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  1. Kayla,

    Yes, this growing epidemic of school violence is certainly disturbing & troubling. In my day, no school had drug sniffing dogs, metal detectors, or a constant onsite police presence either. We all need a safe learning & working environment in this world.

    Not to get too political in nature, but stagnant wages, the rising cost of living, & a lack of iron clad job security with excellent medical benefits does play more than a minor role in this dilemma, especially as more & more parents are gone working multiple jobs just to make ends meet. In addition, tragically a college degree doesn't guarantee future prosperity & longevity anymore either.

    I don't have any concrete solutions to offer you other than to remind you & everyone else out there to hug their friends & family members & tell them frequently that you love & appreciate them. People often lash out in violence & suicide when they think no one cares about them. Everyone has merit. Everyone has value. Everyone has unique gifts.

    I, for one, appreciate my family & my friends on Colts Forum like Kayla, Brent, MIColtsFan, Barry, Maureen, & several other remarkable individuals as well. Thank you Kayla for having the courage to speak so openly, honestly, & courageously about this topic. It shows that you truly care.

  2. Barry, thanks for the Coach Pagano's commentary.

    Like he said at his initial introductory Colts press conference, "Simple Me Complicated You." Easy for our guys to interpret scheme play wise & almost impossible to accurately dissect as an opponent on the opposite side of the field. Beautiful Coach Pagano just beautiful!!!

  3. MIColtsFan, unlike ESPN's NFL Insider reporter Adam Schefter, I trust your journalistic integrity. If I was in your work office this morning, I would probably hug you right now because this news is a breath of fresh air. Yes, there is a God & Freeney & Mathis are staying put in INDY!!! Yeah Baby!!!

    MIColtsFan thank you you just made my weekend a whole lot better. Awesome simply awesome!!!

  4. As a corner, Jacob Lacey's performance as a corner has not been consistent enough to merit keeping him on our roster. I wish I knew if we had someone on our practice squad with good hands, decent speed, gliding hips, excellent vision, & was a natural at jumping routes. Even looking at our current special teams players might not be a bad idea here.

    Gotta let Lacey go. Not reliable enough. Lacey has made a few strides, but not fast enough to justify keeping him.

  5. JPPT1974,

    As an Amerasian yourself, I really appreciate your perspective on post 911 issues of cultural awareness. Greater efforts on the part of white Anglo-Saxon Americans must be made to get to know & understand a multitude of different cultures, customs, creeds, & their daily way of life. It is hard, diligent, detailed, & very slow work, but if it is done with the intent to really learn about the different dynamics of a diverse people in a patient & thorough manner legitimate positive strides can actually be made for the equal treatment of everyone.

    Thank you for your sincere response JPPT1974. It means a great deal to me.

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  6. Southwest that was a very interesting analogy to the blasphemous treatment of any person...to be blamed for a disease that decimated Europe.

    Sadly Brent,

    People did falsely blame individuals of Jewish descent for real as the reason for the disease [bubonic Plague] that decimated up to one third/one half of Western Europe in the 14th Century. Was this belief completely baseless & unfounded? Yes, of course. No exaggerated analogies here. This is a historical fact & reality. Tragic & truthful all in the same sentence.

  7. Just saying how it 'hit' me. ESPN is within it's rights as an employer. Overall though, I've not concerned about the employment status of anyone there.

    And I am serious that people lose their jobs for lesser reasons....or for no particular reason at all.

    Who knows what else has gone on there at ESPN. But I'm not going to go to bat for someone who makes a remark like that. Sorry, I just didn't like it.



    My larger point in writing this article was pointing out that younger generations of people might not be acutely or even remotely aware of another culture's racial insensitivity to a word phrase or time period. More & more work environments try to implement sensitivity training seminars, but they can't possibly cover every situation, historical reference, phrase, or word. Younger generations might have no idea that people of Jewish descent historically speaking have had to endure a false stereotypical belief that they were falsely blamed for the Bubonic Plague in Western Europe from 1346-1350 in the 14th Century. Does that mean a lack of ignorance about this fact should result in a person's firing from an occupation if someone makes a joke about being ill & almost feeling like they are on their last leg of wellness last week similar to the Bubonic Plague just because a Jewish community group was offended by the reference? A public apology is in order, but not an automatic firing or dismissal. Sensitivity classes yes of course.

  8. Wespy,

    I love how you summarize & bullet point your constant battles between your heart & your head. Does that make you Dr. Jeckyl & Dr. Hyde with a split/dual personality? Just Kidding!!!

    I love Jeff Saturday!!! He played a crucial role in the CBA negoiations this year. He calls all the protections schemes for Yoda AKA Peyton Manning. I don't care how old Saturday is...You can't put a price on experience & locker room loyalty. #63 is staying put along with Yoda. End of discussion. If Peyton is released, I hope Jeff goes with him to his next NFL franchise too.

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  9. I always forget that this systems software takes out highly charged words like rhymes "WINK IN THE ARMOR" but it starts with a C word. Comedian George Carlin always talked the significance of language, understanding intent, & taking things way too far out of context. Carlin would view this episode as a "manufactured" controversy & that society has gotten way too soft. Racial slurs cannot be tolerated under any circumstances of course, but phrases can easily have more than 1 meaning too of course.

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  10. I have always believed that the ability to play, sing, create, & play music is a gift from God or a higher force at work. Your fingers look pretty good strummin' that bass guitar neck Coltsince4!!!

    Musicians are fantastic people. The vibe they put out is simply spectacular. Elder & the Blues Boys sound good to me!!! When is the reunion tour taking place? HA! HA!

  11. Peyton would be an excellent fit in 49ers Country too. Superb special teams play, Patrick Willis leading the Defense, Vernon Davis to stretch the field on offense, & Neil Rackers as your field goal kicker. Wow! This squad would be amazing! Alex Smith is no challenge to the Great Peyton Manning & that division is ripe for the taking.

  12. Yes, absolutely you keep both the "human spinning tornado" Freeney & "Mr. Tackle Consistency" Mathis. Superb NFL pass rushers are extremely rare in this league. You can't trade them in for a newer model with less mileage because they are so hard to find.

    Besides both Freeney & Mathis are sharp veteran leaders who can make any necessary adjustments that are needed.

  13. I cannot believe this question is even being seriously debated. Keep both of them. Quality DE pass rushers cannot be found just anywhere in the draft, free agency, or another team's roster. Mathis & Freeney eats QB's for breakfast like most people eat Wheaties in the morning. Both of these men still have plenty of petrol in their respective tanks. If talent still exists on our squad why would you dump it, trade it, or discard it?

    The Bill Belicheck school of thought usually says trade a player with 1 or 2 good NFL years left & turn that trade into a high ranking draft pick, but even Bill has said this year that Mathis & Freeney are the best pure pass rushers in the game. What Grigson are you planning on trading them to our chief rival the Patriots or something? I sincerely hope not.

  14. Cut Painter, Addai, & Gonselez. Keep TE Tamme way to important on special teams. Keep Dallas Clark & Austin Collie too. If Peyton is gone from Indy, their field & locker room veteran leadership will be essential in molding QB Andrew Luck's success for the 5-10 years.

    We need an RB built with a low center of gravity like Jaguar MJD & Marshawn Lynch in Buffalo who won't shy away from contact & can consistently get 4-5 yards per carry to open up the play action pass & keep opposing safeties honest. Carter would be fine if he had better ball control & he just learned how to fall forward as RB.

  15. A decision like releasing Peyton Manning from Indy is like a large needle...Make a clean break, be upfront & honest with the public & Peyton, & the whole rocky road episode will go by quicker & be much less painful for the franchise, for #18, & for all of Colts Nation Faithful...But continue to delay, stonewall, & drag your feet Mr. Irsay this situation will linger, mutate, & grow like an infected sore.

  16. Maybe you are right Brent. A guy this slightly off center would be a perfect special teams coach.

    If players never know if he's being serious or just goofin' around, the athletes under his supervision would give him maximum effort 24/7. Plus, the press guys every Wednesday wouldn't have to scramble to figure out what to write for their sports column this week either. He's like Rex Ryan on speed. HA! HA!

  17. MiColtsFan,

    While it is true that at this point in the season no players wants to risk injury, the way the Probowl game is set up now, any players bound to play in the Superbowl automatically lose their spot in the Probowl anyway & an alternative player with the next highest voting tally replaces that Superbowl bound player. Therefore, no NFL athlete would ever get injured prior to actually playing in their Lombardi Trophy Game. Thanks for your insights though. I always appreciate your intellect & football savvyness MIColtsFan. You are one smart lady no question.

    P.S. For some unusual reason, the profile backgrounds on all fan websites on Colts Forum have disappeared including mine. I spoke with webmaster Maureen about this today & I know she will fix this problem as soon as possible. Feel free to drop me a line if you have anymore questions regarding website related concerns alright. Take care MIColtsFan.

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