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  1. HCF, thank you for sharing information about your career, personal life, admiration for Colts football, & your native country of Hungary.

    Maybe we could see a beautiful wedding picture of you & Alexandra someday. I would really enjoy seeing that eventually when the time right for both of you.

    Your English is very good HCF & I am very proud of you. Learning another language is a monumental undertaking. I enjoy learning about different customs & cultures very much.

    I am really glad we are friends & I look forward to reading more interesting blogs & other posts from you my friend!!!

  2. Some fans approach blogs & forum posts from a statistical perspective. Me, I'm more of a front office chemistry guy myself.

    Drew Brees is your shining beacon of hope. When Hurricane Katrina broke the leeves in New Orleans & your city was brought to it's collective knees, who gave the people of the French Quarter & her surrounding areas something to cheer about? Drew Brees. When the Saints beat my beloved Colts in the 2009 Superbowl, who was a key advocate for creating a lottery system in which tickets were sold & donated to Katrina victims courtesy of a 2nd Superbowl Ring that a person could actually win & feel part of the Lombardi magic by owning their own NFL piece of history? Drew Brees. Who will put the burden of the bounty scandal squarely on his shoulders & remind the rest of the NFL that even the fallen are worthy of redemption? Drew Brees.

    Pay the man now!!! $19 million sounds about right. The longer management drags these talks out; the more expense it will be for them IMO. Good Job CP11!!! Very well written piece of profession prose here.

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  3. Nice job of bringing the fan focus smack dab between our eyes & reminding us all that the blue horseshoe will re-emerge again stronger, faster, bolder, & more fierce than ever before..."‘Simple me, complex you'."

    Some Fans wanna pray not me...To me, our opponents, our enemies, our adversaries are PREY locked in the talons of a hawk or the thunderous gallop of a team of horses on a mounted cavalry charge leading men into war inside the grid iron battlefield of Lucas Oil Stadium...Bring the pain & drop the intimidation baby...Let's get ready to Rummmmmmbbbbble Baby!!!

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  4. I wanted to give other people a chance to chime in here before I left a reply here. I've never been the subject of a blog before even in jest. I view it as a complement myself. Plus, who wouldn't enjoy seeing their name in the title tag line right...As far as our win/loss percentage this year is concerned, I say either 6-10 or 7-9. No we won't make the Playoffs. I can hear the Jim Mora rant in the back of my head right now. But, our squad will put the capital I in the word intimidation though.

    It all boils down to defense & superb special teams play. We finally have teachers now who can didactically implement the proper placement of hands, feet, arms, & hips at all times so these actions natuarally become automatic reflexes particularly in the 4th quarter when players begin to get tired, weary, & exhausted.

    Clever Blog WeSpy keep it up my friend.

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  5. "This is a process... We are getting rid of older players in order to infuse the team with young talent to build around a new QB. For the last 10 years we've been trying to surround Peyton with players to win a super bowl. By the time Luck is ready to win his first super bowl, our previous core of players will be retired or on the downside of their careers. We need new talent, and without cap space, we can't try and achieve that goal."

    This is a total overhaul & Colt rebuilding project plain & simple. Should take no more than 3-4 years tops to get on the competitive side of the coin again.

  6. Watching your Peyton Pep Talk You Tube clip again makes me regretfully sigh..."Sad about football season comin' to an end...Cheer up there's always next year."

    Yes Peyton, there is always next year, but sadly you will be gone...Sigh...Thanks for all the 2 minute touchdowns, 3rd & long conversations, division titles, & confetti drops...I will really miss you Yoda!!! Good luck in your new city & thank you for your humility, hard work, & integrity #18.

  7. Thanks for giving us all a glimpse into your personal life subvet. One of my neighbors is a baker too. Just like the old Dunkin' Doughnuts TV commercial says, "It's time to make the doughnuts." Nice to hear that your able able to spend some quality time with your family & granddaughter Eliza.

    I agree with shecolt as well. Fresh smelling bread [& Cinnamon rolls too] is a great aroma.

    Good luck Maureen as you try to distinguish between 3 piles: Keep, donate, & throw away...Always asking the humorous question: Why in the world did I keep this? LOL Maureen.

  8. I believe Peyton will be back for these reasons:

    • If he's healthy and his rehab is going a well as some reports contend
    • He will restructure his contract (he's done it before to help the franchise, so have other Colts)
    • Peyton is a decent person; he knows he got paid for doing nothing last year. Ergo: He will restructure his contract on moral and ethical grounds
    • He is an old school guy and a historian with respect to the game; he wants to remain a Colt; one career, one team
    • Any heir to the QB position will benefit greatly by learning from the best in NFL history. Wins = money = business, and Irsay knows this

    The vast majority of your points are sound & valid JSDiamond. However, I get livid & furious with rage when people say so causally "He got paid for doing nothing last year." Physical therapy & rehabilitation is literally H***. If you've never been through the excruciating pain of rehabilitation, not to mention the social isolation alone, you have no frame of reference to speak directly from. Also, Peyton was paid this past year for 2 AFC Championship titles, 2 Superbowl appearances, 1 Superbowl victory, & several division titles.

    Never ever say "He got paid for doing nothing last year." Please. It is an insult to anyone whose ever had to endure the physical & psychological torture of physical therapy. I speak from experience on this one myself JSDiamond. Thank you. I 'm sure that was not your intent. Just please be careful about your diction & word selection choice next time. Have a nice day.

  9. No question about it. Parenting is a delicate balancing act. They must be an active not passive participant in their lives, but they cannot monitor there every moment either. They must trust that the values instilled in their children will make them sincere, caring, & responsible individuals when no one is there to watch over them.

    The days of stay at home mom's, or dad's too for that matter, is a remote luxury that most parents cannot afford anymore in this economy. Parents do their best with the resources available to them & I applaud every single parent out there. Growing up in the 1970's & 1980's was a whole different animal then it is now. Spending time with your child or children is so difficult when you are exhausted, tired, & famished from a long day at work. Bills must be paid, dinner must be cooked, homework must be completed, & the status of your child's day must be inquired about...But, who checks in on the emotional status of mom or dad regularly? Remember to ask your parents how they are holding up too. We all need a reprieve from the rut of our daily lives & parents are no exception to this rule either.

    I appreciate all parents out there in the world trying to mold & raise responsible adults we can all be proud of. It is seldom said but Thank you parents for all the tireless work you all do everyday & rarely get credit for. None of us would be where we are without our parents who cared about us enough to give us "tough love" when we needed it. Thank you.

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  10. "You have many questions grasshopper." Yeah, my graduate thesis defense committee always used to tell me that too. Word for word as a matter of fact. How did you get all 7 their phone numbers anyway? All my former professors probably called you directly as pay back for all my incessant, inquisitive questions. Oh well, turnabout is fair play I suppose right? Just Kidding Maureen!!!

    It is amazing how much duplicate junk a person accumulates over the years isn't it? I hope you are correct & Peyton stays firmly planted in INDY, but the little "Jiminy Cricket" voice in the back of my head says "Not so fast there Southwest. Nothing is a foregone conclusion yet." Like that verse from that old Rolling Stone song "You can't always get want you want..."But you get what you need."

    Look at the bright side Maureen if any of your kids want to set up an office/hardware store, they will be all set HA! HA! LOL.

  11. Yes Brent, we are the brink of March similar to the Idles of March when Brutus stabbed General Julius Caesar in Ancient Rome. If Peyton is not signed with the Colts by the 5th, I shutter to think how this city will react to such disheartening news if Yoda is gone & the proverbial bottom has fallen out.

    We will all feel like we have been stabbed or punched in the stomach...Disbelief, anger, bargaining, numbness, & finally acceptance...Let's hope these 5 stages of grief unfold peacefully without any visual signs of violence, harm, or property damage of any kind. People must be receptive to the tiny sliver of reality that #18 might be gone. I don't want Peyton released, but it could happen & we must all brace ourselves for this tragic reality. No new uniform please. Peyton was made for blue & white colors only.

  12. Nice video selection choice MIColtsFan!!! I actually have this one on my blog page too, but I have some many blogs on mine now that I need to install tags so other people can actually see them. At any rate, excellent job MIColtsFan. You get a 5 star rating for it from me anyway. Way to Go!!!

  13. Wyld1,

    Any parent is entitled to raise & discipline their children as they see fit. I did not mean to imply that some video games aren't violent, cruel to individuals, or make some people numb to the real life consequences of aggressive behavior. My only point was that external forces like music, video games, & a deeming attitude toward women can only have power & influence if no mentor is there to guide, mold, & channel their aspirations in a positive direction that's all.

    Often, in cases of extreme tragedy like a school shooting, society & the journalists that report on these stories often look for an easy scapegoat to rationalize & come to terms with an unforeseen tragedy that no one can make sense of & music & other false external forces are usually incorrectly assigned blamed for it. This is exactly what was reported at Columbine in Michael Moore's documentary "Bowling For Columbine" in Colorado. Was there any truth to this rumor? Of course not, but the press churned out this erroneous allegation anyway.

    I think we are both essentially advocating for a strong parental presence in the home to aid in a child's positive development. My only point here is to be cautious of easy scapegoats for abnormal violent behavior in others. When people can't explain why bloodshed has erupted in a public setting, they might jump to unfounded conclusions that have no bearing on recent events like music or video game content. I guess when can agree to disagree & still be civil to each other. Thank you for your viewpoint Wyld1. It is immensely appreciated. Have a nice evening.

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  14. "I have never been given anything I did not work for. I think they need to learn the value of hard work. I think when you work hard and earn things on your own you develop a sense of pride and accomplishment. You get the attitude of 'I can do this'".

    BINGO Kayla! It boils down to developing a specific sense of pride in your own work. I worked hard to buy this new gaming system, stereo, or computer. If a person can claim that fact, they are more likely to respect other people's property, other people's overall wellbeing, & most important of all: Themselves.

    Very well said Kayla. Bravo!!!

  15. While I personally have never bought into the violent video game argument leading to direct cases of aggressive confrontation and tragic bloodshed, the influence & interaction of active parents & a community setting that fosters responsibility, ethics, & hardwork really does matter in this circumstance as you so eloquently suggested Wyld1.

    People have tried to falsely associate listening to heavy metal music with gruesome violence too. There is no scientific evidence to correlate this severely flawed premise either. Music & games aren't responsible for tragedy here, but maybe a feeling of alienation, isolation, & torment by bullies is. I don't know.

  16. "...I'm gonna stick around and see if I can find someone that will read my meaningless drivel, the ramblings of an old ex-hippie who finally settled down (but I refuse to grow up) and likes to put his thoughts into words."

    Subvet, I always look forward to reading your thoughts & I would never classify them as "meaningless drivel." I enjoy all my friends on Colts Forum & I laugh & learn as much from each of them as they do from me. All my friends on here are clever, funny, honest, & insightful because I see it everyday in their creative & hilarious Status Updates. I am blessed & glad to have met so many unique & talented friends on here. You know who you all are. Thank you my friends. I appreciate you all.

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