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  1. Woodson has a bad shoulder and he can't seem to stay healthy, at least that was the case for the past 2 years now.

    I agree 100% I'll pass. Age is catching up with him & this league is all about durability & speed. Say No INDY Woodson isn't worth it. Yes, he has a wealth of experience in any secondary, but his body is breaking down a bad fiscal franchise investment. You pay a player based on what they can do for your squad now not what they did in yester year IMO.

  2. Saturday spoke at a charity fund raiser I attended on Wednesday night. He said, "I will retire as a Colt."


    He also said that Peyton Manning is the best example of a leader he's ever been around in his life. He finished adding that he thinks Luck is going to be a great player. He said something else about Luck too, but I missed it.

    That is why I really respect Jeff. He knows that an athletes time in the spotlight is shortlived & cannot last forever. In addition, he is also very complementary of every team mate, coach, or execute that influenced him along the way & he is respectful of the changing of the guard on the QB squad & still remains supportive & encouraging. #63 like #18 is 1 of a kind & INDY will always embrace their Beloved Blue Horseshoe Brother back into the Lucas Oil Stadium fold. Love ya Jeff!  :thmup:



  3. Nice article Andy! You seem to have covered the crucial scoring drives in the SB there. I'm a bit surprised that you didn't mention either the blackout or the Ray Lewis hormone controversy though, but I'm knit picking. Good work.  :thmup:


    Okay, you mentioned the blackout briefly "the lights went out in the superdome...After the 34 minute delay, the lights came back on." What was the stadium feeling? How was the audience reacting? Convey that emotion...Describe the atmosphere...


    Also, I would take issue with the following statement: "Kaepernick was definitely frazzled early on, and we saw that when he threw an interception to Ed Reed. He was nervous." Colin was throwing the ball directly to Randy Moss who wasn't even looking for it, let alone prepared to catch it. He wasn't nervous at all. Someone who never saw the game might believe that statement which isn't entirely accurate in my assessment. 

  4. Been meaning to post some thoughts for a while now....   wanted to wait until post-Super Bowl when things calmed down some....


    I was very public that I thought Arians was a much better Head Coach than I thought he was a Coordinator.   I didn't like his philosophy and worse, didn't think it suited our personnel...


    That said....   I wanted to add this...


    I thought we looked like a well coached team.    That's important.    I thought we always played hard, and that's important too.    I liked that whenever Andrew screwed up and came to the sidelines,  Arians was always calm and supportive -- always.   I loved that about Arians.   I never once saw Arians even give Luck a look of disapproval.   He was there with a hug and pat on the helmet and an 'attaboy' and 'you'll get 'em next time'....     Arians was positive all season long,  even when we got our head handed to us in games like New England.


    You can see why QB's like Roethlisberger and Luck really like Arians....  he's incredibly supportive of his quarterback...  he's got their back.   Nothing negative ever came out....  he kept those comments behind closed doors where they should be.


    There were many things I liked about Arians.   So, I'm glad he gets to chase his dream of being a Head Coach.   Just sorry it's coming so late and it's not with a very good franchise.  


    Oh well,  best of luck, Bruce...

    Bruce never flew off the handle when Andrew threw a pick. But part of this working partnership also depends on the temperament of the starting QB too. Some guys respond to reassurance, some guys respond to profanity, & some guys respond to nothing said & a head nog of yeah I bleeped up coach. It won't happen again. 

  5. No, it was all the defense. Peyton Manning did nothing to contribute to the team losing. It was everyone else but him. It was even Holliday's fault. How dare you suggest that Manning played a part in them losing, which he completely didn't.




    I was exaggerating. I'm not saying you guys are saying he played perfect, I was merely poking fun at the ever present argument that no matter what circumstance or even team, it always seems to be either on the receiver, the fumble, the defense, any player that is not 18. The defense didn't play well but PM did not rise to the challenge either. It's not all the defense's fault. Is Manning a choker? Depends on the definition of the word, I suppose.

    I get what you are saying. Peyton tends to get a pardon in all his Playoffs loses in 1 way or another. It really hit me in the loss to the Ravens Championship QBs are supposed to rise up & overcome obstacles. Steelers, Jets, Chargers, Patriots,...Peyton has got to find a way to close the deal in December. Championship QBs are expected to win Championships. No more excuses...

  6. Is this one of those " what's different " tests?

    Exactly Joker! What's the difference & what's the justification for it? If you're gonna make a change, make it at least noticable & worthwhile.  Like this perhaps....





  7. I would  resign immediately! That would be the best I can do for Colts!



    I would hire you back buddy!!!  I can not let Hungary go unrepresented by the horseshoe!   :coltslogo:  :coltslogo:  :coltslogo:  :colts:  :colts:  :colts:

    Yup, we need you around HCF. You're too vital to the success of this site to lose my friend. You're not going anywhere buddy!  :thmup:

  8. :blueshoe:   HAPPY VALENTINES DAY COLTS FANS  :blueshoe: 





    If YOU were General Manager of the Indianapolis Colts for a day - what one thing would you LOVE to do to advance our Indianapolis Colts ??

    Bring back a GM corner online question & answer session with Ryan Grigson & the fans to get a glimpse of what the front office is doing draft wise, free agent wise, & salary cap wise. Post the responses on both Colts.com & Colts Forum.com every 2 weeks. 

  9. I could actually see this happening....come on FA!

    QuizBoy, I respect your intelligence a great deal, but do you see Randy Moss, who excelled under Tom Brady in 2007, rushing to play with Matt Schaub? The Texans have a great defense, but Matt isn't clutch when you need him to be. Although, he did win his 1st Playoff game this season so perhaps he has lifted an enormous weight of his shoulders & he is ready to make a deep SB run now.

  10. You can cry tears of the Nile if you don't just win baby!!!!




    Gruden cried...during the snears....too.....don't get me started on lame Lane Kiffin....



    If you win Championships like Howie Long did, Al loves ya. If you lose, not so much. Plus, he always changed head coaches so much. Little to no chemistry or playbook continuity in a locker room IMHO. 

  11. To me Deion Sanders is the biggest cry baby ever..He still holds a grudge against the Colts for Hunter Smith body slamming him from behind right after he said.."If I see the punter's eyes, I'm gone" (or something to that effect)..He would cry about this, that and everything..He even cries now as a commentator when his predictions go wrong. He gets all quiet, and starts shuffling his papers in front of him..


    In Non-football sports..Pau Gasol is a big crybaby too...



    Neon tears a blazin..........



    Don't get me started on Deion...Let's just say that I don't run his fan club & leave it at that.  haha

  12. Anything involving New York is worth developing conspiracy theories over. :thmup: It's the city that never sleeps so who knows what THIS Super Bowl has cooked up for us. :D


    I don't think both will be in the big one, or at the moment likely either one but the Giants have the better shot obviously if they get back to the playoffs.


    Maybe this so called curse has more to do with the SB host team feeling the burden of succeeding during their SB host season/hearing about it so much to the point it can become distracting?


    So with two teams maybe the burden splits to ease the drama/distractions or perhaps we just see two teams under achieve. :clap:


    Not sure if this gets broken next year, but some season I think it will. All patterns/records/trends were made to be broken.



    Although something strange is brewing if the Jets make the playoffs in a stunner. :thmup:

    Yes, it is the "Big Apple" after all. Larger than life is in that city's DNA. Even the translucent  tequila suckers have have giant worms encased inside them. NY is full of surprises. Maybe you are right. The burden of playing a SB in the city where your stadium resides is more of a curse than getting to the Big Dance & winning it. Yes, patterns are made to be shattered just like the Ravens winning broke the recent trend of NFC teams winning the SB. All records, myths, & previous achievements eventually fall by the waste side. If Sanchez gets to the AFC Championship Game & wins it to advance to the SB, then the apocalypse is headed our way along with the 4 horseman & the end of the world.  :funny:  lmao  Who needs the Mayan calendar?  Just look for a Jets SB victory since Joe Namath & 1969. 

  13. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1523710-comeback-2013-jamarcus-russells-road-back-to-the-nfl-trailer



    Bleacher Report has footage of JR working out with Jeff Garcia. They refer to the footage as a "trailer". As a football fan, I am completely intrigued as to how this will pan out for Russell. The dude has some serious character flaws, sure, but who knows. Maybe he's been humbled a bit as he's lost everything... and gained a TON of weight.



    Best of luck to him. Hopefully he realizes his mistakes and he gets fully into shape and becomes committed. If he does, I hope a team gives him a chance.

    Is JM really this broke? Did he spend literally all that money Al Davis gave him? Really? I can see Rex Ryan making a push for him to save his NY Jets head coaching job. I don't see Mark Sanchez leading gang green to a SB title. If JM listens to Jeff Garcia & follows his advice to the letter, maybe Marvin Lewis & the Bengals take a look at him as a backup QB. Lewis seems to get the most out of athletes with a checkered past. 

  14. Jesus.



    Whats next? Foam footballs?


    Nerf, the official new ball of the NFL. WRs & TE's are complaining of frequent body bruises from their QBs who throw the ball to hard. Ouch! In response to the demand to reduce play injuries & promote safety at all costs, softer & lighter footballs have been approved by Commissioner Rodger Goodell. Only teasing!  :funny:  haha  :lol:





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