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  1. 1 hour ago, Narcosys said:

    Have you seen our schedule?  I'm not confident

    Just for the heck of it, I looked at our regular season schedule again. There's a lot of teams we face with a good defense this year. The Jets, the Raiders, Kansas City, & Mike Zimmer's Vikings. INDY's better than 7-9. We can go 10-6. And what's all this love for the Texans all of a sudden? Brock OZ is the next elite QB after an 8-2 season now? Please...


    Considering that INDY has more or less owned the AFC South for a decade, we deserve respect for our division longevity. These same experts always put NE at the top of the AFC East every single year regardless because of their dominance at the QB position but Luck is overrated or on a downward spiral now? Who are we kidding? LOL! 

  2. 12 hours ago, crazycolt1 said:

    Your first mistake was watching Willie McGinest. :groan:

    I was just watching NFL Network & Willie was on the show as an analyst. I have no control over which personalities are on which night.


    At least Willie will complement Luck's skill set once in awhile. Unlike ESPN whose pundits constantly dismiss the Colts except Jeff Saturday. 


    Probably my favorite NFL Network analysts are Solomon Wilcots & Shaun O'Hara. 

  3. 22 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    I really hope Andrew at least wins 1 Ring, man Kelly and Marino were so Great but get slammed for not winning the SB.

    I read ya CBE. I revere both Marino & Kelly & am still baffled why their lack of rings gets held against them especially Jim with 4 consecutive trips to the SB. As much as I elevate rings more than I should, I never condemn either QB for that. 


    Andrew will achieve Championships plural if we can keep him clean, upright, & allow him to be protected in the pocket. He's not a bad decision maker. He just gets stuck running for his life too much. 


    To paraphrase the film "Field Of Dreams", "If you build it [a stout offensive line] Championships will come." 


    I know I know it's a baseball genre reference & I dislike cross pollinating different sports leagues, but I truly believe that. Yes, Denver proved that defense wins a ring, but in 1999, Kurt Warner won his ring with a solid line & a rocket for an arm. 

  4. 57 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    We still had 9 Post season wins from 2000-2009 which is Great.

    Yeah, that's why I feel bad for Luck. The tremendous benchmark standard Peyton set in our fan base's eyes. 


    Now, most fans are reasonable, but when the bar of success has been established that high over almost a decade, it's a tough plateau to surpass. I have to remind myself that Luck is his own man not Manning's shadow & it will take time before Luck learns how to get to & win a SB. He'll get there & hoist the Lombardi over his head though. He's too darn talented not to. 


    Dan Marino? Jim Kelly? I know what you're thinking. Chewy's story will be different. Call it intuition if you want. 

  5. 23 minutes ago, NewColtsFan said:


    I think it's entirely possible that Goatbeard is kidding....      I certainly hope so.


    But if he is,  then an emoticon to demonstrate some sarcasm would be in order.     Another poster asked if he was kidding and there was no response.


    So,   I took him at face value.      And since we've had 2-3 posters over the years who have clearly not been fans of Luck,  then I think it's possible 50/50 that the guy was serious......


    I certainly hope not....

    Uh huh. That's what threw me off too. I had no idea how to gauge if GB was being serious or not.


    Guys like BOTT, Ruksak, Shakedown Street, BraveheartColt, & 2006ColtsBestEver, I know well & I can always tell when they are just being smart cabooses for laughs even without a emoticon. But when I don't really know a guy; it's hard to get a read on where his head is at. 


    Let's hope GB isn't dumb enough to throw in the towel on Luck. If he prefers losing organizations, I'm sure the Browns, Lions, Bucs will embrace his fan presence with open arms. 

  6. 2 hours ago, Gavin said:

    Addai wasn't just a complimentary Back. Come on now, He had 2 straight 1400+ total yard seasons and 23 total TD's his 1st two years in the league. He got hurt and wasn't the same and the O Line went to hell. He was a very capable lead Back who happened to get injured and never recover

    You do make a good point Gavin. I tend to put EDGE & Dominic Rhodes on a pedestal & forget how truly valuable Addai was over the course of INDY's illustrious Championship history. 


    I'm not a huge stat guy. Yes, I get their value for NFL history when documenting a players impact to a franchise. Thanks for reminding me how significant he was for INDY in 2006. 


    By liking this post, I am not slamming Surge89 either. 


    Yes, I know how important Joseph was in 2006. I just tend to hold EDGE in higher regard because he was so fascinating to watch on stretch plays. 

  7. 11 hours ago, GoatBeard said:

    Luck is a lost cause.


    5 hours ago, NewColtsFan said:


    Boy, as a fan, you've really had to suffer through his first 4 years.      I don't know how or why you put up with him?!?


    Perhaps the team will wise up like you have and maybe they'll trade him to whoever is stupid enough to take him off our hands?!





    I read GB's post & just figured he was goofing around, but maybe NCF is right to call into question that remark. Some fans do have short term memories around here forgetting how dreadful the 2011 season was & how Luck exceeded expectations ever since he took over in 2012. 


    My only concern with Luck initially was this: I'd never seen a complete Stanford game with Andrew at the helm & I needed to see his come from behind clutch gene in action for myself. Once I witnessed it, I was like the sky is the limit for this kid & I see at least 2 SB rings before Luck is done. Yeah I know, SW1 is greedy. I make no apologies for that. 


    Like NCF inferred above, if anybody thinks Luck is washed up, they're freaking crazy. 

  8. 4 minutes ago, GOT AN O-LINE said:

    I don't have a beef with what grigs is doing, I think he is trying to compete every season for the sb. I am just stating that many posters on here are waiting for us to build a perfect team through the draft and waste the present season until we have the pieces together. I like the idea of grigs finding players however he can so we can compete each year. since the 2012 draft some of our picks went bye bye, if we were counting on them for the future , the future went bye bye

    Okay. Yeah, ideally a GM wants more success stories when drafting or trading for athletes than flameouts. God knows Grigs has had some colossal team additions like Darius Heyward Bay, Trent Richardson, & LaRon Landry that never panned out, but Vontae Davis, Jarrell Freeman, & TY Hilton had some shinning moments though. 


    If you're talking about a sense of team urgency to win now mentality, I get that. But, I don't think Pagano is dragging his feet intentionally on purpose. Jimmy would never allow that. I get your frustration GOAL in terms of wanting to advance to a SB faster or at least not squandering our opportunity at the Deflate Gate game. I think both Pags & Grigs know what the expectations are & that Luck's window of opportunity can't be taken for granted. 


    With all our new coaches this yr, I think the Colts are gonna surprise a lot of teams this season. Thanks for elaborating GOAL. I appreciate it. 

  9. 1 hour ago, crazycolt1 said:

    A agree, you never know. I have seen first hand the results of what a concussion can do. My middle Grandson was an all star linebacker for his high school and suffered his 1st concussion as a junior and missed the last 4 games of the season. As a senior he had a massive concussion that took away any possibility of him ever playing football again. He has been out of high school now for three years and still suffers from effects from the concussion. He has an uncontrollable shake in his right arm and hand due to the damage that was done. I have had him to the best doctors and all they can tell me is that only time will tell if it ever gets better at this point. He was a beast when he played and had hopes of playing in college. He had already visited IU and Ball State upon request for them to look at him and also had 6 letters of inquiry from colleges farther away. It saddens me because I was pushing him and support him by taking and going to all the practices and games. It's a double edge sword that cuts deep.

    So sorry to hear about your middle grandson CC1. I wouldn't wish the aftermath of concussion symptoms on anybody. I sincerely hope that the brain trauma he suffered doesn't affect the quality of his life later on my friend. 

  10. 19 hours ago, SteelCityColt said:

    I mean really... some of the suggestions on here, it's like salary cap be dammed, SIGN ALL THE PLAYERS! 

    Thanks for the classic sarcasm SCC! I needed a good belly roll laugh. 

  11. 8 hours ago, OffensivelyPC said:

    You say that like the Pats would actually trade with us.  When was the last time they did?  The thing about trades are, you have to have a willing partner.  You don't just say - "Eh, this is what I want and I could have gotten it because that's what the other team got."  Doesn't work like that.


    That's not even to mention we'd have to pay up big bucks after the end of the season just to retain him.

    Exactly OPC, no trading partner is just going hand over an elite pass rusher like Chandler Jones to INDY without a king's ransom in future draft picks. Plus Bill's not gonna weaken the Pats by making a formidable foe even stronger. Just because INDY needs a premier pass rusher doesn't mean he's gonna hand him over for peanuts. The idea is to be a thorn in the side of your AFC rival not play softball with an enemy that makes them stronger with a new trade addition. 


    Especially after Deflate Gate, there's still a lot of friction & bad blood there. Bill would have never opened negotiations with us over Jones. Not in a million years. Pete Carroll maybe, but Chuck Pagano? Oh Hades no...


    I was basically addressing Colts449 here regarding Chandler Jones not you personally OPC. I just wanted to make that point clear. Well known free agents rarely drop in Playoff teams laps. 



  12. On May 10, 2016 at 8:31 PM, GOT AN O-LINE said:

    what is rebuilding ? rebuilding a team imo is a farce. the way football is set up players don't stay with the team that drafted them when they become stars they chase the money. gms know this and they try to put together the chess pieces to win a super bowl every season.  there are few lifetime players with one team anymore. gms know this they don't count on this years stars  to be there next year. some stay, a lot don't.  I believe our front office is trying to put together the pieces to win a superbowl every season.  the only season that counts is this one, the future is now, this season. some gms are great at putting the chess pieces together each season. is ours ? I hope he is. thoughts or comments?

    I'm trying to grasp what your overall thesis is here GAOL. That Ryan Grigson isn't bringing in enough talent to win a SB quickly enough? You can't fix every unit deficiency in 1 season. The salary cap won't allow that & with Luck's 2nd contract coming up, there's only so much money to go around. 


    I was watching Willie McGinest on NFL Total Access tonight & he said that INDY should have addressed the o-line early back in 2012 when Luck first landed there as the heir apparent to Manning, but at least their GM finally got Andrew some much needed protection as in better late than never mantra. I agree with Willie. INDY let Luck go unprotected for too long relying on his arm & WRs to carry our team to victory week in; week out. 


    Look, I've got my issues with Ryan sure, but I give the man credit when he finally gets some new linemen which reduces the punishment Luck should take this season. Plus, I think Ryan learned from wasting a high round draft pick on the Trent Richardson trade. I have to keep reminding myself that Grigs has never been a GM before. 


    Most of the elite franchises do this: Pull in & mold talent from the draft by fine-tuning their skills on the practice squad. The Daniel Synder approach to signing big name free agents never really works longterm it just misfires about 85% of the time.  


    I'm just trying to figure out what your beef is GOAL. That Grigson is developing the team too slowly for Championship Greatness? Just asking for further clarification I guess. 

  13. 14 hours ago, Chucklez said:

    This has the beginnings of Austin Collie's concussion saga written all over it :(

    It's all fun & games until somebody brings up Austin Collie's name. Let's pray Varga doesn't suffer the same fate. 


    The memory loss would frighten the hades out of me. Not being able to remember any of the apartments I was in just 5 minutes ago because no amount of rehab, medication, or alternative therapy will ever fill in those brain gaps & as you age, these concussion gaps get wider & more frequent in magnitude. 


    Yes, I know that Tyler knew the risks stepping on a helmet. I just feel bad for guys who have no idea what they did a few minutes ago after a big hit. 



  14. 18 hours ago, Lawrence Owen said:

    Don't get me wrong here, i love Andrew. his competitiveness and skill sets make him fun to watch and gives Indy a chance on every play. But can he really learn from his mistakes? 

    2 years ago, he said he wanted to correct his "bone-head" mistakes.  And from what I saw last year, he made even more.  Yes, injuries plagued his throw motion and power/accuracy, but a lot of throws should not have even happened.  I would also throw in not getting rid of the ball fast on obvious blitzing situations, and not sliding feet first when scrambling as 'bone-headed' as well.

    M.H. a lot of the time last year did not look like he was even playing football.  It was as though he was playing a professional game of "Hot Potato".   And IMO, he would have been selected All-Pro if it were the case.

    Luck this year should learn from seeing that.  "Should" being the key word.  He hasn't seemed to learn from his other past mistakes.

    This makes me wander if he is learning impaired in some aspects, or if he really did come into the NFL at his ceiling.  He should be getting better year-to-year, not staying the same, or as some could argue, regressing.

    Maybe my observations are misguided, and next year Luck comes out and proves me wrong, but if he doesn't, I foresee another long, or bad case VERY short season for him.

    The upgrades on the o-line should give him more time, and help the running game, which also increases time, but if he cannot improve on himself, I will be very disappointed.

    Hey Lawrence, 


    I know that you are encountering some backlash for posting your true feelings about Luck & what you perceive his weaknesses to be such as poor decision making, shoulder injuries & a lacerated kidney etc. etc. & I can tell your words or concerns are coming from a good place not let's pile on Chewy's shortcomings today. 


    It takes guts to say what many might deem unpopular & dare I say even blasphemous in NFL circles. I respect people that have the kahunas to do that. If you strip it down to the bone, many of us think INDY should be closer to a Championship than we already are. Now, part of that is the HOF QB he followed in the footsteps of, part of that is being humiliated in the Deflate Game by our arch rival NE, part of that is insufficient protection up front, & part of that is a need for better coaching leading to the dismissal of Pep Hamilton as my forum friends have eloquently stated. 


    What you are really fearing is regression of Luck courtesy of shell shock & constant hits & takedowns. Basically you don't wanna see another David Carr, a QB with a ton of promise ruined by the beating he took as a rookie & eventually all David saw was the pass rush vs the secondary because he was sacked so darn much. Because the 1 thing you never wanna a QB to loose is his ability to release the ball accurately knowing a big hit is coming his way no matter what. You never want to see the killer instinct to make an incredible play die. 


    I think once Andrew knows that the o-line is solid his why did he throw that passes will taper off & be replaced by better hot reads like Gavin said earlier. Andrew just wants to know that it's not all on him to sling the pig skin for 70 yards just to move the chains. I also think that Chud will use or TEs more effectively too. I expect big things from Allen & Doyle this yr. 


    I understand why you wrote what you wrote Lawrence. I truly do. But, Andrew will make strides in the right direction this season. Joe Philbin is the key trust me. 

  15. 2 hours ago, jbaron04 said:

    It's hard to stick to fundamental when under fire 

    True, but that's where Joe Philbin comes in. If he can give Luck clean throwing lanes & running lanes for yards on the ground, I suspect Andrew's TD percentage will go up & his turnover ratio will drop dramatically. 


    If Philbin can be our version of Tom Cable in Seattle, I will be thrilled man. 

  16. 15 hours ago, Gavin said:

    I think to many expect him to be Peyton Manning....He wont ever be Peyton. Luck is and always will be much more Brett Favre, A QB that's capable of putting a team on his back and making great plays with his arm or his legs but also will always be the QB that will make plenty of boneheaded throws. Changing the offense somewhat wont change that.


    What Luck needs to work on is blitz pick up and communicating that to his hot read and knowing when to run and slide as well as his ability to move within the pocket. a step here, A step here.....The little things that can go a long way in him not taking the hits he has.


    As to the O Line: I think Castonzo will be better then he was last year. I think Mewhort will still be good, Not great. I think Ryan Kelly will be much better then what we have had at Center since we drafted Luck but he will still struggle because he is a rookie(To expect him to play great as a rookie or like a seasoned vet is just wishful thinking I think. Most rookies go through an adjustment period). I'm hoping Thornton lives up to potential and that Reitz is even better at RT than he was last year

    I'm gonna be honest with you Gavin. I dislike the Brett Favre/ Andrew Luck comparison on a visceral or emotional level. Brett Favre to me is perhaps the most selfish HOF QB I ever came across in my life. He rarely took any responsibility for dumb decision making on the field which cost the Packers devastating losses in the playoffs, he refused to help Rogers saying "It's not my job to coach Aaron. Nobody did that for me," & he held the Packers hostage for 4 yrs with an unwillingness to compete at training camp. Luck by contrast always says immediately when a stupid throw was his fault, he never complained when Hasselback was signed, & even if Luck's 2nd contract isn't finalized yet; I guarantee you that he will show up at training camp just to be around the guys even if he may not participate in any drills yet until he is protected from injury salary wise. 


    Look, I know this is a personal bias against Favre that I will never be able to let go of personally. And all you were really saying Gavin is that Andrew Luck is more or less a gun slinger by nature, which you're right he is. I wasn't mad at you personally Gavin. It's just that when you look at the whole Chewbacca package [Andrew's desire to give all his teammates praise for touchdowns vs him, how he always praises opposing LBs for good hits on QB sacks, & how he's always the 1st to say "what can I do better to make the Colts win" he's nothing like Brett at all. Okay, I will admit that Favre praised Warren Sapp a lot on a good take down of #4. 

    7 hours ago, CR91 said:

    It's not that he's not teachable. Luck just has that never say die mentality. It's a instinct not a lot have. To do whatever it takes to win. You love it when your QB has it because it makes them great, but it can also be a double-edge sword at times

    Good point CR91. I think this is what Gavin was driving at. Sometimes, Andrew needs to learn when to give up on a play, throw the ball out of bounds, & live to fight another down. Brett always thought his arm was stronger than an DBs ability to intercept the ball. Moxy or supreme confidence is necessary to play the QB position yes, but not throwing into double coverage in the Playoffs though, which #4 loved to do & then at the press conference Brett never says "I bleeped up that loss & the end of our season is on me." 

  17. On May 8, 2016 at 1:00 PM, shakedownstreet said:


    ***comment deleted by user - doesn't want to get banned***

    I swear you're trying to make me go blind SDS. We don't all have 20/20 Air Force pilot vision man. haha



  18. On May 8, 2016 at 0:54 PM, crazycolt1 said:

    If Purdue is the armpit of the big 10 does that make Indiana the butt crack?

    So both Rod Woodson & Drew Brees graduated from arm pit university? I'm sure they have a different perspective on their alma mater. 


    I know; I know. You were just joking around CC1. No harm done. 

  19. On May 5, 2016 at 8:14 PM, Lucky Colts Fan said:

    Wow.  Luck is 92.  He dropped 85 spots from 7 to 92.  Talk about "what have you done for me lately"...

    I know right? That's insane. 1 lackluster season & all those players are like Andrew who?


    Football is a fickle business. Beloved 1 day; Dismissed & doubted the next.


    He'll bounce back. Chewy always does. 

  20. 31 minutes ago, Indianapolis-Colts-Fan said:


    Thank you good sir. I humbly accept your compliment. 

    You're welcome ICF. I'm a firm believer in letting forum friends know what they excel at. Any fool can criticize another. I just like to inform people when they write a post that is spot on. 


    I don't know if this belongs in this thread, but I stumbled across this on You Tube by a Colts fan named by Michael Stroup reviewing our 2016 draft picks & I liked what the man said. 


    Here it is...



    He uses the word "darn" a lot but that's just enthusiasm about our selections for the most part. Nice guy.

  21. It's cool to see Adam & Peyton reminisce about happier days in Denver & formation concepts etc. etc. That's what I like about football: The lifelong relationships & bonds that you build. Success on the field on Sundays is a game of inches or 1 dropped pass for a first down. 


    We have a lot of savvy minds in football beyond Belichick & it's nice to be reminded of that fact once in awhile. Hades, even Bruce Arians is building a nice reputation as an innovative head coach in this League & I suspect that Dolphins fans will come to appreciate what Mr. Gase brings to the table too. Cutler even looked legitimate last yr in Chicago & Adam is a big reason why IMO. 

  22. Tannehill has been tutored now by 2 HOF QBs in Marino & Manning. Will Ryan reach the SB? No, but it's good to see that he's smart enough to listen, absorb, & soak up the tremendous knowledge that they have for this great game called NFL football at least. 


    Ryan deserves credit for that. As far as Adam goes, he's a sharp fella too probably 1 of the smartest coaches Miami has hired in a very long time. 

  23. 6 hours ago, throwing BBZ said:

    Reggie isn`t the most eloquent speaker

    If you were referring to future HOF Chargers RB LaDainian Tomlinson, I'd agree with you BBZ since as an analyst on NFL Network he struggles to construct a grammatically correct sentence at an alarming rate on camera. However, Reggie is almost always a gifted orator & solid film study expert when called upon to do so. JMO. 

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