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  1. On 10/10/2019 at 11:37 AM, lollygagger8 said:


    I agreed with everything up until this point. 


    Class is the one thing the pats do not have. 

    haha Even though I have never meet you face to face Lolly, I can just picture you saying that with such sarcastic contempt...You know, like when a telemarketer calls you, & you figure let's mess with this s-c-h-m-u-c-k for awhile. Besides, they deserve it & just like Carnegie Hall--Practice makes perfect right? LOL! 

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  2. On 10/10/2019 at 9:23 AM, Imgrandojji said:

    If Ballard brings Sanu to the team I'll be prepared to say we can hang with anyone except for maybe the patriots

    I've always been impressed with Sanu too IGjji. The guy just knows how to consistently get open & he's always had very good hands. I'd be thrilled if our GM landed him. When you're good in Cincy, you'll succeed anywhere man.


    He'd look pretty sweet with a :colts:on his helmet too. 


    Will it ever happen? Who knows, but it's a nice dream anyway. 

  3. On 10/9/2019 at 10:17 AM, ColtsBlueFL said:


    Some fascinating short snippets about our fantastic HC-


    Polian always knew Frank would be a great coach, even as Jim Kelly's backup. Told him to contact him for a coaching opportunity once his playing career ended.


    Frank learned to see the game in other perspectives preparing for both himself, and Jim Kelly. Hall of Famer Kelly once told HC Marv Levy “I never would have been the quarterback I was if not for Frank.”


    Marv Levy has said  “He prepared as if every game was the Super Bowl. I guess ‘genuine’ is one of the best words I can use. He didn’t put on false shows.”


    “He understands how exactly all the pieces fit together in order to build a winning team,” said Bill Polian, who was Buffalo’s general manager for part of Reich’s time there. “He subjugated his own desires to be a starting quarterback because he understood the value of his position, which in those days was the best backup quarterback in the NFL.”


    On his two greatest comebacks, his head coaches said-


    The Terrapins fell behind Miami 31-0 as the Hurricanes taunted them without mercy. At halftime, Coach Bobby Ross told players they would scrimmage that night, when they returned to Gossett Team House, if they didn’t play better. He approached Reich and said, “Frank, you’re the quarterback this half. We stood there for seven minutes looking at each other,” then-offensive coordinator Ralph Friedgen said. “Then we went out and scored [six] straight touchdowns.”


    Versus the Oilers (Kelly out with knee), Houston took a 28-3 lead into halftime.  Marv Levy announces  “Frank, I understand you led the greatest comeback in college football history. Today, you’re going to lead the biggest comeback in pro history.” After first tossing a pick 6, Reich steered the Bills to a 41-38 overtime triumph.


    Reich mentored Nick Foles through a situation few others in NFL history could relate to: He took over at quarterback for a Super Bowl contender. “There was a really strong connection between he and I on multiple levels,” Reich said. “The whole world thought that, when Carson Wentz or Jim Kelly went down, there’s no way you can win another game.”


    When Josh McDaniels backed out of the Colts HC job and the football world mocked the Colts, Polian called team owner Jim Irsay. Having worked together for 15 years, the men converse in shorthand. “It’s a bad time, but there’s a happy ending,” Polian told Irsay. “Your guy is out there. He’s the Super Bowl-winning offensive coordinator.”


    Voila! Once more, as an overlooked second choice, Reich has risen to a leading role where the odds were stacked against him.  He is truly Sincere, and he Totally Believes.  It's shown throughout his career, and it was demonstrated that he can get the guys to believe as well when he steered the Colts to the playoffs last year after a terrible start.


    Really thankful for Ballard and Reich. I'll bet Jim Irsay rests easier these days.

    Phenomenal  reply CBFL. Beautiful job of reinforcing your point of why INDY is so fortunate to have Frank running things for us on the sidelines week in; week out. My favorite section of what you wrote is highlighted in red. Not every QB has the awareness or ability to put their dreams of leading a squad ahead of what is best for the overall team. Plus, I have a ton of respect for anything Marv Levy, Jim Kelly, or Bill Polian says. Good stuff. 


    It's easy to see now why Reich is so successful once all the pieces meaning backstory falls into focus. Nicely done CBFL! I enjoyed reading it. You should write motivational speeches or folklore of NFL legends AKA diamonds in the rough that need more shine on a global scale anyway. 


    You are among the best posters this forum has & that's not an exaggeration either. 

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  4. Off topic: My local minister AKA Pastor Jim is a H-U-G-E Chiefs fan. We always tease either other about our favorite squads. Indy either knocks them out of the playoffs or vice versa usually. I'll bet he was animated last night. LOL! He's a darn nice guy & part of me did feel bad for him last night, but I'm glad the Colts stunned the league last night. 


    We always smack talk in a friendly way which team has the upper hand. We both get a kick out of it anyway. 

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  5. 1 hour ago, Smoke317 said:

    It felt good to finally  get some recognition from somebody from ESPN. 

    haha Yes, that is pretty rare on that cable channel isn't it? I'd be curious with what Rex Ryan thought INDY did to the Chefs I mean Chiefs last night. Love that Snickers commercial. Always made me chuckle. 


    I respect Rex's defensive prowess/mind & I'd be interested to hear his thoughts on how INDY kept KC's QB in check at home. Just thinking out loud. 

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  6. 8 minutes ago, PrincetonTiger said:

    Trent Green feels the same way

    Nice. I always liked Trent as both a QB & booth announcer guy. He knows winning football begins with a stellar offensive line & a solid ground game with excellent blitz pickup capabilities. 


    Green is always fair with his criticism too. He's not striving to be malicious either. Just honest. 

  7. 15 minutes ago, NewColtsFan said:

    see Adam Shine’s recap of the weekend.   The Colt’s win is the number one story.   And Shine can’t say enough good things about us! 

    Just read it as you suggested NCF. It was a solid breakdown of our victory over the Chiefs. Not long, but well written. I like this line:


    "Frank Reich is just an amazing, smart, aggressive, tone-setter of a coach." 


    Always liked the term tone setter probably because it's on a similar level with trail blazer meaning we're gonna surprise a lot of people & underestimate us at your own peril folks. I'll take it. 

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  8. 2 hours ago, NewColtsFan said:


    Even on a night where we pull a big upset,  we have the negative posters showing up.....


    I don't pretend to know how good Jacoby can eventually be,  but I do know this,  what we are currently seeing right now --- whatever level you think that is --- Brissett is not done improving.   There's no reason to think that.   QB's improve.   He's played 5 games in this offense.   He played 15 games in a completely different offense two years ago.    He played 4 games for New England and played well.


    Whatever he is,  he should get better.   How much better,  I don't know.


    But I do know this...    no one else here knows either.   If he levels off at a game manager level,  the people calling him that now will scream "I told you so!"...     Sorry,  but you don't know squat.   You simply guessed and came up right.    If you guess the correct lottery numbers,  you didn't know anything.   You just got a lucky guess.


    None of us have seen enough of JB to know how good he is.    Making an argument one way or the other on such a small sample size is silly.   Brissett will get better this year.    And, assumig all goes well,  he should be better next year too. 


    Some here are just too invested in being right.   Just sit back and enjoy the season.   We're still playing with House Money.    Maybe tonight starts a magical run like we had last year.   Maybe not.   But I intend to enjoy it the rest of the way.    Hope you do too.


    Hey there NCF, 


    A well balanced response on JB my friend. I like that about you. You weigh the pros & cons equally & remind us all to just enjoy the ride & not over analyze the situation to death. Good advice as always. 


    "If you guess the correct lottery numbers, you didn't know anything.  You just got a lucky guess." 


    Ah man, you mean that doesn't make me a mathematical genius? Just joking. True, nobody has any idea what Jacoby will turn into yet. I like your approach though. Be patient & don't expect greatness pronto. Let him develop & see what his learning curve is as our starting QB. Just let this season be this season & not become preoccupied with grand expectations of eliteness. Just focus on being consistently good week in; week out.  Well said brother. :hat:


    I hope all is well with you as well. 


    Off topic: You wrote a movie review several yrs ago about "25th Hour" starring actor Edward Norton that was top notch by the way. I should retrieve that critique & go into greater detail about that column/write up. I need to do that more often. Highlight great writers & critics on here. I don't do that enough. I tend to dominate that movie thread more than I should. I need to remedy that. Anyway, nice work NCF. You are a talented writer IMO. 

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  9. 2 hours ago, Stephen said:

    The refs did everything to hand the chiefs  that game.

    Normally, I try to give refs the benefit of the doubt, but even I have my limits. LOL! Not their finest hour to be sure. 

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  10. 3 hours ago, Four2itus said:

    The chiefs player put his heal on the out of bounds line. Never reviewed. The TY call was stupid. How that wasn't reversed, is beyond my understanding. 


    The INT did hit the ground. We got the ball anyway. 

    I couldn't agree more F2us. Excellent points. Uh huh. That TY penalty was so horrible. It looked even worse on replay. What were the refs even looking at? Send that entire officiating crew to the optometrist immediately. 

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  11. 2 hours ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    Vinny is now talking, this is great stuff haha. He said they knocked us out of the playoffs last year so this was a great win.

    Yeah, what's that famous Mark Twain quote again? Oh yes, "“The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” You proved that tonight Adam with your accurate foot. Darn right! :thmup:

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  12. 3 hours ago, Jared Cisneros said:

    Very happy. Tremendous heart by this team all-around. Proud of these guys, and lets enjoy the bye week! I'll eat my crow :)

    You have nothing to apologize for Jared. You stand by your assertions & take your lumps when you have no other choice. ArrowHead is a tough stadium to win in. INDY surprised a lot of us tonight. 

    3 hours ago, King Colt said:

    That game threw most everyone off. Them I watched them beat the Bears today. 

    I'm glad you brought up that game. That roughing the passer call on QB Chase Daniel in the 2nd half  with 11:24 left in the 4th quarter was such nonsense today. I think the roughing the passer call was on Trent Brown. I couldn't believe it. Worst penalty I have seen in recent weeks. I could see why Jon Gruden was so upset over that ridiculous 15 yard infraction. Let the defense play refs come on man...


    Correction: The flag was on Maurice Hurst #73 against QB  Chase Daniels not Trent Brown. Sorry about that. 

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  13. 1 hour ago, NewColtsFan said:

    Happy to chime in here.    I don’t think I made any negative comments about this game other than giving us an L when the schedule came out in April.


    Today,  I told my wife the Colts were the nationally televised game and I thought we might lose...   bad....


    Mahomes was scary good until he got hurt.


    But we were really inspired.   We won the game at the Line Of Scrimmage.   We dominated.   Really proud of everyone.    Sorry to lose Turay,  but we will have to find a way... 


    Really enjoyable game....


    Congrats to everyone. 

    Now, that you mention it. It was quite a change of pace to see Cris Collinsworth praising our QB, our franchise, & our D tonight. When every football fan is watching SNF, it's nice to see INDY dominate for all eyes to see & not collapse. I get so sick & tired of Cris blowing smoke up New England's or Dallas's derriere 24/7. I find it hilarious when the establishment must go off script & give INDY some props. It kills them & that's why I love it. 

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  14. 1 hour ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    This win is unreal but that is Colts football. That stop by Houston on 4th down was just priceless. Our O.Line is the best. TY is a top 5 WR in the league, Jacoby is just poised and just proved to me he can lead this team. Mack is a workhorse. Vinny was perfect and sealed the game too. 


    Darius will be back after the BYE as well. 

    You pretty much nailed it with this response CBE. Covered all the bases & said exactly what I was thinking. 

    1 hour ago, bestQBever said:

    I did not have any faith in winning this game but WHO could've guessed our defense would do THAT to the MVP.

    This is why I can't criticize any INDY fan who thought the Chiefs would get a W tonight. I had no idea our D was even capable of that. When the honey badger picked off Jacoby, I was worried. I can't lie. Pleasantly surprised. 

    1 hour ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    Locally it is on every news channel. This city loves the Colts haha 

    You have a great read on this team man & Championship Football in general...What's required to achieve it. I don't live in the Hoosier State, but I respect your pulse on the Horseshoe. You know of what you speak man. 

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  15. On 9/30/2019 at 8:45 AM, coltsva said:

    There’s no need to insult losers. 

    I spit up Vanilla Coke when I read this...Thank you for that CVA. I like your style. You're just as messed up as I am, but in a good way. LOL! 

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  16. On 9/30/2019 at 11:58 AM, Gramz said:

    He's done for the year.  


    Hopefully he's done for good.  


    He doesn't seem to "get it" or he just flat out doesn't care that He plays dirty and could seriously injure someone.   


    He should be done!  He is the dirtiest player ever. 


    I hope Doyle is okay.

    My sentiments exactly Gramz. I couldn't believe what he did to Doyle either. Jesus.


    Just when I start to feel sympathy for defensive players who get too many penalty flags by refs on the field, this lowlife keeps breaking the rules, laying guys out, thinks his cheap shots are funny, & he makes it harder for LBs with their heads screwed on right to be given the benefit of the doubt. Wow, what a...


    At this point, VB must be banished from the NFL permanently. He's run out of second chances. Bye Felicia. 

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  17. 1 hour ago, CurBeatElite said:

    He is tied with Patrick Mahommes with 10 TD as the top 2 QB's in the NFL in that stat.. he's the first Colt in a long time to have QBR above 115 in 3 of his first for games.


    He is obviously a leader and his teammates respect him.   He'll be OK.  Great or not, he's shown he can win with a team around him.  


    Let's wait for it to play out, I think he's gonna lead us to an AFC South Championship.

    Good post CurBeatElite. Yep, if JB has time & protection up front, he usually makes good decisions with the ball no question. Patience is the right approach indeed. Some fans expect perfection way too fast. 


    I've never put my stock in QBR nonsense. It's total bull you know what to me. Beyond that, I like what you said. 

  18. 3 hours ago, CanuckColt said:

    Brissett is not a franchise QB and never will be.



    2 hours ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    Wow after 4 games you know that haha , you are amazing miss cleo infomercial GIF

    Okay, I'll be honest. I did have a Vincent Price laugh when I read your response CBE. I can't lie. Well placed sarcasm always makes me smile. 


    Canuckcolt might even be right. But, here's the thing though: With our offensive line & above average running game, JB doesn't need to be elite. Just move the chains, not turn the ball over, & win the time of possession battle. I get what you're driving at though. When the weather gets bad in November & December, top tier teams will shutdown you're ground game, take away your best deep threat, & compel you to beat them thru the air with your 2nd or 3rd best WR.


    Jacoby does scramble pretty good when necessary & he's always looking downfield even on the move & that's worth something. 

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  19. On 9/27/2019 at 7:18 AM, lollygagger8 said:

    His rocket launcher arm is #1 though 


    On 9/27/2019 at 11:06 AM, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    Brady has dinked and dunked his whole career basically and has won 6 SB's. I am not sure why some get hung up on that JB hasn't thrown a 60 yard pass in the air for a TD. I could care less about that. Do what it takes to win, that is all that matters.

    Yeah, I get what both you guys are saying. It depends what kind of mood I'm in. Sometimes, I love seeing an ariel assault immediately just to take the top off a defense forcing safeties to back up & other times, I just like seeing a QB take what the defense gives em & not perceive the term game manager as a dirty word. I don't do fantasy football because I've never been preoccupied with stats personally. 


    I just like that JB could bring the heat if he needs to or play a slow, methodical game with intermediate passes & no turnovers if that's what's required to get a victory. Mostly, I like his even keel approach. Never too high; Never too low. Mental consistency regardless of what the scoreboard says. 

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  20. 6 hours ago, Valpo2004 said:


    Not me, she's doing it.


    Also she wasn't the one working without pay.  An previous organization was going bankrupt had these guys before they where moved to the organization my wife works for.  A lot of those people worked for like 3 weeks with no pay.  When they moved them to the organization my wife works for that organization hired quite a few of them because they just took on a bunch of clients all at once.  They then started to try to quickly hire a bunch of people and that's how my wife got her job.


    But yeah long story short she's legally mandated to finish her shift before quitting.  So I looked at Davis quitting in the middle of a game and I just have trouble accepting his excuses for it.  I totally get why he quit, but he can wait til the game is over.  



    I realize it was your wife working in that environment as opposed to you V-2004. However, you deserve credit for highlighting the noble work your spouse does in order to reinforce your point that Davis quitting before the game was over was unacceptable, unprofessional, & in some cases, criminal. 


    Sure, I agree with that assessment. Finish the game or your shift before you walk away & decide to do something else in society. No argument there. 


    Glad to hear your wife was hired under better management & that she never got stiffed or denied a paycheck either. 

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  21. 11 hours ago, Sumo63 said:

    I wish I could take credit for it.  I've seen it sprinkled on the forum a few times.  Being a giant nerd myself, not necessarily a star wars one, I loved it.  I decided to start using it because I want it to stick, I also think it fitting for Brissett.


    As much as I'd like to, I cant steal another human's props.  If we take it national though it belongs to all of us.  Go Colts!


    8 hours ago, Four2itus said:

    It was originally posted in a thread about the Captain Andrew Luck Twiiter account and how someone was making one for Jacoby. A poster said that Obiwan Jacoby would be cooler? I quoted it because I thought it was brilliant. 


    8 hours ago, Fisticuffs111 said:

    I think that was me but to give credit where it's due, I originally saw it on reddit.

    I also shamelessly used it for my FF team name hah.

    Okay, whatever the true origin story behind the name Obi-Wan Jacoby is...All 3 of you deserve credit for recognizing brilliance & taking it to the next level i.e. keeping that nickname thriving & strong. It's gonna stick gentlemen. Trust me. 


    Hades, I'll give props to all 3 of ya. Kudos @Four2itus, @Fisticuffs11, and @Sumo63. When you steal from 1 source, it's called plagiarism; when you borrow from more than 1 person--It's called research. LOL! No harm done. Sounds a okay to me fellas. 

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  22. 1 hour ago, Gramz said:

    We're winning. Only score I care about!

    That's why I like you Gramz. You cut through the fog & never mince words. 


    Okay, you're smart, funny, & a talented musician in your own right too. 


    I feel good about Jacoby because if we can beat a high caliber QB like Matt Ryan that is a big deal. We're sitting in a good spot as a franchise. 

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  23. On 9/22/2019 at 4:02 PM, Sumo63 said:

    Obi-Wan Jacoby continues to impress.  He was an assassin in the first half.  I thought he looked a little rattled at the start of the 1st drive in the fourth but he pulled it together.   The "game manager" manages to win another game and I'm not all that surprised.  I'm really starting to root for this kid.

    Love that nickname. Probably because I'm still a Star Wars nerd. Very clever. 

    On 9/23/2019 at 8:41 AM, Chloe6124 said:


    Look, I love to see Jacoby get his props, but I can't stand Deion Sanders because he always slammed Peyton before he won in 2006 & he did the same thing to Eli until he ended NE's perfect season in 2007. 


    You watch, the minute Jacoby has a bad game Prime Time will disown the QB. I really dislike how when you win the big chip. He pretends he had your back from day 1. Please...

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