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  1. SOMDColtsfan,

    To answer your question, yes since the Probowl is endorsed by the NFL with Roger Goodell's blessing & approval, not to mention jersey & merchandising sales, an injury suffered by any player on CBA time would be fully paid for by the NFL. Therefore, this injured player is NOT responsible for any medical costs, procedures, or personal insurance deductibles.

    It is the equivalent to workman's compensation only 1,000 times better than the average common man or woman's company policy. It's like when a state trooper gets shoot on duty & paralysis results. They are financially compensated extremely well for the rest of their natural born lives.

    These "variables" you speak of are part of the gladiator sport known as professional football sir. If you can't stand the heat get the bleep out of the kitchen. Every athlete knows what they are in for when they sign a franchise contract on the dotted line. This isn't golf, fly fishing, or chess okay. Brutality & physical punishment come with the NFL territory baby.

    Either buckle your chinstrap for a real Probowl game or dismantle this pathetic game forever in my humble opinion.

  2. I will agree cokomenow that Tom Brady did not receive the same pass rush pressure under Justin Tuck & Michael Strahan that he did in 2007 during their perfect regular season. However, Justin Tuck's 1st quarter safety of over rated golden boy Tommy Terrific set the tone for the entire game on Superbowl Sunday.

    Jason Pierre Paul could have easily been given the MVP Trophy as well. Sorry Eli Manning did not deserve this prestigious MVP award. No way. No how.

    If Eli had been thrown around in the Superbowl like a beat up rag doll like he was against the 49ers yes give Eli the MVP, but not against the Patriots. Justin Tuck or J.P.P. wins MVP hands down in my book.

    Who are you kidding man? Seriously, it's no contest here.

    Even though we may politely disagree on which player should have been named MVP, I do value your perspective cokomenow. Thank you.

  3. Yup, that pretty much encapsulates the Jim Irsay/Peyton Manning situation to a T Kayla.

    Low ball #18, #18 leaves INDY freely, NO fan buys the lame excuse from Irsay that Yoda left by his own independent decision, & hold press conference praising new Colts QB Andrew Luck...Oh no, Irsay logs back onto to twitter again.

    Just like sound the advice: Don't drink & drive. Think before you click send Mr. Irsay. Thank you.

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  4. I agree. Performing individual drills of throwing, catching, kicking, & tackling would be more entertaining to watch than the Probowl in its current form. Either let the defense actually hit or separate individual athletic events into a February Combine #2 outside the confines of Indianapolis & Lucas Oil Stadium. No 40 yard dash or jumping drills are required though.

    Propose hypothetical situational football scenarios: Pinning an offense deep in the end zone, the 2 minute drill, onside kick recovery, interception "Best Hands in the Business" drills, & Tom Brady "Tuck Rule" rein enactments, & full blitz packages etc etc. That is Must See Television Man!!! Get your favorite beverage & buttered popcorn ready ladies & gentlemen. This is gonna be GREAT!!!

  5. MIColtsFan,

    AIM is the equivalent to Status Updates on Colts Forum. You can instantly start a topic on anything with your friends or whomever else decides to join in usually in short 3 sentences lines. I have participated in several dialog streams with Kayla D & Brent11. It's pretty fun & addicting too.

    MSN & Yahoo refer to free online email address locations like say for example: MIColtsFan@yahoo.com or MIColtsFan@MSN.com.

    Yes, you can use Facebook as a fan page if you want, but if you desire information on all things Colts related, I would simply stay put on Colts Forum. Your blogs won't transfer to Facebook automatically. Just remain here & forget about Facebook. It's easier that way.

    Hope this helps you MIColtsFan. Have a nice day. You are never a bother to me my friend. You can ask me anything okay.

  6. Good 1 MIColtsFan!!! Jerry Jones media freak #2 in the the NFL is exactly right. And how many Lombardi Trophies has Jones won since 1996? ZERO BABY!!!

    The great NFL franchises are not consumed by fame, fortune, & noteriety. They just put their nose to the grindstone, ignore the media & press, & go to work on winning championship hardware. Peyton doesn't deserve to be treated like a 2nd class citizen. Shame on you Mr. Irsay. Oh, you need to log onto Twitter again...How wonderful for you. Your franchise is in a state of flux & you are consumed by false ego inflation. Great just great Jim.

  7. "This is Hoooowarrrdddd Kosssellll reporting live from Madison City Garden in New York City. I don't believe it!!! Mittens the undisputed heavy weight champion of the world just knocked out 8 dogs in a row in 3 rounds. WOW!!! They don't call Mittens 'Fuzzy Upper Cut' for Nothing Ladies & Gentlemen.'"

    "I can't wait to see Mittens against his chief heavyweight contender rival Cluber Lang CatNip next month!!! That mohawk of his is very menacing & intimidating. Never seen gold chains & bling on a cat before. If Mittens loses to Cluber Lang Katnip, former boxing legend Apollo "Whiskers" Creed has agreed to train Mittens for the rematch fight."

    [Nice Rocky III pun on cats huh? Yeah, I thought so too.] HA! HA!

  8. Here are some helpful tips:

    On the main Colts Forum page, clicking the blue tab Blogs will get you to the most recently written fan blogs including yours

    By clicking on you name MIColtsFan at the top of the page, a pull down menu will appear, 1 option there to choose from is manage my friends. Click it & once there go to the far side of a person's picture. You have several tiny icons there: PM [personal message] a friend, view blog, remove a friend, etc. etc. Feel free 2 experiment as well.

    On your name, if you click on setting you can set up your profile page. Click the About Me Tab. A pop up window will appear & you can give fans cool info about yourself: Favorite food, music, etc.

    On the left side of the page click on personal customizations. Once you find a picture you like on google, enter the URL/ http: address line here, check tile at the bottom of the page & hit save. Go to your name at the top of the page on the right side, pull down & click on profile page, & you will go to your newly changed profile page.

    I hope these tips help you MIColtsFan.

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  9. Thanks Kayla. I appreciate your analysis & time as always. Playing the backup QB well is often never highlighted or appreciated unless you have a poor game. Then, everybody's got an opinion on your pocket presence & throwing mechanics. Usually, the dominant question is how fast can you be released & cut? Not fair really when you consider a lack of reps & that no one can hit, tackle, or touch the red shirted QB in practice.

    I like my Driver's Education analogy too. Does anyone really pay attention in their role as the backup QB? No, not really not until they get to drive the franchise Ferrari for real in a LIVE game atmosphere beyond pre-season anyway.

  10. What exactly would you want help with? Basic navigation & overall website whereabouts? How to spruce up your profile page & make it unique?

    I learning too like a new born infant just learning to walk for the first myself, but a can shoot you a private email with some tips if you'd like. I promise not to melt any cheese or talk over your head with technical jargon okay. You have my word on that. Let me know. Thanks.

    I put up my 1st real blog on here today too MIColtsFan. Feel free to check it out at your leisure as well.

  11. Hi MIColtsFan,

    Yeah, to use actor Charlie Sheen's own words right now, owner Jim Irsay is not exactly "WINNING" the public relations sweepstakes right now courtesy of the way he is treating Peyton Manning at the moment is he? Just say no to twitter outbursts Jimmy please. You look & sound foolish & ridiculous okay. Peyton did not disrespect the blue horseshoe in any way, shape, or form okay. He is the epitomeof class & dignity okay.

    You put up your 1st blog on Colts Forum. I'm so proud of you MIColtsFan!!! Way to Go my Friend!!! Excellent Job!!!

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  12. Yeah, this clip never gets old no matter how many times you see it. It is still hilarious. You know what coming & you still laugh your head off!!! I love it when Archie looks back at Peyton & Eli with that "Knock it off look" & Peyton opens up his arms like he so innocent & its all Eli's fault. Then WHAM!!! Peyton's foot hits Eli right in the butt & the ESPN announcer just keeps right on talking like nothing is going on around him.

    My dad used to give me that "Knock it off" look sometimes & I knew I was about 10 seconds away from getting my a** kicked. Oh, what found memories this brings back. HA! HA!

  13. I love her line: "Let's Open Up This [Mosh] Pit!!!" Then, she jumps on the trampalean [sic] & her stuff animals go flying....So funny & yet so awesome too! A little, adorable rebel in our midst.

    "Dog Biscuit" great name for her band Brent...Her fans can throw dog treats on stage whenever they want her to come back on & do an encore set. I smell a lucrative market deal on the horizon...Does she have a talent agent & entertainment lawyer on retainer yet? Brent, Kayla, & I work cheap. HA! HA!

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  14. Yeah you're exactly right Brent. Watching these funny commercials featuring Peyton made me realize how much I miss watching him in action on the field of play this season.

    That wig & mustache Sprint cell phone commercial reminds me of a cheesy 1970's detective show.

    That horseplay scene between Peyton & Eli is classic man. "Where's your brother?"

    "I don't know" HA! HA! Love that line.

  15. Maureen,

    It's like that old expression "You don't know what you've got til it's gone." Everyone knew witnessing Peyton play, & Michael Jordon for that matter too, they were special athletic talents. If Peyton does great released from the great city & franchise of Indianapolis, there will exist a tremendous void & HUGE SHOES THAT WILL NEVER BE FILLED QUITE THE SAME WAY AS THEY WERE BEFORE HAND.

    Peyton you will be missed no question. Good luck #18 where ever you end up next year. I hope you land squarely & softly on your feet ready & rarring to go.

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