the horseshoe fold. What then? How would he be received? How would this land to those devoted fans who were furious & devastated? Is all forgiven & is he embraced with open arms or not? I would welcome Andrew back gladly, but I don't speak for everybody either. How would this controversy ultimately get settled? Just asking...
  3. Brock...Now, talk about a QB that fell off the NFL map. He plays a vital role in helping the Broncos win another ring, refuses to follow in Manning's shadow, goes to Houston; & the wheels literally fall off. Not every starting QB can handle the glare of the spotlight that's for sure. Jacoby, on the other hand, can take the heat & handle the pressure as our starter. I can see why Bill Parcels took a shine to this kid. He's tough & knows how to adapt. Not guaranteeing anything obviously; I just like his mental makeup overall.
  4. Shiny hardware is indeed the easiest measuring stick to ascertain success. I really can't dispute that. I put more clout on rings then I probably should. I'll own that. I know how hard they are to attain & I still hold Jim Kelly & Dan Marino in the highest plateaus without them as well. There is the remote possibly Jacoby turns into something special. A la Kurt Warner. That's what I love about this league man: Diamonds in the rough no one ever saw coming. Keep in mind I said "remote possibly" before anybody thinks SW1 has gone off the deep end. LOL!
  5. Hey there CC1, Nice to read a post from you again. You have a way of distilling down the noise & highlighting what really matters in the end. So true, both squads filled a glaring void on their roster. I'll be honest. I loved Jacoby as a backup, but as a full fledged starter, I'm a tad bit gun shy/apprehensive. Who knows, Jacoby might shock the hades out of me & surprise in an unforeseen good way like finding $20 in your pocket you forgot was even there as you begin to sort laundry. Jacoby does work his tail off & I'll take a determined grinder every day of the week.
  6. All I know is this: Ballard looks like a genius for trading for Jacoby, dumping Dorsett who apart from sheer speed never did anything noteworthy for INDY, & think of how screwed our team would be without an experienced QB under center right now... Rings aren't everything & besides--in clutch situations--Brady rarely looks to Phillip to bail the Patriots out of a 3rd & long must have conversion now is he? Hmmm... Frank will speed up Jacoby's reads & release times just like he did for Luck. INDY won this trade hands down. Tom will be looking at WR Demaryius Thomas to lift the top off a defense not Dorsett. I still remember Demaryius in Denver man. The dude is a bonafide beast. Dorsett? Child please...
  7. Look, fans are fully within their rights to be ticked off that Luck will probably never play professional football again. Fans are permitted to believe whatever they want regarding our franchise QB's departure. I, for one, don't subscribe to this notion that #12 was selfish. It's not like he was sitting on this retirement information waiting for the worst possible time to mess with Irsay & tank our season on purpose @Tsarquise. Sometimes, it takes awhile to reach the conclusion I can't give anymore to this job. It's not a question of abandonment; it's a question of pain tolerance & never ending rehab with no light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. He didn't know he was gonna walk away months ago. He was still trying to rationalize that recovery was still possible. Really? So, because Luck walked away from the NFL you can adequately measure his Championship heart & lust to win a ring? Is RB Barry Sanders inadequate too since he left the NFL early too? You have absolutely every right to believe whatever you want; But, I would be leery trying to justify an athlete's heart & love of the game based on how many yrs they played & when they decided to walk off into the sunset.
  8. "Wow, the boys took a beating on that one." You ever notice that slow motion frame by frame replays add a whole new level of humiliation on TV? My, my, my...Stay off skis ladies & gentlemen.
  9. Hey there Lolly, You were among say the first five friends I made on Colts Forum. I hate to see you in pain since I consider you my brother from another mother man. Yes, Luck's departure truly sucks indeed because it hit us all from left field & nobody I mean nobody saw this coming. Uh huh. We all feel like we are wandering through the wilderness in a fog because Luck would have won a SB with Ballard & Reich running our squad now. It just feels like Andrew's HOF pedigree wasn't reached & that's what makes this so hard to swallow. Things were really starting to click for Chewbacca man. He was releasing the ball faster, our OL was giving him time to throw & slice thru opposing secondaries, I wanted to see Devin Funchess take his career to new heights like Eric Ebron did in a new setting; our fan expectations for the team were so high & then the bottom fell out. It blows bro. Yep, this season feels lost already man. Believe me, I get it. Darn it. I'm really gonna miss Luck. I just connected with him on a strong level. I get it if fans are furious with him. Not me. I just feel like his legacy never got fulfilled that's all. Not my place to demand that of him I know, but Andrew was destined for NFL & yellow jacket greatness & I have no idea where to put those potential validations right now. Sigh... Yeah, we all understand the beating Luck has taken under GM Ryan Grigson & the inability to protect Luck contributed to his decision to walk away from the game he loves. I sympathize with your anger & frustration buddy. To go from the highest of highs to basement cellar lows really takes the wind out of loyal fans sails no doubt. It feels like the world kicked you in the family jewels & no amount of ice is gonna ease, subdue, or alleviate this level of agony & excruciating pain. Hang in there Lolly.
  10. Hey there krunk, nice to see wisdom from you as always. Uh huh. Spot on my man. Keep it up! Cute. I gotta remember that nickname for Josh McDaniels. Catchy WM. Catchy. Yeah, if we can survive that departure, this exit by Luck doesn't give me pause at all personally. Exactly Smoke exactly. That's why fans questioning Luck's toughness, strength, & intestinal fortitude is crazy to me. That would cripple most athletes right there. Thank you for having the courage, honesty, & balls to say that out loud GC8818. Fans can still be furious sure, but I appreciate the unvarnished truth in that statement. Bold, gutsy, & accurate my friend.
  11. Bingo, Yoda nailed it. This is why so many fans are frustrated. Jacoby will do his best, but there is a significant drop-off there. Abso-Bloody Lootly Yoda. You pinpointed why this presser is so hard to accept as fans IA17. Love of the game vs the pound of flesh that it ultimately takes in the end. Yes, Luck truly sounds drained emotionally. Really difficult to watch. Mind & body not in sync anymore. Feel for ya brother. Love me some Rivers man, but he's only got about 2-3 elite yrs left IMO. Drew's arm is beginning to weaken late in season now that's why the Saints rely on their RBs more now than ever before. Dak doesn't have the arm to win inside the pocket & I refuse to accept anything from the Cowboys franchise ever. What size are we talkin' bout here though? Tiny or gigantic CSPR? Johnny you wanna take this one? Thanks. One can never go wrong with the "Man In Black" you know...
  12. Well said HSC. Why anybody would condemn Andrew right now baffles me. It's not like he sat around waiting for the perfect time to sabotage our season. He's a smart guy who will land on his feet. As comedian Bob Hope said, "thanks for the memories." Agree with everything you said except your first sentence. When people are ticked off because they love the Colts as a football team & they see our SB aspirations evaporating rapidly this season, they often say things they don't really mean & you have to give them the necessary space to explode & channel that rage, fear, & disappointment. When I'm p***ed, I refuse to listen to reason until I come down, cool off, & accept reality. Beautiful comic relief Gramz & very necessary too. I desperately needed a good laugh tonight. You Rock!
  13. Nicely written post GC8818. That's my assessment too [what I bolded]. The pain & nagging injuries just became too much to bear moving forward. Come on now. @PrincetonTiger is probably the most even keel, low key guys I know. I admire that quality about him. PT plays the long game; the dude never panics. It's not a gimmick at all. No, he couldn't. This is a huge decision Jvan. You can't put a timetable on it. His body was breaking down & yet he was conflicted about the joy being with his teammates on field gave him. It's not as simple as you're making it out to be & you know it.
  14. I do agree with Jimmy our owner too. Andrew isn't really being selfish when you remember all the millions of dollars he leaving on the table. If you're heart's not in the game anymore because your body keeps betraying you, I could see why turning the page to something else seems appealing to Luck. You watch his press conference & can't help but feel for the guy & what he's endured since he first got here in 2012. He raves about Mathis, Wayne, Hilton, Adam V. The guy doesn't have a malicious bone in his body man. He loves INDY & her diehard fans. The guy is genuinely broken up emotionally over this decision man. He didn't reach it lightly at all. The funny thing about rage & anger is this: It's only a burden to those who carry it & refuse to release it & let it go over time. Fans have a right to be upset just remember that no one was hoodwinked, swindled, or lied to here. The situation was abrupt, unexpected, even awkward perhaps, but I honestly don't think this news was withheld on purpose by anybody inside the Colts organization. Life teaches us to adapt all the time. The only constant is change & our organization will handle this change with professionalism, dignity, & a sense of renewed purpose like we always do.
  15. Whoa...My TV literally died last night so, it wasn't until I went on You Tube & became dumbfounded at the news that Luck is walking away from football...I watched both press conferences in disbelief. Am what I am watching really happening or am I in some sort of twisted nightmare? Look, I get it man. Injures took a heavy toll on Luck psychologically--the shoulder, the lacerated kidney, the high ankle sprain. And then there's the pressure of pushing yourself too hard & too fast to get back on the field not letting down your teammates on the field. Rehab is a enormous burden on an elite athlete especially when it lingers on & new stuff keeps popping up on the radar. I will never blame Luck. I love the dude man. I'm really gonna miss his nerdiness, his neckbeard, not calling him Chewbacca anymore, his hilarious Direct TV ads, & yelling 'nice hit' after Suggs & other pass rushers sack him anymore. I don't feel let down by him at all. He gave us INDY fans tremendous moments & memories. Sometimes, life changing decisions take awhile to process from every angle. Luck is a good man & he has to do what's best for him & his family. For the people who are angry or disillusioned, it's fine by me too. We all process shock, grief, & disbelief in different stages. Fans have a right to be ticked off too because this late in the yr with the season right around the corner means it's Jacoby's team now with no alternative under center. This feels like a death in the horseshoe family, but it's really not. Ballard knows what he's doing & if we can survive the Josh McDaniels fiasco; we can overcome this development too. I'm confident under the leadership of Irsay, Reich, & Ballard our franchise will continue to thrive & prosper. Just take a deep breath. This is nothing. I wish Andrew good fortune in his future probably as an architect since he has a Master's Degree in that field. It will be okay for everyone folks. Hang in there.
  16. I always wonder what the strength & condition staff is doing or neglecting to do. No, I don't have a degree in sports medicine, but I do wonder why vital starters continue to be snake bitten I guess. I know; I know sometimes the NFL gods just pile on a player for no good reason. Luck knows his body & I firmly believe INDY will be alright when the games matter. As @PrincetonTiger always says: "Everything will be okay." Nice writeup though Shafty. The whole thing not just the paragraph I quoted.
  17. No worries IYJ, all those fluffy pancakes would cushion a peculiar fall from the line of scrimmage anyway.
  18. Off topic: When my Colts pulverized the Cowboys past season I was elated man. God, it was exhilarating! I roared with laughter when Shannon Sharpe said on "Undisputed" Did you hear about the new cologne called Dak Prescott? It's what you put on to go out to the clubs & don't wanna score? Bah! Ha! Ha! I loved it because Skip Bayless detested it & he always undermines Luck's accomplishments/victories on the field in game action.
  19. I guess what bothers me the most is how much glee some sports personalities seem to get about pointing out Luck's injury history. That's the impression I get anyway. Like they forget he was named NFL Comeback Player of the Year last season. SMH. And yet, somehow the Dallas Cowboys-- who haven't won a SB since 1995 are propped up like they are the defending Lombardi Trophy Champions by the majority of the media. It makes me sick & always makes my blood boil man. And another thing...Stop treating the Patriots like they invented football or something. Like nobody won any hardware since 2001 okay. New England this, Tom Brady that, enough already...
  20. Since the backdrop of that commercial used "More than a feelin' by Boston, I always wondered how much money band's make off of their songs royalty wise? Of course, that song was released off their 1976 album which is probably public domain territory by now though. I wish somebody would do a documentary on artists royalty checks. How long can bands get money off of popular singles? I've always been fascinated by stuff like that. Plus, it would be so cool to earn money yrs after your group was filling stadiums by just sitting on your duff doing nothing. We should all be so lucky right?
  21. As far as the ad itself goes, I get a kick out of Andrew's nerdy persona. He's a natural at it. I just like goofy, unorthodox people I guess. I've always had an affinity for them mostly because I'm cut from that same cloth myself. LOL! For the life of me, I don't why Mr. Irsay said that bone bruise comment. Sigh. Love ya Jimmy, but why on earth did you say that? Sometimes, silence is the best approach. Just saying.
  22. You read my mind CR91 with just the perfect pinch of in your face sarcasm too. I knew there was a reason I liked you man. Seriously, all these sports commentators slamming Chewbacca's injuries like he's on his deathbed are beginning to royally tick me the bleep off. Even dudes I listen to a lot like Colin Cowherd & Jason Whitlock on FS1. I was ready to smack Joy Reid on TV a few days ago buddy. It's getting ridiculous bro. Truly unreal.
  23. Hey there RR7, 


    Just wanted to let one of my favorite posters & music enthusiasts around that SW1 has been laying low for awhile due to a health situation regarding my mother etc. etc. Slowly but surely, my presence on the Forum will increase. 


    I merely wanted to drop a line to you & all my friends [You all know who you are] how much I appreciate your presence here, your humor, & your overall coolness in general folks...Thank you. I hope all is well with everyone. 


    Let's start out with a nice tribute to Blind Faith shall we...



    Darn that Rachel Price from Lake Street Dive can sing. You go girl. Nice darling. Very nice. :hat:


    Any of mi amigos can reply to this thread the way. The more the merrier. All are welcome in my musical corner. Come one & all folks. 


    I'm doing my best to drop a line to my best friends that always crack me up. If I haven't left you a message yet, I will soon AKA @lollygagger8 & several others...


    1. southwest1


      You wanna hear something funny? Ironic funny; not humorous funny that is. 


      I can't whistle worth spit, but I love anybody that can do that in a song though. 


      Checkout this sweet GNR tribute. Not too shabby man...



    2. southwest1


      Man, oh man, I do love some me a killer power ballad baby. I always have a soft spot for quality ones no matter how old I get. 


      I grew up on stuff just like this folks...Never ever gets old to me.




    3. southwest1


      Jesus, Beth Hart can make any song feel like a life changing experience. She is an artist who makes a career in music seem like a noble endeavor as opposed to a fickle profession at large. 


      If I was down to my last dime, I'd pay to see her live. Beth is amazing. Simply incredible. 



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  24. Exactly, I had to help my mom re do her FB password last night. It was trial & error at first, but eventually the problem got resolved. Those bot things are for real unfortunately. Enough said. Back to baseball now. Thanks again Jay for my temporary diversion...
  25. Minnesota is gonna do some serious damage in the NFC North this year. Zimmer always gives Aaron Rodgers fits too. The Vikings are stacked talent wise across the board. Your team will be good for a longtime as you say NFLfan. Go ahead & do your happy dance in your chair. You're allowed.
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