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  1. 15 hours ago, twfish said:

    This. He's gotten pretty well everyone besides him replaced, he's got no one to blame but himself.

    I agree with this in spirit TWF. Translation: I respect Chuck's contributions here as a community leader, family man, overall nice guy. Just to be clear, I know he tried his best as the Colts HC & I take no glee in what I am about to say: After this year, Pagano needs to be gone & we need to find a new leader who can cut down on penalties especially false starts. Seriously, it's almost laughable now that we still have this same problem in 2017. We need better clock management & halftime adjustments. 


    Yeah, I know. Our previous GM neglected defense & became preoccupied with TEs & WRs while he was making draft selections. A legitimate complaint. I just know the longer we keep Pagano the more we squander Luck's shot at winning a ring. We can't be saying "well, there's always next year all the time." 


    I really don't care that Chuck is a players coach & everybody likes him. Are we getting closer to winning a championship or further away? Keep asking yourself that. After about 4 yrs with no bling, players start to tune out your message anyway because the veterans have memorized all the lines anyway. I'm ready for a new voice. Chuck's had more then enough time to establish his tone, his record, his direction. It's like any profession--A lawyer in a firm, a professor trying to earn university tenure, a military flight instructor training new pilots. We all get evaluated in phases & Pagano is not immune from this right of passage. 

  2. 14 hours ago, Restored said:


    I have to respectfully disagree here on a few things SW. For one, as another poster pointed out, there have been plenty of instances that showed where Grigson undermined the coaching staff. Just because they worked together on Deflategate doesn't mean that they could've had issues elsewhere.


    While it is pro football, ego's run rampant in this business. Grigson had a reputation for having a inflated ego (plenty of articles and stories about it). It's entirely plausible that Grigson pushed the staff to play certain players (ie. Trent Richardson). Also, if Pagano opted to go against Grigson's orders, he could've been fired for undermining his boss. And when coaches get fired in this business, it's VERY tough for them to rebound back into a staff position on a team, let alone a head coaching job.


    This last part I do somewhat agree with. Regardless of the circumstances this year, this team cannot miss the playoffs or else Chuck will be gone. I honestly thought changing out a good portion of the coaching staff and letting them get a few seasons would be best for the team heading into this year instead of clearing house, especially with Luck being projected to miss the whole offseason. But if this team can't rebound and make the playoffs this year, Chuck should/will be let go.

    I'm not putting you in this category Restored, but I get the sense from some fans that they tend to focus on Pagano's first few season's here as opposed to the last 2 yrs missing the playoffs. The NFL is a what have you done for me lately league as you alluded to in your last paragraph. 


    I'm sorry I don't buy that Chuck was powerless to Ryan's alter ego arrogant ways even though this was Pagano's first shot at being an NFL head coach. Yes, I'm well aware of Grigson's desire to keep Trent Richardson in the starting rotation longer then Chuck may have wanted. So want. Chuck isn't some delicate little flower man. Come on. You have a private meeting 1 on 1 with your GM & express your concerns that Richardson isn't pulling his weight in your estimation & you strongly suggest altering INDY's RB rotation. If that doesn't work, you go straight to Jimmy & say "Look, I've discussed this with Ryan & we fail to see eye to eye here on our ground game lineup. I'm not trying to step on anybody's toes here. I just wanna win games for this franchise & let's shake things up a bit to see if we can ignite a spark on offense. I don't believe I'm in the wrong here. What do you think Mr. Irsay?" 


    Deflate Gate or playing in the AFC Championship Game proves that there was enough talent, teamwork, & chemistry on the roster & in the front office to at least compete for a ring Restored. All franchises have rifts in them even the Steelers, Seahawks, & Patriots. 


    "I honestly thought changing out a good portion of the coaching staff and letting them get a few seasons would be best for the team heading into this year." 


    You have got to be joking. Absolutely not. If leadership at the head coaching position is insufficient, no amount of strategic chess moving is going to solve your problem of not being competitive late in the yr.


    Your line about "a few more seasons" under the bulk of this regime almost made me fall out of my chair. Sometimes, this franchise is too loyal to mediocrity for my tastes. 

  3. 2 hours ago, CyberTwin said:

    It really doesn't matter if we believe it or not. What does matter is that he is coaching this way now and if it brings the results that Irsay is looking for then Pagano will be here next year. If it doesn't bring the results Irsay is looking for them we will have a new coach next year.

    Yeah, I suppose at this point being more vocal publicly is really the only move Pagano has left. I can't say with any authority that he hasn't disciplined players behind closed doors when necessary. I'm sure he has. 


    What will be; will be. Like you say, it's Jimmy's call not ours. People know where I stand & I'm not moving. 

  4. 49 minutes ago, COLTS449 said:

    And I'd tell him. "Hey Phillip look here man. You either live up to the hype this year or you're gone". But yeah. He's looking like a total bust, but we need to give him one more season to see if he can be the superstar he's supposed to be

    Originally, before strolling into this thread, I was prepared to release him. However, after reading what you wrote, your advice is sound. I just don't like the idea of parting ways with a 1st round 2015 draft pick as a failure. 


    I probably became enamored with his speed & figured he'd shine by now. You've convinced me. 1 more yr to set the INDY world on fire seems appropriate. Now or never kid. Good luck son. 


    "The kid has the potential to be a really good wide out, KR/PR"


    Usually, a 1st round pick drafted as WR depth & placed on special teams beyond their rookie campaign means they are bad & the coaches are giving you a desperation role before they cut you. 

  5. 3 hours ago, CyberTwin said:

    Thanks, I have been reading the site for a long time and hope to be more involved.

    You're post earlier on this page was very well written CT. I disagreed with the vast majority of it, but you stated your point of view quite well nevertheless. 


    Welcome to the forum. I look forward to reading your perspectives frequently in the future. --SW1

  6. Look, I will never criticize any Colt fan for lending their support to whoever is patrolling the LOS sidelines in Indiana. My only issue is this: That support has limits especially when we keep moving early on offense & defense on our home field. This isn't just a rookie problem. It's a coaching problem.


    Slow starts make us grueling to watch & by the time the season rolls around--Will we be competitive at all? Notice I didn't mandate wins. I said be competitive. Can we score early? Okay, the defense has made some impressive plays in the preseason. I will acknowledge that. 


    When games matter, will we fold or not? When defenses start scheming against us for real, will we be respectable or a laughing stock? I don't have a good feeling to be honest. 

  7. 3 hours ago, twfish said:

    Well this is chucks team. There is no longer grigson as an excuse. It's all in his coaching ability. He's getting mad because players arent playing through injury? Look at our star QB who's out right now, i cant imagain him playing through his injury helped it at all. You want to single a guy out thats fine, do it in the locker room. I'm all for throwing a guy on a bench for messing up. Pagano doesn't seem right this year at all. I don't have faith in him this year and I'm doubting some of the players do

    This is pretty much my take on Pagano. I just don't buy this notion that Grigson held all the power, got chummy with Jimmy, & because of this alliance Chuck couldn't get anything he wanted done. If he got us to the Deflate Game vs NE, then that demonstrates that the working relationship between the owner, then GM, & Pags must not have been as horrific as some prefer to claim that it was. 


    Also, you can't tell me that Chuck was afraid to teach & discipline players as he saw fit either. This is professional not pee wee football. All coaches at this level know that running a football program as a HC is an exclusive club so do it your way without any regrets because if you get the boot; it might be a long wait until another vacancy becomes available to do the same thing in another city. 


    I know what the excuse is gonna be after this year. Our roster was overcome with injuries give Chuck more time. No! No! No! 5 years will be plenty to determine that Chuck will never win a ring under his stewardship. Time to start the search & screen committee of candidates on Pagano's replacement now. I'm so sick & tired of Pagano keeps getting a bad deal. Maybe he's just not good enough at this level. 

  8. 7 hours ago, WoolMagnet said:

    Kap is a head case.  That should be obvious to all.

    I tend to agree with this statement. Now, just to be clear, I'm not slamming his intelligence. I just don't think he's this profound leader some people some TV pundits are painting him out to be.


    Is it noble that he's making a statement against police brutality? Sure, it is. However, some of the things he said while this whole anthem situation gained steam prove that he's not the brightest bulb in the lamp. Enough said. Translation: He's not as informed as he thinks he is. 


    Plus, other then HC Jim Harbaugh who has Kap really excelled under as a franchise QB? 

  9. 8 hours ago, chad72 said:


    If they have no confidence in Tolzien, then give reps for Morris with the starters. I still felt that if Curtis Painter had been given the #1 team reps more, he'd have done better than using the stop gap Kerry Collins in 2011. Let us not repeat the mistakes of the past. Go with the guy who has been with the team in TC and knows enough of the playbook and has been around the team mates.


    I do not give this much credibility at all. It is possible Brock's name may have been floated around but my respect for the front office would go down if this happened. Very much like the knee jerk Kerry Collins move in 2011.

    This response resonated the most with me of a logical level. Give Morris more reps since the ball actually moved downfield when he was under center. Yes, I know like Supes said in another thread...Morris overthrows a lot but at least I feel like the offense is trying to be aggressive & that carries weight with me as in go down swinging right. Uh huh. Kerry Collins was a mistake, even though at the time I liked the move because I felt like Kerry could make something happen when the pocket collapsed. Good post as usual Chad. 

    6 hours ago, braveheartcolt said:

    Surely you mean 'incomplete pass'....

    I loved this post because it was hilarious & spot on. CK's accuracy comes & goes like a darn yo yo. Morris may overthrow yes, but every once in awhile he can get you 6. 


    Of course, we all agree with you BHC, but don't call us Shirley. Airplane movie joke. 


    "Surely, you can land this plane. Of course I can & don't call me Shirley."


    Whenever anybody uses the word surely as a declarative statement even in jest that punchline pops into my head. LOL! Okay, I'm done now. 

  10. 1 minute ago, jvan1973 said:

    Jones and Kraft want the same thing every other owner wants.  More money.  They won't budge on discipline unless the union gives up something BIG in return

    Well said Jvan. It's funny now to think back at Jerry Jones NFL HOF speech in Canton where he publicly praised Roger briefly.


    Mr. "Keep On Keeping On" isn't raving about Goodell right now is he? haha

  11. 32 minutes ago, ColtsBlueFL said:

    The NFL is sending a new message, and it's a new era for the NFL; and Players better get on board-

    And do you know what message the players are going fire right across the Commissioner's bough once this CBA expires? Kiss your supreme disciplinary authority goodbye when the League & Players Association hammer out a new labor agreement. Welcome in an independent arbitrator Roger. It's coming because of his inconsistency. 


    I even forgot to mention another scandal under Goodell that was supposed to reveal sound & fury signifying nothing. Remember that Gregg Williams bounty gate ledger that wasn't the smoking gun the league thought it was was it? I will concede that Sean Payton was dumb to lie to the Commissioner face to face & in 2009, I clearly thought the Saints defense was trying to grind Brett Favre into powder in the NFC Championship Game so vicious hits looked like foul play at first glance.   

  12. 26 minutes ago, ColtsBlueFL said:

    The advisory panel of felt unanimous in favor of the victim. Goodel had final authority, and agreed with the panel.  Done deal.

    All true CBFL except that after the Falcons received a lower penalty fine for pumping in crowd noise for an infraction that violated a level playing field & the integrity of the game as well as a 2 game suspension for Mr. Rice striking his then finance in a casino elevator awhile back. Roger Goodell has shaky credibility at best right now. 


    I agree the CBA gives him the authority to dish out punishments. However, the perception of the Commissioner does indeed matter. And his perception is a man who overreaches & goes overboard long before the Elliot case landed on his desk. 


    For the record, I will always standby the 4 game Brady suspension. Perfectly justified to me. 

  13. 6 minutes ago, footballhero1 said:

    I agree, and I'll go this far, if Zeke was found guilty in court or there was conclusive Ray Rice level evidence that left no doubt, don't just suspend him, ban him forever. 


    However, at the same time, we should take more care in how we handle domestic violence cases because there is a living victim, we still can't lose sight of the fact that their is a standard of guilty until proven innocent and demanding admissions of guilt from people who haven't been convicted is just wrong. Not saying the legal system is perfect and gets it right all the time either, but it's the best system we have right now, and I'll take it over the NFL's system any cay. 

    Yes, the burden of proof or the thresh hold a person must reach to be taken seriously does tend to differ depending the character of the person asserting the charge & what the actual crime itself is. 


    I will say this though. If Roger Goodell handles this infraction like he handled Ray Rice from a disciplinary perspective, he's in serious trouble. When you allow your domestic violence panel to call for a 6 game suspension based on the NFL's personal conduct policy, you better make darn sure your empirical evidence is iron clad. Roger was protected last time because of the money he is making the owners. If he jumped the gun & just accepted the recommendation of the panel without looking at it closely himself. He might regret that dearly. 

  14. 14 minutes ago, footballhero1 said:

    Hell just a few weeks ago the Cowboys released a player because he was identified as part of a criminal action because they didn't believe him, and then it turned out to be a case of mistaken identity.

    I will acknowledge openly that sometimes, there is a rush to judgment before all the facts have been sorted out. But, being accused of stealing something robbery & domestic violence are not the same thing. 


    I get it. Being wrongly accused is still being wrongly accused & clearing your name if you truly are innocent is almost impossible. Like Shannon Sharpe said recently on 'Undisputed' "Where can I go to get my name & good reputation back?" 

  15. 22 hours ago, DougDew said:

    This is why it is always difficult for me to pass judgment on a person.  I've not walked in their shoes.  I want to be as gender neutral as possible.  If these reports are true, she seems like she may have a bullying personality.  There are ways to bully someone other than by violence...other threats.  If someone is getting bullied repeatedly by nonviolent means, maybe the perp feels the only way to stop it is by giving a physical beat down.  That doesn't mean its not a crime and is justified, but it's not the same thing as if she was a kind woman who was trapped in a submissive relationship. 

    My biggest pet peeve about cases like this is that any form of questioning the credibility of the alleged victim  is automatically viewed or perceived to be some variation of victim shaming. 


    Victim shaming is horrible & said examples of this include lame statements like she was dressed too provocatively, she was out too late what did she think was gonna happen? She wanted it & only changed her story when the police showed up. All those examples are wrong & blaming women for a sexual assault incident that was the last thing they wanted to transpire ever. 


    But, when the alleged victim named Tiffany engaged in a conspiracy to blackmail a wealthy athlete for life changing money that's not victim shaming. That's illegal extortion & intent that has nothing to do with a person's gender at all. I despise when the media claims that a legitimate criticism in a person's accusation is another form of traumatizing the victim again. 


    The bruises on Tiffany are undeniable & it is clear that she was assaulted. However, Tiffany doesn't get a pass on extortion regardless of what photos might show or medical examinations reveal. I'm not trying to rate 1 crime over another here. Tiffany deserves all the psychological help she can receive & Mr. Elliot has to learn that beating women is not okay or cool. He has to change his behavior & get help. 


    It just bothers me when relevant information is viewed or classified as victim shaming. It's not. 

  16. On August 18, 2017 at 5:31 AM, J@son said:


    LOL.  Yes it is chucks job to enhance their skill sets. Btw, the 2 guys you mentioned are perfect examples of that. Did Erik Walden not have hisb3 best seasons playing for chuck? He has 32 career sacks. 23 of,those came while playing for chuck.


    Jerrel Freeman you say? You mean the guy that 31 other teams didnt view as worthy of a practice squad position who now is a household name making multimillion dollars in chicago only after playing for chuck? 


    they OBVIOUSLY improved while playing for chuck. So...whats your beef again? 



    What does where Freeman ends up after his tenure with Chuck have to do with anything? The objective of a defensive minded coach who came from the Ravens is to turn that LB into a QB wrecking crew right? Or at the very least, knock footballs down & move the opposing field general off his spot & out of the pocket thereby increasing the number of sacks. 


    Whether any GM picks Freeman up after Indianapolis is irrelevant. The objective is to see how drastically his role as a disruptor improved or declined under Chuck's leadership as head coach.  

  17. 1 hour ago, Susie Q said:

    Well in my opinion for what it's worth Morris should be back up to Luck and play with the 1st & 2nd players. :hide:


    1 hour ago, TheRustonRifle#7 said:

    I don't mind experimenting with Walker but at this point he hasn't shown more than Morris and Tolzien hasn't either.  I know that Morris is playing against players that possibly will be cut but he deserves to at least follow Tolzien....

    Both Susie Q & RR7 are exactly right. Morris deserves more action. I realize that Tolzien was mentored under Aaron Rogers in GB, but I want to win & Morris gives us a better shot at inching out a couple of wins than Scott does. College loyalty on my part only goes so far. Tolzien isn't the answer. Obviously, the search for a backup didn't go far enough in INDY. 

  18. 2 hours ago, ÅÐØNϧ 1 said:


    My concern is the regular season & i don't like Tolzien ..

    Your reservations are well placed Adonis. Scott can't really hold down the fort in Luck's absence. 


    Heal swiftly Andrew & get out there as soon as humanly possible or it's gonna be a L-O-N-G season. 

  19. 3 hours ago, Hoose said:

    That wasn't a defense. It was an escort service!

    I haven't watched this game yet. It's on my DVR. "Escort Service" made me raise an eyebrow. 


    You meant we couldn't stop Dallas's offense right? LOL! Sarcasm as a default position has it's moments of unintended, easter egg humor. Enough said. 

  20. 12 hours ago, J@son said:


    If tolzien is the starter then would you honestly expect different?

    TK24 was making a rhetorical statement about how this forum will react should we start out with early loses when games really matter Jason. Please tell me you're not that naive. Unbelievable. 


    I know; I know you'll reply with some foolish statement of what else can we do right? Roll with the hand we have been dealt. 


    And once again, Pagano will get a pass for our backup's play, just watch. It's gonna happen. 

  21. 22 minutes ago, Colts_Fan12 said:

    He's just a bad coach lol actually we will just call him average and imo that's worse cause then he hangs around too long and never gets fired cause he always does just enough to squeak by ex Marvin Lewis 

    It is starting to feel like Pagano is the new Lewis. I agree 100% 


    The excuses just keep piling up: Our former GM gave him absolutely no talent [at every position.] Okay, I added that parenthesis section for affect like artistic license because Pagano supporters wanna blame Grigson for everything. LOL! Then, they'll say this was his first head coaching gig. Give him more time. After this season, he'll have served 5 yrs as the sideline patroller in chief here. Okay yes, his 1st yr was preoccupied getting cancer treatment. So, in 4 yrs, you can't evaluate a coach? Seriously? We start out slow & we still have a problem with false start glitches in our own stadium. That's a huge problem. Next, they'll claim that our new GM & HC need time to gel. That's what this season is for & typically new GMs get to bring in a new coach. Yeah, I know. The owner has to sign off on it, but honestly, Chuck is just a placeholder until a better candidate becomes available we all know that. Finally, fans who can't let go will give you some nonsense of team continuity as an excuse to never part ways with Chuck. INDY isn't the Steelers with 3 HCs & Championship coaches destined to win hardware. INDY will be fine without Pagano & his position isn't a lifetime appointment. I've seen all I need to see. 


    Thanks for your support CF12. I appreciate it. :thmup:

  22. 10 minutes ago, J@son said:


    Gimme some names of these talented LBs chuck has had to work with? 

    This was your previous response Jason. 


    "You can't hunt when all of the ammo you've been given to hunt with are blanks."


    Obviously, when a person believes that the defensive talent was shooting blanks that means they had zero talent right? I provided you with 2 LBs: Jerrell Freeman & Erik Walden. 


    Why is it my responsibly to appease your definition of talent BTW? I know what you're going to claim. That they weren't elite. They did have some quality sacks while in INDY & isn't it Chuck's job to enhance their skill set? I think so. 


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