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  1. 5 minutes ago, krunk said:

    Jared has a high low personality to which he's already explained to us before.  If Brissett does well in this game then Jared will get more positive.  On the flip side if he has a bad game then he'll get really negative about him.  Just how he's wired sort of.

    Thanks for this post Krunk. Jared is very honest in how he critiques players & he likes to project forward as opposed to what they might have done in the past.


    You always know where he stands on athletes & I respect that. Jared isn't trying to win a popularity contest. The guy stands by what he thinks & he never runs away from heat or criticism. That takes balls. I like that. 

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  2. 4 hours ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    If the Matt Ryan on opening day vs the Vikings shows up then we will win, if it is the MVP type Matt Ryan we are in trouble.

    That's just it though. You put your thumb right on it brother. Ryan is very inconsistent. Sometimes, he's precise & deadly accurate & other times...not so much. 


    I still can't believe Atlanta lost that SB against the Pats. And who watches that tape 4 times? Just burn the darn tape & move on Mat, but I digress...Man, I wanted the Falcons to win that game bad. Took yrs off my life CBE. 

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  3. 35 minutes ago, The Old Crow said:

    I don’t watch ESPN anymore because it got too political and over publicized ridiculous sports personalities. The only time I watch is if there is a NFL game on.

    Yep, that's pretty much me too. I only care what Jeff Saturday says anyway. I like Mark Slereth too AKA "Stink" who moved over too Fox Sports1. Mark never gives INDY much love, which bothers me, but I normally agree with most of what he says outside of the Colts anyway. 

  4. 36 minutes ago, PrincetonTiger said:

    I put very little stock in what talking heads say

    Exactly PT, the only time I wanna hear from "Talking Heads" is when I'm watching the movie "WallStreet" or "Revenge Of The Nerds" man. Otherwise, forget about it.


    [Band reference not sports pundits.] 






    You know me man. I always got slide in music & humor whenever & wherever I can. haha

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  5. 4 hours ago, Myles said:

    Please don't let us lose because of a missed FG.



    I get that part of this remark is intended as dark humor & I will admit that misses twice against Tennessee was a head scratcher, but Adam will figure it out. The man is a top notch professional. He knows he's not playing at his best. He's got the right mindset Myles. If he's still struggling by say week 6, then I'll be worried. Not now though. 


    Does this sound like a dude cracking under pressure to you? 



    Not me. V will overcome this minor slump. Hang in there. 

  6. 3 hours ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    Jones is going to be a handful.

    Actually, I'm more worried about WR Mohamed Sanu. I remember him in Cincinnati. That guy knows how to get open & sit down in zones on the field. 

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  7. 4 hours ago, krunk said:

    That offense isn't anymore high powered than San Diego and right now Rivers is a better QB than Matt Ryan.

    Bingo! If we can get to OT with Phillip, Matty Ice doesn't scare me at all. Well said bro. 

  8. 1 last post in this thread, then I promise to shut up & let someone else talk....


    @LockeDown & @2006Coltsbestever, 


    I have a tremendous amount of respect & admiration for both of you gentlemen as regulars on the forum, please don't take my Chris Ballard difference of opinion on Chris Ballard as harsh criticism because that's not how I intended it. I get why both of you think that because our GM is as cool as a cucumber no matter what happens & he always has a calming demeanor or plan for moving forward. Makes perfect sense given everything we've gone thru since he was first hired in INDY. 


    I just can't give a face of the franchise to a front office guy even if that dude is a bleeping stud. 


    Please feel free to disagree with me openly too whenever I say something you can't subscribe too either. I can take it. LOL! It won't affect my admiration for you guys either. 


    Finally SW1 went silent. There was much rejoicing. haha

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  9. 17 minutes ago, ColtStrong2013 said:


    I don't disagree with an emphasis on defense, but in today's era, it just isn't reality. Leonard and Hooker will be pillars of this franchise for, hopefully, many years... but they are 2nd and 3rd year players, on rookie contracts. They aren't pillars until they at least prove they WANT to be here by signing a 2nd contract. The pillars of this franchise are guys that signed 3rd and 4th contracts. Robert Mathis, Reggie Wayne....guys that are still involved in this organization. T.Y. is that kind of guy. We don't know if Leonard and Hooker are yet. 

    Well written post with sound reasoning throughout CS2013. Like I said in my previous post, I understand that today's game is offensive based which means WR's, QB's, & TE's tend to all the mainstream press. However, I think it's safe to say if Leonard & Hooker remain healthy, they definitely make their presences known. 


    People can think I'm nuts & roll their eyes at me as a gush or wax poetically about Leonard or Hooker--I'm cool with that. When you need a momentum swing, the DBs & LBs gotta stop an opposing team's WR's, RB, & QB with a fumble, turnover, or pick. It's as simple as that. 


    Again, there are no real wrong answers here. Just where individual fans place the most emphasis that's all. I get it. Offensive guys get all the praise. It's where the league is now, not me, but life goes on. Appreciate your response. 

  10. 5 minutes ago, LockeDown said:

    Who is the face of the Cowboys?  Jerry Jones is.  It’s not always a player but usually the biggest personality and sports shows all say now that Ballard is taking the Colts on a very long successful run. They don’t say that about other GMs.  Ballard will be our face for the.m next decade because he is building a complete team that people think will succeed Tom Brady and Pats dominance when he retires. Hilton is just too passive and he doesn’t do commercials  etc....

    Intriguing post above LKD. That is true. Jerry Jones is the figure head of the Cowboys. I consider him more of a marketing genius than a top tier GM though. His son Stephen is making the draft picks calls now not Jerry. Okay sure, Jerry has a lot of cache & sway in Dallas but that was because of Jimmy Johnson in the 90's not necessarily the 2000's & beyond. 


    Look at Bill Polian. A HOF GM who had success in Buffalo & Carolina before he came to INDY & finally won that elusive ring. GM's just aren't household names unless they have success in multiple cities first & faces of franchises are almost always athletes on the field not front office executives usually. 


    Ballard is tremendous sure, but the face of our franchise right now? I would disagree with that. I'm not doubting Ballard's leadership & steady hand at all. 


    Nice write up though buddy. You always make me think & create fresh vantage points & I respect that. 

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  11. 7 minutes ago, WoolMagnet said:

    They should make a "Being Jim Irsay" movie.

    (like John Malcovick)

    I'd definitely buy a ticket to see that flick WM. He's a fascinating guy. He's had substance abuse issues, he's generous with his money & efforts to improve Indianapolis as a community, he's driven to win as an owner, he's been thru lean yrs when our franchise wasn't relevant, he collects famous guitars like kids accumulate baseball cards, & finally the man is honest about his faults, mistakes, & he is extremely relatable to his fans as an owner. 

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  12. Most posters in this thread believe TY Hilton is now the face of our franchise & given how this league is so pass centric now, it makes perfect sense I guess. Or they go with Jacoby Brissett since he touches the ball the most. Neither one of those answers is wrong. 


    I also understand that LB's like Darius Leonard or secondary studs like Malik Hooker seldom get any love because gambling is based on touchdowns & offensive players for fantasy football stats. 


    However, when your team is down & needs to come from behind & get the ball back for your offense, you need dogs on defense & in the secondary. I know I'm in the minority here & that fine. For me, it's a tie between Leonard & Hooker. Not a sexy or popular pick but a vital one. 


    Okay, if you force me to only pick 1 name it's Hooker because he proved his value week one already. 


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  13. 2 hours ago, jvan1973 said:

    We know Ballard.   I doubt fans of other teams know him

    I must admit Jvan. You do make a darn good point. Outside of us, Kansas City, & maybe Barry Alvarez from UW-Madison...Chris Ballard's name doesn't roll of the tongue of most NFL fanbases. 


    I mean INDY fell in love with Ballard after he ended that press conference with "the rivalry is back on" after Josh McDaniels ran back to Foxboro, but yes, GM's seldom become faces of franchises even exceptional ones like Chris. Well said Jvan. 

  14. On 9/9/2019 at 5:44 AM, Myles said:

    I don't think expecting your kicker to hit any of those 3 kicks is "out of whack".   

    I don't think we should cut him.   I think we should keep an eye on him and not keep him for longer than we should just because he is Adam.  His FG% has gone down each of the past 5 years but it has still been decent (not this season of course).  

    Hey there Myles, 


    I get what your driving at. As a professional FG kicker who is well compensated, we as fans expect Adam V. to put the ball between the pipes every tine he is called upon to do so. A fair point. I just meant that when Adam does miss a FG; it turns into massive media coverage since he's not known for coming up short. 


    I'm just not ready to throw in the towel on Adam after a week 1 loss that's all. He knows he under performed on Sunday. He's tougher on himself than any INDY fan is I'm sure. 


    Is there a danger on retaining Adam too long resting on his past laurels of success? Maybe. Look, I'm all in favor of grooming the next place kicker to succeed Adam. It's a smart, proactive move. I just wanna see how Mr. V performs say the next 5 or 6 weeks first before I draw any conclusions that's all. 


    Nice chatting with you as always Myles. :hat:



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  15. 19 minutes ago, GoatBeard said:

    That's a fair question. I will be the first to admit that every accusation deserves scrutiny, or we are heading into a dangerous place. I dont have a problem with asking hard questions. 


    In my sisters case, she immediately went to the authorities and went thru the necessary procedures to secure evidence of the attack and the man got a fairly light jail sentence given the gravity of his actions.


    But, she also didnt know the man on a personal level. Sometimes I think people who know their attacker have trouble separating their human side from the dark side on display during an attack. Do you judge a person based solely on the few minutes of the incident? It's hard to say. I guess it depends on the relationship you have with them prior. And as messed up as it sounds, they might feel empathy towards that person. Keep in mind, this woman might have had a relationship with him that lasted awhile. They might have shared good times together. She might have even found him attractive. But rape is rape and it all depends on the circumstances surrounding the incident. 


    It will be interesting to see what happens. Antonio hasnt done himself any favors with his conduct of late. I just hope the truth comes out. If he is that guy he deserves all the shame the public can offer. If hes not he deserves his name to be clear of it.


    I try not to take sides, and just see what happens.

    I have to give you a ton of credit for having such a fair & balanced perspective on the Antonio Brown alleged incident given what you & your family have already endured on a personal level. If my own sister went thru a similar traumatic violation, I'm not sure I would be able to gain that level of insight & wisdom even with time. 


    I won't mention your sister anymore because I respect your privacy & I no desire to evoke bad memories for you. 


    Yes, that is indeed possible [what I bolded in red.] Friendship gone horribly wrong does happen more often than most people like to think it does. Rape always revolves around power & dominance over another & sometimes famous athletes have never been told no before. They are so used to getting their way that any form of resistance ticks them off. And sometimes, the unthinkable occurs...And once that safety gets shattered--A woman's life is never the same again. 

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  16. 6 minutes ago, GoatBeard said:



    And let me clarify.....I think it's every bit as gross for anyone to label Antonio Brown a rapist based purely off an allegation, and am in no way suggesting he is. I have no clue. And I despise the man.


    But we as a society just have to be able to let these things play out and understand we dont have to have an opinion or make a determination, right away. We can afford to be patient. There is nothing on the line here, for us. 


    And my comments were in no way directed at anyone in particular, just a trend I've noticed in the last few years. It's purely a general statement, so I hope noone here takes offense. I too wonder if the woman would make it up. Its natural.


    I just have sisters, one of whom was raped years ago. And I know how it changed her, forever, and not for the better. It a horrific experience for anyone to live thru, man or woman, and my heart goes out to every legit rape victim there has ever been. My heart also goes out to anyone who has been wrongfully accused.


    I think everyone has good intentions, for the most part. Nobody wants someone to go thru either thing. And that shows the hearts of people are for the most part, pure. But we are absolutely impatient and opinionated as a society, and it often leads to ugliness. 

    I am so sorry to hear about what happened to your sister. No one ever deserves that level of pain & anxiety which never subsides. 


    I must also commend you for standing up for anyone falsely accused of a crime that they did not commit. Yes, we definitely need to be patient here & not condemn anyone before all the facts are in. Well said GB. Absolutely right. Rushing to a judgement in either direction is a dangerous slippery slope indeed. 


    Again, my deepest condolences to your family once again regarding your sibling. I truly mean that. 

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  17. 1 hour ago, pacolts56 said:

    And that's the problem..... Antonio Brown has voluntarily and rebelliously shown so much blatant narcissism, arrogance, sense of entitlement and selfishness that one could easily see him carry these behaviors over into acquaintances and relationships.


    Based on what we know from his INTENTIONALLY public and defiant behavior.... he, at best, has made himself a target for this type of accusation..... and at worst, actually did what he's being accused of.

    I must admit that you make an intriguing argument here PAC56. AB's arrogance & sense of entitlement makes him prime pickings for anyone who wants to bleep with his life & flip his whole world upside down. 


    Yes, we all know that there are drop dead gorgeous women out there who use deception & ulterior motives to gain financial security down the road. However, in many cases, that involves pregnancy/child support payment as opposed to forced sex against a person's will. 


    So, it becomes a battle between searching for a sugar daddy versus treating females like a commodity only existing for a rich man's enjoyment preferences.  Empirical evidence usually determines what really happened i.e. consensual or forced. 


    I do agree though that AB's attitude of the world revolves around me & look how great I am isn't doing him any favors or allowing others to give him the benefit of the doubt. 

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  18. 1 hour ago, GoatBeard said:

    But the victim blaming just encourages women to stay quiet, and that's not good at all.

    Good point GB. It takes a lot of strength & intestinal fortitude to admit that a person has been violated against their will & do something about it legally. Courage many of us probably wouldn't have. 


    Sometimes, people just want a huge settlement, but if a woman was raped in this case, generally it is a horrific experience that is rarely conjured up out of thin air. Yes, automatic victim shaming from jump street is indeed wrong & inexcusable in my estimation. 


    It is possible that a rich athlete was targeted? Maybe. However, I was raised to believe that women bringing forth this allegation aren't lying. They don't want publicity & celebrity status. They just want their reputation, good name, & some sense of normalcy back even if it's only in small doses yrs later. They want to ensure that the alleged aggressor is prohibited from violating another woman or at least thinks twice about it anyway. 

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  19. 34 minutes ago, stitches said:

    I kind of disagree with you. Not about any of your observations really, they are on point... I disagree about your takeaway about Brissett and what it means for the team if he is indeed a game manager. This in fact is my biggest worry really. That he turns into a stable game manager or unstable inconsistent Qb and nothing more. This is the thing I fear most - that we get sucked into paying a game manager big money long-term because of flashes here and there, but no consistent playmaking. I want him to be either bad or great. I don't want him to be in the middle ... just solid... game manager. It's incredibly hard to win at the highest level in the NFL with a game manager. He might get you in the playoffs, but then you meet QBs like Rivers, Mahomes, Mayfield, Brady, hell even Watson if the Texans somehow fix the OLine. I don't want a Mariota, I don't want an Alex Smith, I don't want a Dak Prescott. Those are players that will give you enough hope just to take it away in the post-season. 


    I want Brissett to be either great so we know he can take us to the SB, or I want him to be bad, so we can more easily move on. 

    We were fortune enough to land 2 elite QBs in Manning & Luck. The odds of INDY hitting the jackpot a 3rd time is darn near impossible stitches. More than likely, even if we cut Jacoby loose after his contract expires, INDY probably drafts a game manager next go round. 


    Game manager isn't necessary a dirty word. Trent Dilfer, Phil Sims, Jeff Hostetler, Brad Johnson all won rings as game managers. All that label means is you don't turn the ball over, throw out of bounds to avoid sacks/bad field position, & let your D carry you when things get tight. 


    Look at Carson Wentz He's elite, but injury prone & hurt a lot. Criticize Dak if you want as a lowly game manager, but the guy is always available every Sunday man. Besides, throwing long passes doesn't make a QB elite AKA Joe Flacco or Jeff George. Even Micheal Vick relied mostly on his feet & elusiveness before Andy Reid in Philly made him a true pocket passer in this league near the end of his NFL career. 


    All I'm saying is this: Striking rich 3 times with an elite QB for INDY is like a billion to 1. Game manager is the best we can hope for now. Football Gods won't bless INDY thrice with a larger than life field general by 2020 & beyond IMO. 

  20. 9 minutes ago, Jared Cisneros said:

    Sometimes you screw up, and it's on him, not saying to release him lol.

    I wrote my response before I read this from you Jared. Just to be clear. 


    I do realize though that Adam can't play forever & we need to have another place kicker in the pipeline learning from Adam now. It's like a record executive. You gotta plan early for your next multi-platinum artist so you don't end up irrelevant as a label & not fiscally sound & vibrant anymore. 


    I'm a big music buff so a lot of my examples about thriving & adapting come directly from that genre or realm etc. etc. 

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  21. I will readily admit this publicly: 


    When I get attached to athletes I like [such as Adam V. or Peyton Manning] I have a difficult time letting go or accepting that they are aging & not what they once were. 


    I do realize that some fans or posters want to be ahead of the curve & not a slave to a player's past or former invincibility status that they may no longer possess moving forward. 


    I will own that flaw or weakness Jared. Maybe, that's all your doing...Planning for Adam's replacement so our special team's production doesn't collapse & we have no 2nd option available. Being ahead of the curve is harder than most people want to consider. I get it. 

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  22. 52 minutes ago, Jared Cisneros said:

    Although we lost this game, things point in a very positive direction for the Colts going forward. I was slightly pessimistic going into the season with Brissett, but I saw exactly what I wanted from him. He is the perfect game manager type QB that doesn't make mistakes, that can be used with Mack to create a potent, balanced offense every week. The O-Line held their own for the most part, and I see that going forward. The defense allowed some chunk plays, but only allowed 24 points during regulation, which is standard. The huge positive was we were getting pressure, Turay broke out, and the rookies haven't even made their mark yet, so there will be more to come.


    Just remember, even without Luck, we aren't a dumpster fire like some teams in the NFL, we have the best GM in the NFL, a solid coach, and a good owner. We have a lot of reasons to still be positive, and it'll be a fun season. This loss was all on Adam V. The team is going to be fine!


    Have a great day guys!

    Fantastic post Jared. My own disagreement with you is the line I bolded. Did Adam's misses hurt us on the scoreboard or make the hole to dig out of deeper than we would have preferred? Yes. However, we can't lay this loss entirely at V's feet. He's not the terminator or an unstoppable cyborg for crying out loud. He's been so clutch for so long that our expectations are out of whack.  It's week 1; these misses don't give me pause at all. Hades, most teams misfire the first week since most of the veterans have not played a full game yet. Adam has earned a lot of cache in this league for the Pats & INDY. He'll be fine. Everybody's rusty even the refs. 


    Yep, our defense was making Rivers slide up in the pocket & Hooker did take away 6 points from the powder blue LA Bolts late in the game to keep us alive, Mack looked solid on the ground, & TY has a nose for the end zone just like always, even Ebron was on fire until the refs screwed us over with a lame call. 


    Jacoby played well better than I anticipated he would. Like you said so eloquently, he makes good decisions with the ball. Uh huh. INDY is definitely no dumpster fire indeed. 


    I will give you a like anyway since I agree with 95% of what you wrote. I'm not really that upset with you Jared. I just can't condemn Adam. The dude is money. He just had a hiccup today that's all. He will work his tail off this week to redeem himself & get his mojo back buddy. :hat:

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  23. On 9/8/2019 at 6:41 PM, Detectacon said:

    I can’t say enough about what Vinny means to this organization. However, why is he still playing? It was obvious last year that he should have seriously considered hanging his cleats up. What he did (actually didn’t) do today was upsetting. Not just to me as a fan, but to his team. The team has been through a lot this month and they still showed true grit and have stayed in this game the entire way. Vinny let everyone down regardless of how this ends. 


    On 9/8/2019 at 7:11 PM, FanFromtheWasteland said:

    This loss is on him plain and simple.

    I'm sorry when did a team sport like football suddenly become golf or tennis? No, this loss isn't entirely on Adam. SMH. 

    On 9/8/2019 at 7:16 PM, Detectacon said:

    He absoultely let everyone down today. He lost this game single-handily....IMHO. 

    You make it sound like Adam V. should be taken out to pasture & literally put down. Prisoner of the moment syndrome I'm afraid. 


    "Vinny let everyone down," "He lost the game singlehandedly." "This loss is on him." 


    What like nobody else dropped a pass today? Look, I get it. This wasn't the outcome any of us wanted, but to make it sound like Adam alone sabotaged the final result today is beyond absurd. Would making all his field goals today have come in handy? Sure, but the man isn't a machine, he's human.


    Adam V. has saved our caboose on so many occasions during games. Let's not crucify the man prematurely shall we...


    It's never as bad as it initially looks. There are a lot of positives to lean your hat on despite this loss--A crucial turnover in the 2nd half, sacking Rivers more than once, running the ball well, & JB throwing the ball with precision & authority all game long. 

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  24. 13 hours ago, shakedownstreet said:


    I fail to catch your drift. :(


    Can you please explain what you are trying to say in much more graphic detail please

    Cute SDS cute.


    Okay, just for fun, I will play along. I often find that songs provide the perfect visual aids for situations just like this one... Picture Aaron Rodgers facial hair as you listen to these numbers:




    Or perhaps, the Janet Jackson song "Throb." Better not post that saucy single & violate PG protocols on the forum.


    This Muddy Waters classic should illustrate it more clearly for you & remove all ambiguity...



    Thanks for playing along & being a good sport about my shenanigans SDS. You're all right man.

  25. Slightly off topic: 


    Um Melvin Gordon, go back to the Bolts pronto, beg for your job back, & gladly take whatever contract they offer you dude. 


    Swallow your pride & suit up for a team bound to make a deep Playoffs run. Stop the foolish trade demands too. The Chargers look like a 12-4 squad to me. Locked & loaded. 

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